Videos from the 2014 GP Plouay World Cup

On the one hand, I love the end of the Road World Cup, because Crescent Vårgårda and the GP de Plouay-Bretagne are such consistently great races – but on the other hand it’s sad because this is the end of the season….  But at least it went out with a bang, such a great race!  And we have videos, too – you can either watch the short UCI highlights, or the full last hour-and-twenty-ish coverage.  And if you want to read something, I wrote a very short report for Cyclingnews, please click through and read it!

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Dan and I have been chosen as finalists in the BikeBiz Cycling Media Awards 2014, in the podcast category.  We are super-grateful to anyone who nominated us – if you want to see who else has been nominated, have a look here, and if you’ve never listened to our (sweary) women’s cycling podcast, you can find the episodes here – a mix of Dan and me chatting like mates in the pub, interspersed with occasional interviews with various women’s cycling people.  Of course we don’t expect to win, but we’re thrilled that we’ve got this far!

GP de Plouay World Cup and Para-Cycling Road World Championships – LIVE!

GP de Plouay

Two sets of live women’s cycling this weekend!  Firstly, the final round of the 2014 Road World Cup, the GP de Plouay-Bretagne on Saturday 30th August.  The UCI told us they’d stream this live, and it’s true, their livestream says it’ll start at 14:30 CEST, but people on the ground tell us the broadcast actually starts towards the end of the race at 16:00 (3pm UK BST; midnight Australian AEDT; 10am USA EDT and 7am USA PDT).

Is that right?  I guess we’ll find that out tomorrow!  The actual race starts at 14:10 CEST, but you can definitely follow it from the beginning on twitter – here’s my twitter list, which is the easiest way.  The course changes pretty much every year, and if you’d like to know more about it, read Velofocus’ preview – and Cyclingfever has a startlist.


2014 Para-Cycling Road World Championships

One thing I can be sure about is the livestream for the Para Road Worlds.  The competition is in Greenville, South Carolina, this year, and the competition started on Thursday 28th, and runs until Monday 1st September.  Thanks to US Paralympics, we’ll have live coverage of some of the road races here:

  • Sunday 31st, 8-11 am EDT (5-8am PDT; 1-3 pm UK BST; 14:00-17:00 Euro CEST and 10pm-1am Australian AEDT)
  • Sunday 31st, 2:30-3 pm EDT (11:30am-12pm PDT; 7:30-8 BST; 20:30-21:00 CEST & 4:30-5am AEDT)
  • Monday, 1st Sept, 8-10:30am (5-7:30am PDT; 1-2:30 pm UK BST; 14:00-16:30 Euro CEST and 10pm-12:30 Australian AEDT)
  • Monday 1st, 1:30-3:30 pm EDT (10:30am-12:30 PDT; 6:30-8:30pm BST; 19:30-21:30 CEST; 3:30-5:30am AEDT)

Here’s the full schedule for what’s on when, so you can see what’s on the streams and to follow all the action before the livestream, you can follow the action as it happens on the race twitter, race facebook and with the US Paracycling twitter.   There are results on the race website and photos on the race flickr, as well as some videos on the City of Greenville’s Youtube.

You can also find daily country-specific reports on some of the national Federation sites – I’m seeing information on British Cycling’s homepage (they’ve also got a good description of the different Para-cycling categories), Cycling Australia, US Paralympics, and Cycling Canada – if you find any more information, please tell me in the comments or on twitter.

There is tons more info on the excellent race site, and if you find any more stuff I should know about, please do let me know!

Podcast 2014 Episode 36 – The Swedish Gods Unleashed Hell

August 27, 2014 Leave a comment

Podcast logoIt’s been a couple of weeks since we last recorded (sorry, but sometimes we need to take a week off, catch our breath and regroup to get through to the end of the season – think of it like us having a rest day in the middle of the grand tour that is the season). Anyway, we catch up on ALL the racing since last time we spoke which includes the Ladies Tour of Norway, Vårgårda World Cups – Team Time Trial and Road Race, the last of this year’s MTB World Cups in Méribel, and even the Tour of the King Valley in the Australian National Road Series. We also discuss how far we’ve come in the last couple of years with improved video coverage and how that results in shifting our expectations from races (in a good way), and so much other stuff. It’s an amazing episode and it’s here for you to enjoy right now! (1:32:42 MIN / 89.00 MB)


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Links to things we saw around the web this week


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Podcast Special Feature – Episode 35 – Sarah Interviews Kristy Scrymgeour

August 27, 2014 1 comment

Kristy Scrymgeour has seen cycling from all kinds of angles – she started as a cyclist in Australia and the USA, then became a cycling journalist when Cyclingnews was first starting, before moving to work for the ground-breaking HTC-Highroad team, in charge of PR and media for the men’s and women’s teams. When that team folded, she took the women’s side forward as Specialized-lululemon, who have just won their fourth Vårgårda Team Time Trial World Cup, and then backed that up with their rider Chantal Blaak winning her first solo World Cup at the Vårgårda Road Race.  But alongside all this success, they’re also crowd-funding for their team to continue next year, with the Project X fundraiser.

Sarah talked to Kristy about the crowd-funding, and tons more, including how the team got through their 2013 full of injuries and dealing with the “less good”  start to 2014 (and how “less good” can refer to results, but it made them stronger); how they stay on top of the TTT; running a race programme across two continents;  the team goals for the rest of the season; Kristy’s work on the UCI’s women’s commission of the UCI, and changes we might see in the future.

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If you prefer to read interviews rather than listen to them, the first part, on Vårgårda and Project X, is written up on Podium Café.

You can follow Specialized-lululemon on their website, facebook and twitter, and support the Project X fundraiser on Indiegogo.  Kristy is on twitter as @kscrymo and do check out her other initiatives – the clothing range, and Ally Stacher‘s Ally’s Bars, which will go big in September.

The two Project X videos are below, starting with the brand-new video featuring the team talking about what cycling means to them, as well as the project

Videos from the 2014 Crescent Vårgårda Road Race World Cup

August 25, 2014 4 comments

As always, the 2014 Open de Suède Vårgårda was a great race with lots of excitement.  Here are 3 options – short highlights, 26 mins highlights with more interviews, and the ENTIRE FULL COVERAGE!  THANKYOU UCI!

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I might not be the smartest rider

August 25, 2014 Leave a comment

So last night Sarah and I were talking while we watched the Vårgårda World Cup race, as it streamed live on the UCI YouTube channel. A miracle that I hadn’t dared to hope would come true. In between moments of sheer delight and joy at seeing real live coverage of a women’s race (with a fucking helicopter even!), there was much else to be enjoyed.

We were spoiled, my friends, utterly spoiled. Live video of the race, actual expert commentary from Rochelle Gilmore (supported by Jose Been) and amazing Swedish countryside, weather and racing. Sheer luxury as they used to say. I used to dream of seeing a World Cup race broadcast live. Amazing.

It’s been a tradition for Sarah and I to watch this race together, and over the last three years we’ve seen the coverage grow from one camera in a fixed position, to two fixed cameras, to yesterday’s wonderful spectacle. It was great.

I admit that it went to my head a little bit. I was giddy with delight. So I couldn’t help but crack up laughing at one point when the commentators were trying to find a nice way to explain why a certain rider’s attack may not be the smartest move.


And that’s when the magic really happened. Former World Champion track rider and HTC road rider, and sometimes live tv commentator, Kate Bates shared one of her favourites:

Of course, Sarah joined in with some great ones too:


Our dear friend Jens was enjoying racing so close to home (and he got it live on Swedish TV, no streaming for him!) and decided to add his two kronor worth:

To which Kate had the rejoinder:

Lots of fun, and it left me wondering. What are your favourite euphemisms for poor tactical decisions? Leave us your best efforts in the comments below.


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