Bowflex Max Trainer M6 vs M9 vs MT16: The Winner is…

a woman rides an M6 Max Trainer

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When it comes to choosing the right Bowflex Max Trainer, three options stand out with each one being unique.

The M6, M9, and MT16 all pack a punch with high-grade features that impress right away.

Keeping this in mind, it’s important to dissect these features and pinpoint what is best for your situation moving forward.

Here is a breakdown of what each machine is all about, how it works, and which one will be an ideal addition to your home gym.

M6 vs M9 vs Max Total 16: What Each Max Trainer Brings to the Table

Max Total 16 Key Features

a man workouts out on the MT16

1. 16″ HD Touchscreen

It all starts with the impressive HD touchscreen. Coming in at 16″, this is one of the largest displays on the market and it is quite eye-catching too.

This is a joy to use for those who are going to be following workout sessions through the JRNY app and want to make it as appealing as possible.

The visuals available through the touchscreen are going to blow you away.

2. 6-Grip Handlebars

An individual that is looking to make sure their sweaty hands don’t slip will want as much grip on the handlebars as possible.

This is something Bowflex has thought about in great detail with the 6-grip handlebars.

The benefits include:

  • Easier To Grip
  • Comfortable In The Hands

Just having something as robust as this will make a real difference.

You are going to feel confident in how the handlebars work and that alone helps over the long term.

3. 20 Resistance Levels

There are 20 resistance levels available through the MT16 and each one can be seamlessly switched through the touchscreen.

Just having this type of control is a game-changer as you can fine-tune how the workout ends. When it comes to HIIT sessions, this is one of the more underrated elements of using the MT16. You are going to enjoy being able to make quick transitions and keep pushing hard during the session.

What other machines can’t do, this one does well.

4. Dual-Rail Design

The dual-rail design is important when it comes to maximizing performance and durability.

If you are on the lookout for a reliable workout machine then the MT16 does shine. It has a robust rail design that is effective at what it has to offer.

The benefits include:

  • Streamlined Performance
  • Good for Machine’s Longevity

With this type of design, it’s easier to enjoy the workout session and not have to worry about inefficiencies developing.

M9 Key Features

a woman works out on the M9

1. 10″ HD Touchscreen

This is a 10″ HD touchscreen that is impressive and comes in a much more affordable machine than the MT16. While this touchscreen is not as large as the MT16’s 16″ HD display, it is far better than the backlit LCD of the M6.

These are details that do matter when it comes to optimizing your workout experience.

If you care about the display then this is a good entry point for the touchscreen.

2. 20 Resistance Levels

This is a powerful workout machine and does offer access to 20 resistance levels just like the MT16. It has more resistance levels than the M6 and the transitions are quite seamless too.

The benefits include:

  • Complete Control Over Workouts
  • Easier To Tailor Sessions

This is beneficial for those who want to work out properly without splurging a lot of money on a single machine.

Having this machine in your control allows for quick switches between levels. It has made those switches a breeze to complete.

3. Bluetooth-Enabled Armband For Heart Rate

A person that is going to be working out all the time has to think about their health. This includes analyzing their heart rate during the workout to get a good measure of what is too much and what is not.

This is why more and more users like wearing the heart rate armband that comes along with the Bowflex Air Trainer.

This is a world-class part of the design that keeps track of the heart rate and displays it on the touchscreen. This is a great way to get a better read on your heart in real-time.

4. Wi-Fi Connectivity

If you are someone that is going to be connecting to the Internet then it is best to go with the M9 or the MT6 depending on what you want from the other features.

It all comes down to being able to connect in seconds when there is a valid Internet connection available in the room.

The benefits include:

  • Seamless Integration With Workout Apps
  • Easy To Use

Some people might not want to use this type of connectivity and it will not matter to them. However, for those who do have a Wi-Fi connection at home, this can be appealing.

See more features at Bowflex website

M6 Key Features

a side profile of the M6 in silver

1. Backlit LCD

The display is excellent and good for those who are getting started in the world of fitness machines. The display stands out, looks sleek, and works well when it is time to get a better gist of how you are working out at that moment.

This is a machine that has been made with a lot of care and it shows through this beautiful backlit display.

2. 16 Resistance Levels

There are 16 resistance levels and each one packs a punch when it comes to pushing the body to work out harder.

You can make seamless changes between these resistance levels.

The benefits include:

  • Good for Beginners
  • Easy To Control

While these resistance levels are great, the other two machines have 20 resistance levels. This is a small sacrifice that is made with the M6.

3. 5 Standard Workout Programs

This workout machine comes equipped with 5 standard workout programs that can be accessed easily through the machine.

These include:

  • Max 14 Minute Interval
  • Manual
  • Fat Burn
  • Calorie Burn
  • Stairs

Take the time to look into all of these workout programs to see what works best for you. Each workout session is going to be unique and you will have the opportunity to tweak your session using these programs.

4. USB Charging Port

The charging port is a neat feature that does help those who want to quickly attach their phone or tablet to keep it working.

When you are sweating buckets, you will want to hear music. This is going to help with that by keeping the device charged.

The benefits include:

  • Fast Charging Solution
  • Safe To Use

Never deal with the battery running out on your phone in the middle of a workout session.

This will take care of everything and simplify it for you through a strong electrical charge.

See more features at Bowflex website

Tips for Picking the Right Max Trainer for You

1. Know Your Requirements

You have to start with the basics.

This means looking at what your main requirements are when it comes to the machine. How are you going to be using it at home?

This can help make it easier to choose one.

The reasons include:

  • Budget-Friendly = M6
  • All-In-One Features = MT16
  • HD Touchscreen Without Extra Features = M9

Look at the reasons listed here and then make a choice.

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It will help you get to the bottom of what is worthwhile and what is a waste in your situation.

2. Consider Connectivity

The MT16 and M9 come equipped with Wi-Fi connectivity, which can matter to some individuals. If you will be connecting to Wi-Fi then it might not be as wise to go with the M6.

However, those who don’t mind working without Wi-Fi can get away with the M6 easily.

This is a key detail to think about as it will impact how you feel about the machine moving forward.

3. Don’t Ignore Usage

A person that is going to be completing HIIT sessions all the time needs to go with a machine that is cultivated for these types of sessions. The MT16 is advertised for HIIT training and is the right fit if that’s how you are going to work out.

On the other hand, a person wanting to get their feet wet can go with the entry option in the form of the M6.

This has all the perks needed to get in a good workout.

Price Comparison

  • MT16 – $2,799
  • M9 – $1,999
  • M6 – $1,699

It’s important to note all of the models come with a 3-month labor warranty. However, the M9 and MT16 come with a more comprehensive 3-year warranty for frames + parts. While the M6 has a 2-year warranty for frames + parts.

Summary: Final Tips for Picking the Best Max Trainer for You

Choosing the right Max Trainer comes down to your requirements and budget.

If you want a beginner-friendly machine then the M6 will suffice. It has a nice display, a decent amount of resistance levels, and works well in different situations.

On the other hand, if you want something that has a longer warranty and comes with the best features then it’s time to lean towards the MT16.

These are the details you want to think about before buying one over the other.