Which Workout Machine Should I Buy To Get a Flat Stomach?

Which Machine Should I Buy To Get A Flat Stomach?

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The idea of burning belly fat is something that appeals to everyone. It is often synonymous with good health and that is an element that does play a role in how you workout.

Keeping this in mind, it is essential to optimize your workout routine with the help of a high-quality machine. Which machine is going to make it easier to burn belly fat? Which machine is going to be a good addition and will maximize your workout time?

There are several options out on the open market and you will want to compare them to each other. Here is a look at the leading fitness machines right now, what they have to offer, and which one is ideal for getting a flat stomach quickly.

1. Rowing Machine

the Hydrow Rower

The rowing machine is a classic and offers a full-body workout due to the engaging movement of rowing back and forth. This is a machine that is universally noted for offering a power-packed workout session and will get the heart rate up.

The Hydrow is noted for being the best indoor rowing machine on the market right now. It offers a gorgeous screen, easy to use resistance levels, and a comfortable seat that is ideal for longer sessions.

Key features include:

  • 22″ Touchscreen

It all starts with the beautiful 22″ touchscreen that settles in front of you during the workout. Being able to go through different settings, view the real-time metrics, and just enjoy a beautiful screen such as this is a major plus.

This is a touchscreen that elevates the workout experience and makes it more entertaining.

  • Live Outdoor Reality (LOR) technology

One of the key details that have made this a leading brand in the world of cardio machines has to do with the patented LOR technology.

This technology is all about being as immersive as possible and making it feel like you are out in the water while rowing. Just having this feeling is a game-changer and offers real value to those who want to workout with a purpose.

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You can enjoy the beautiful sights in front of you on the touchscreen and truly enjoy the experience for all that it has to offer.

  • Digital Adjustable Resistance

To make rowing as fun as possible, the Hydrow makes it possible to digitally adjust the resistance with a touch of the screen. These simple settings are ideal when powering through a difficult workout. Rather than playing with manual controls, the touchscreen makes it as easy as it needs to be.

2. Smart Home Gym Mirrors

the Echelon reflect is our top rated smart fitness mirror

The smart home gym mirror has become a go-to option for those wanting an immersive workout that is easy to complete without needing a tremendous amount of space. Simply est up these machines on the wall and follow the workout on the screen.

One of the leading smart home gym mirrors on the market would have to be the Echelon Reflect series.

Key features include:

  • 1080p HD Touchscreen

It all starts with the impressive 1080p HD touchscreen on the 50″ model that is a joy to use. It is easy to walk up to the screen and simply swipe through the workouts until you are satisfied with what is in front of you.

This makes working out easier and you can fully customize the workout based on what you are after.

  • Large Inventory of Workouts

There are multiple workouts on offer including yoga, meditation, strength, and cardio for those who want to personalize their workout session. Just toggling through makes it as easy as it needs to be.

  • Live Classes

There are live classes available through the smart home gym mirror making it ideal for those who want to do something unique every time they turn it on. The live classes run around the clock and are led by experienced instructors.

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3. Exercise Bikes

an exercise bike is a great choice for burning stomach fat

The exercise bike has been around for a long time and is heralded for standing out as a cardio machine. With so many options on the open market, there is one that continues to stand out for getting a flat stomach and that is the Echelon Connect.

Echelon Connect is a powerhouse when it comes to comfort, affordability, and app integration.

Key features include:

  • 32 Levels of Resistance

It all begins with the 32 levels of resistance making it easier to tailor the workout routine. Just swap through the different levels while pedaling away. The simplicity of the layout and how the machine works is perfect for beginners and advanced users.

  • Multi-Position Handlebars

Being able to play around with the handlebars is ideal for comfort. This makes it easier to go through longer cardio sessions, which are a must when wanting a flatter stomach.

  • Live and On-Demand Workout Programs

One of the key details that stand out about the Echelon Connect series has to do with the app integration. The app provides access to a wonderful list of classes that can be followed using the bike. This is what makes Echelone a leading name in the world of fitness.

They have an entire collection of classes a person can follow while on their bike. This makes each workout immersive, unique, and educational.

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4. Treadmills

the Echelon Stride is a great treadmill choice

The treadmill has often been cited as the original cardio machine and one that has been around for a long time in gyms worldwide.

Those who want a flat stomach will often want to hop onto a treadmill and begin running. The simplicity of this machine is what woos people and rightly so.

Echelon Stride is a world-class treadmill and right up there with the best in the business for what it has to offer.

Key features include:

  • Connected Workouts

The app integration is a major plus point with any machine offered by Echelon and the same applies to the treadmills. In this case, the workouts are easy to follow and users can simply go through the various workouts based on what their goals are including losing fat.

  • 55 x 20” Running Surface

The large running surface is ideal for those who want extra space when running as fast as possible. The running surface is not only spacious but also cozy making it ideal for those who want to stay confident in what they are doing while striding forward.

  • Easy to Fold

Being able to store the treadmill away after being done is a powerful feature and advantageous for those living in tighter space. It is a world-class treadmill that is a joy to use and also makes it easy to move around when need be.

This is critical when it comes to setting the treadmill up at home and wanting to put it away when it is not in use.

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5. Total Gym

total gym is a good pick
Yes, that’s Chuck Norris. ‘Nuff said.

The all-in-one gym is always a classic and that is something more and more users are looking to invest in. Rather than investing in multiple machines, why not go with one?

The Total Gym looks to offer this type of solution and offers a wide array of features.

Key features include:

  • 85 Exercises in One

You are not going to be reserved for one type of workout and that is essential. You can play around with different body parts including your legs, back, core, and more. Each workout can be personalized since there are 85 possible exercises to go through.

  • 12 Levels of Resistance

Want to go through different levels of resistance?

This machine offers 12 levels of resistance making it an ideal fit for beginners, intermediate, and experienced users. Whether it is working on the core or the back, this machine is going to have you covered with enough resistance.

  • Full-Body Workout

The real charm of using something like this comes down to having a well-rounded workout machine. It will not only help with getting a flatter stomach but is also going to help build your strength levels.

This is an all-in-one option that is going to bring a new meaning to having a home gym.

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Summary: Deciding Which Option is Best for You

Cardio is a wonderful option for burning fat and getting a flat stomach.

While any cardio machine is going to make a positive difference, you will want to look to optimize your workout sessions. The best way to do this is to look at a high-quality rowing machine such as the Hydrow.

This machine provides a wonderful list of features that will add value to your workout routine. You are going to notice an immediate change in your strength, stamina, and general health. This is all going to help with getting fitter and losing your gut.

The Hydrow is an excellent rower as it offers a connected app for specialized workouts, adjustable features, and the ability to toggle through resistance levels in seconds. Just having this ability is a game-changer for those who want to work out the right way.

If it is time to start burning fat, you will want to put this on your list right away!

Looking for our top pick? We’d recommend starting with Hydrow…