Watch the 2016 Cross Country MTB World Championships – LIVE!

I don’t know what I think about dividing the 2016 MTB World Championships into XCo now, and Downhill in September (that’s what the Olympic year does) – but it does mean there’s more mountainbike to watch, so I’m not too grumpy! We’re back in Nové Město na Moravě, in the Czech Republic, always a great atmosphere.

We’ve already had the ‘warm up’ events, the Elimination and Relay, which I’ll show you below – and this weekend it’s the main events, the Olympic MTB races. And as with all the great MTB, we can watch them live.

  • Women’s World Champs, Saturday 2nd July, 14:50 Euro CEST, 1:50pm UK BST; 8:50am EDT; 10:50pm Aussie AEST
  • Men’s World Champs, Sunday 3rd July, 14:50 Euro CEST, 1:50pm UK BST; 8:50am EDT; 10:50pm Aussie AEST

There’s lots of information on the race website, and there’ll be more on the UCI MTB Worlds portal, including the startlists (and results of races so far) – and you can follow on twitter via the race account, UCI MTB account, and #XCoWorlds hashtag.

So what’s happened so far?

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Videos & more – 2015 MTB & Trials World Championships, Days 1 to 4

I was going to make a mega-post, but really, there’s so much content coming out of the 2015 Mountain bike and Trials World Championships, in Vallnord, Andorra, that I’m going to have to split my post into (at least!) two.  So this post covers Days 1 to 4, including the Cross Country MTB Eliminator and Relay finals, the Trials quarter- and semi-finals, and the Junior and u23 Cross Country finals.  It’s been fantastic racing, and it’s not going to stop – here’s a reminder of how to watch the elite women’s and men’s Cross Country and Downhill Finals on 5th and 6th September, with the rest of the race schedule and how to follow everything else…


Here’s Claudio Caluori’s helmetcam preview of the course.  They had an unfortunate power cut, so the full race replay video has a LONG period of nothing in it – the races start again after the gap at 1:37:15:

The finals start from 3:30:41 (watch here) or you can just watch the UCI women’s highlights & Vallnord’s Day 1 highlights, with some (men’s) Trials and the XCE

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Watch the 2015 MTB World Championships LIVE!

The 2015 MTB and Trials World Championships run from 1st- 6th September, in Vallnord, Andorra, and we can watch some of the MTB races live!  Here’s the UCI trailer:

So, what can we watch, and how can we follow the rest of it?

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2014 MTB World Championships – LIVE!

OK, OK, I’m a bit late, the 2014 MTB World Championships started today in Hafjell, Norway, but here’s how to watch the rest of them!

Eliminator, 2nd September

It was today, but never fear, you can watch the full coverage from the women’s and men’s races here on Red Bull tv.  And this is fantastic – Claudio Caluori normally does helmetcam previews of the downhill World Cup courses for Red Bull Bike, but this time they got him on the Eliminator course too!  Full results, and here are the highlights

UPDATE!  Here’s the GoPro video from Kathrin Stirnemann’s winning run, and some photos on Red Bull Bike.


The Junior women’s Cross Country race is on 4th Sept, and the u23 women (which, with elite World Cup winner Jolanda Neff and winner of 2 rounds Pauline Ferrnad-Prévot, could be more competitive than the elite women’s) is on 5th, while the Junior women’s downhill is on 7th September.  These won’t be streamed live, but you can look out for results on the UCI website.  For the live races….


Cross Country, Saturday 6th September

The women’s XCo is live from 11:50-14:00 European CEST (from 10:50am UK BST; 7:50pm Aus AEST; 5:50am USA EDT; 3:50am USA PDT) – watch the stream live (or archived afterwards) on Red Bull tv.  The men’s starts two and a half hours after the women’s does, from 14:20 CEST, and the stream is here.


Downhill, Sunday 7th September

The women’s and men’s races will stream live (and archive) here from 12:05 CEST (11:05am UK BST; 8:05 Aus AEST; 6:05am USA EDT; 3:05am USA PDT).  Love Claudio Caluori’s helmetcam course preview – every time these get better, and they started amazing!


There’s always a lot of great downhill coverage from the incredible MTB media in the days leading up to the races – keep an eye on Red Bull Bike for more helmetcam course previews, videos and fun race information; Pinkbike and VitalMTB for photos from all the races; and Dirt Magazine for my very favourite Downhill galleries and stuff.  Highlights videos should turn up on the UCI Youtube, and there’s loads more on the race website and twitter, including photos.  And if you can’t wait, last year’s World Cup in Hafjell had some of the most gorgeous photos and videos in beautiful golden light – relive it all in my collection.

FIVE women’s World Cup races this week – how to watch Méribel and Vårgårda 2014

It’s a huge week of women’s cycling, with the final round of the MTB World Cup in Méribel, France, and two Road World Cups in Vårgårda, Sweden – and I’m here to tell you how you can watch all but one of them live.

Méribel MTB World Cup, 21st-24th August

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MTB videos and photos – 2014 Windham World Cup & Enduro at Crankworx Whistler

SO MUCH GOOD STUFF!  As always, videos and photos, and I love that….  BUT!  What is it with the UCI video clips?  I don’t know why, but the UCI World Cup promos are always full of crashes, and not the dramatic “OMG World Cup leader crashes and destroys her season” crashes that are necessary to the storyline, but “haha, watch this race, there’ll be loads of crashes to laugh at” that makes me roll my eyes – I mean, really?  And then their highlights videos always have tons of shots of attractive women in the crowds in short-shorts and so on, and I don’t get it at all – why is the governing body of the sport putting out videos where there are more clips of audience totty than of actual women racing?  It’s the same women flicking their hair in all three videos, too, and what are we, 1978?

At least there’s Red Bull, who have the superb race footage, great commentary and commission awesome videos from the Parkin Brothers, where the women are racing hard, jumping, battling and then talking about the actual race!  I swear, Red Bull does far more for MTB than the UCI!  And all the great stuff from teams, too, MTB really knows how to show their fans some love.


MTB World Cup #6 – Windham


Full race replay on Red Bull TV

Full results



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Watch the 2014 Mont-Sainte-Anne MTB World Cup live

It’s been a while since we had a MTB World Cup, and now we’ve got 2 in quick succession – Mont-Sainte-Anne in Canada, this week and Windham in the USA next.  Here’s the Mont-Sainte-Anne trailer

Click through the links below for the streams – before they start, there’ll be a ticker to count down to the start time, and after the races the full coverage will be archived there.

  • Women’s and men’s Eliminator, Friday 1st August.  Mont-Sainte-Anne is in the EDT timezone, and the race starts 5:50pm there (10:50pm UK BST; 23:50 Euro CEST; 2:50pm USA PST, 7:50am Saturday Aus AEST)
  • Women’s and men’s Downhill, Saturday 2nd August, 2:15pm EDT (7:15pm UK BST; 20:15 Euro CEST, 11:15am USA PST and 4:15am Sunday Aus AEST)
  • Women’s Cross Country, Sunday 3rd August 12:45pm EST (5:45 UK BST, 18:45 Euro CEST, 9:45am USA PST and 2:45am Monday Aus AEST)
  • Men’s Cross Country, Sunday 3rd August, 12:45pm EST (5:45 UK BST, 18:45 Euro CEST, 9:45am USA PST and 2:45am Monday Aus AEST)

Like always, there’ll be all sorts of action before the finals, including practice runs and preview videos – keep an eye on Red Bull Bike, the UCI MTB World Cup facebook, Dirt Magazine , (here’s their preview), Pinkbike, Vital MTB and of course, the race website.

To get you in the mood, here are the videos I found last year, and here’s a lovely Red Bull video profile of young Welsh Downhill star Manon Carpenter.

UPDATE!  And here’s the awesome helmetcam preview of the Downhill course by the always entertaining Claudio Caluori, on Red Bull Bike. And fun bikecam preview of the XCo course by Catharine Pendrel