Podcast 2013 Episode 33 – The Shutdown

Podcast logoThis week we uncover the real reason for the US government shutdown and then we get stuck into recapping all the amazing racing that happened at worlds. The Junior Women’s race and the Elite Women’s race. It was epic and there’s lot to enjoy and discuss. From Monique Hanley live-tweeting the junior race through to the amazing range of domestiques and top stars who made the Elite race SO FUCKING EXCITING(!!!), we’re definitely still basking in the afterglow of good race. We also take some time to consider some of Brian Cookson’s recent comments regarding women’s cycling and the level of internal attention and support it currently receives from the UCI (HINT: Pick a number and then go lower. Lower. Lower. Still lower. Ok, now divide that number by 2.). But then we resolve to finish on a good note so we celebrate Tracey Gaudry being appointed as a Vice-President of the UCI and being on the road commission. Enjoy! (1:26:08 MIN / 82.68 MB)

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Things we talked about this week:


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How to watch the women’s Worlds Road Race live!

It’s the Road Cycling World Championships, Toscana 2013,  and I am already excited about the women’s Road Race.  It’s on Saturday 28th September, and it starts at 14:15 CEST (1:15pm UK/8:15am USA EDT/10:15pm Australia AEST) and there should be ways to see it all live.  I’ll tell you how and who to watch – but let’s start with the course.  Here’s what GCN says about it (LOVE that dramatic music!)

and Marianne Vos talking about the course when she previewed it with the Dutch National Team back in March:

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Equivalenting for the 2013 Worlds

For the last couple of years, I’ve been playing a game on Twitter, where for the Cycling World Championships and Olympics, I’ve been finding people who are new to women’s cycling the riders they might want to follow in the races.

People tell me the name of male cyclists they like, & why, or the style of rider they enjoy following, and I’ll find them the equivalent women, with some little factoids and ways to find out more about them.  It’s a simple way to help people learn more about the peloton and enjoy watching Worlds, if they don’t usually follow women’s racing.

I wrote blogposts about this last year:

Equivalenting – with the 2012 women’s peloton versions of Jens Voigt, Fabian Cancellara, Tom Boonen, André Greipel, Samuel Sanchez, Alberto Contador and Sean Kelly.

Equivalenting too – Philippe Gilbert and Classics stars, Mark Cavendish, Peter Sagan, Taylor Phinney and Ryder Hesjedal.

Equivalenting again – Vincezo Nibali, Bernie Eisel, Thomas Löfkvist, Damiano Cunego, Lance Armstrong and Riccardo Riccò.

Of course, that’s all about 2012…  If you, or anyone you know would like Equivalents for the 2013 Worlds, ask in the comments, or on twitter, and I’ll give you my views….

Nicole Cooke goes out with a bang

I have been robbed by drug cheats, but I am fortunate, I am here before you with more in my basket than the 12 year old dreamed of. But for many genuine people out there who do ride clean; people with morals, many of these people have had to leave the sport with nothing after a lifetime of hard work – some going through horrific financial turmoil. When Lance “cries” on Oprah later this week and she passes him a tissue, spare a thought for all of those genuine people who walked away with no reward – just shattered dreams. Each one of them is worth a thousand Lances.

Nicole Cooke was the first rider ever, male or female, to win the Olympic and World Championship road race in the same year, and it’s sad to see her leave the sport, after a difficult four years.  But she’s certainly going out with a bang, with one of the most passionate, angry exit statements I’ve ever seen.  Click through to her website and read it – I’ve written some thoughts on the matter on Podium Café, but really, read her statement, it’s more than powerful.

Update: Nicole’s website has been overwhelmed in the last couple of days. If you’re having trouble getting to her site, you can view the full text of her statement at Velonation.

Celebrating Social Media – part 9 – the 2012 Worlds riders

I loved the Worlds road race – and Dan told us how much HE loved the Worlds – but looking down the results, it struck me how many of the top 20 riders have fantastic social media! So I thought, what better way to update my social media series, before I hit you with the cyclocrossers next week.  Check out all these riders – click their blogs and follow them on twitter, I know you won’t regret it!

1.  Marianne Vos

Marianne Vos’ win at the Worlds was spectacular, and she’s not only great on the road, she’s also fantastic online.  I’ve already told you about how much I love Vos’ twitter – it’s a lot of fun, she’s friendly, funny, and tells us all about her life and racing.  You can also catch up with all her news on her website, especially the video section.

2.  Rachel Neylan

It still makes me smile, remembering Neylan’s spectacular ride for silver.  I’ve been a fan of her for ages – her story is really inspiring, and she’s always told it so well on her blog.  She’s an enthusiastic social media user, with accounts on twitter, facebook and LinkedIn – I really liked her twitter, when she was so excited to be selected for the Worlds, but ever since the race it’s been adorable, thanking everyone for all their support, and emphasising that her silver is a team effort.   Here’s her story, from her website, and here’s an interview I did with her for Podium Café last year – yes, yes, I know it sounds like shameless self-promotion, but it’s evidence how happy she is to interact with fans, and online life!

3.  Elisa Longo Borghini

Our 2012 bronze medallist has a fantastic twitter account, where she tweets in Italian and English, and she comes across as friendly, intelligent and funny.  She also has a website, which has a blog section – it’s having piccoli problemi at the moment, but damn, she’s been riding SO hard, I’m sure she’ll get around to it in the off-season, so check back regularly for more updates on her.  She’s a huge talent, and at only 20, is just getting started…

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The Worlds Road Race Post-Coital Recap

Oh dear reader, sometimes you just find yourself caught up in the moment and transported away as a host of women from around the world conspire and cooperate to give you really good race. I mean really, really good race.

You may recall that I was awash in the afterglow of really good racing following the Olympics road race, and I find myself similarly disposed following this year’s world champs. So for better or worse, here are my musings and observations on one of the best one-day races of the year.

  1. The biggest distraction from how the race was won was the biggest incident on the day – Yes, I’m talking about the huge and rather nasty crash that split the race and generally stole a lot of the attention from everyone on the day. But spending a lot of time trying to dissect that is a massive distraction from how the race was really won and is also pretty fucking unproductive. The road was narrow, there were barriers, someone went down in the bunch, then the bunch went down. It happens. I’d say ‘thankfully nobody was seriously hurt’ but by now we’ve heard about riders finishing the race only to find out they’ve got broken ankles and shit like that. So you know, ouch and holy fuck that’s impressive and so on. But mostly, the crash was significant and large and messy and it happened early enough that it impacted the race but didn’t define it. Let’s move on.

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Equivalenting again

This week I’ve been playing my favourite game of giving people my guess at the women’s peloton equivalent of their favourite male riders, so if they’re new to women’s cycling, they have people to cheer for at the Worlds road race this afternoon.  So far, Part 1 included equivalents for Jens Voigt, Cancellara, Boonen, Greipel and Contador, and Part 2 had Philippe Gilbert, Cav, Sagan and Phinney…. but you still have more!  So, without further ado….

Vincenzo Nibali

For his ITT and climbing ability, if you like Nibali, cheer for Tatiana Guderzo.  Guderzo is an Italian climbing star, who you’ll always find in the GC of the mountainous stage races.  She’s a former Road World Champion, too.  I say this a lot, but look up the 2009 Worlds, for a masterclass in “how to beat Marianne Vos”, as Guderzo and Cantele took it in turns to attack poor Vos over and over again, until Guderzo escaped for the win, with Cantele frustrating any and every chase effort.  Guderzo is supported by the Fiamme Azurre, the sporting arm of the Italian police and prison service, so you’ll see photos of her in her uniform, working for them in the off-season.

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