Podcast 2014 Special Feature Episode 50 – Sarah interviews Lisa Brennauer

It’s the 50th women’s cycling podcast on our site this year, and to celebrate, I interviewed a very special rider.  I’ve always said Lisa Brennauer was a rider to watch, and she’s such a friendly, nice person, it’s really easy to be a fan – and this year she’s taken the most amazing step up, winning gold medals in the Individual and Team Time Trial and silver in the road race at the 2014 Road World Championships.  She told me about that amazing week in Ponferrada, her journey here from winning the Junior ITT Worlds back in 2005, what her plans are for next year, and much more. (34:25 MIN / 33.06 MB)

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Follow Lisa’s twitter to see what happens next and cheer her on, especially when she gets to race her first ITT in those rainbow stripes – and keep an eye out for her new website, brennauer.com, which she’s developing this winter.

If you want to relive Lisa’s 2014 World Championships, here are my collections of videos – Team Time Trial, Individual Time Trial, and Road Race.  Here’s her interview immediately after her win

and here’s that moment she finally knew for absolute certain, that she was World ITT Champion (that still makes me smile so much!)


How to watch the 2013 Individual Time Trial World Championships

We’re well into World Championships week, and it’s time for the Individual Time Trials, with the women’s ITT on 24th September.  If you want to watch them live, I’ll tell you how (with info on how to follow them if you’re at (the horror) work, and who to watch out for.  And I know we’ve already have the Junior women’s ITT – UPDATE!  Now the races are done, I’ve got a post with all the videos and links from the Elites and Juniors – read my predictions below, and see how they compare!

So, what’s the course like?  Flat and corner-y!  Here are the maps, and let GCN tell you more:

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Equivalenting for the 2013 Worlds

For the last couple of years, I’ve been playing a game on Twitter, where for the Cycling World Championships and Olympics, I’ve been finding people who are new to women’s cycling the riders they might want to follow in the races.

People tell me the name of male cyclists they like, & why, or the style of rider they enjoy following, and I’ll find them the equivalent women, with some little factoids and ways to find out more about them.  It’s a simple way to help people learn more about the peloton and enjoy watching Worlds, if they don’t usually follow women’s racing.

I wrote blogposts about this last year:

Equivalenting – with the 2012 women’s peloton versions of Jens Voigt, Fabian Cancellara, Tom Boonen, André Greipel, Samuel Sanchez, Alberto Contador and Sean Kelly.

Equivalenting too – Philippe Gilbert and Classics stars, Mark Cavendish, Peter Sagan, Taylor Phinney and Ryder Hesjedal.

Equivalenting again – Vincezo Nibali, Bernie Eisel, Thomas Löfkvist, Damiano Cunego, Lance Armstrong and Riccardo Riccò.

Of course, that’s all about 2012…  If you, or anyone you know would like Equivalents for the 2013 Worlds, ask in the comments, or on twitter, and I’ll give you my views….

Podcast Episode 19 – How to get Australian citizenship

Sarah reviews the TTT brilliantly, and then Dan screws up the review of the ITT by forgetting Ellen van Dijk’s name [ED: I’m SO, SO sorry!!!!!] and at one point accuses Evie Stevens of murder. We improve trans-Tasman relations and Dan explains how to get Australian citizenship. He also makes a rock-solid prediction for the road race on Saturday and gift cycling with a new name for the climbs on the course.
(37:33MIN / 36.07MB)

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Podcast Episode 18 – Rock the Vote!

Alright, this week’s exciting because we’ve kicked off the voting for the Social Media Jersey, but don’t worry, there’s still time for you to donate!

Among other highlights of the show, I don’t edit out my rant about haircuts, Sarah explains how a Frenchman discovers women can ride bikes and I give really bad job and relationship advice. We also talk about l’Ardeche and Brain Wash before previewing the worlds TTT and ITT favourites.

This one’s pretty fast and sweet. (39.08 MIN / 37.57 MB)

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Things we talk about this week:

Stef Wyman‘s post on Cyclismas, The role of fans in women’s cycling (This is the one that describes Sarah as “British Super Dooper Über Massive Huge Slightly Barmey Snarky Passionate Sweary Wicked Awesome fan”!) – and check out how Stef’s team, Matrix-Prendas, do social media, it’s a great website.

UPDATE!  Stef’s since written a post on his vision of #fanbackedwomensteam – click through and read it!

Marijn de Vries‘ blogs from the Tour de l’Ardèche:

UPDATE! We didn’t talk about this, but check out former pro Christophe Edaleine, who was Marijn’s DS for the week, blogging from his point of view of l’Ardèche – the same story as in Marijn’s blog, but from the other side!

Evelyn Stevens‘ blog post, World peace and happy babies, on overcoming her case of Dutch Anxiety at the Brainwash Ladies Tour

Specialized-lululemon‘s plans to raise $10,000 for Right to Play in Rwanda – and their donations page linked to the World TTT Championships

Meredith Miller’s Pretty in Pink fundraiser for breast cancer – and how to buy her Pink is the new fast t-shirt

The startlist for the World Championships from VeloFocus, with links to all the riders’ twitters and blogs

And finally, we didn’t talk about this, because we ran out of time, but we both really liked this, and recommend you read it…

Bridie O’Donnell‘s excellent blog, Confession Week, on her grandfather, and realisations about herself and cycling.  It’s very powerful and honest