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Podcast 2016 Episode 17 – West Coast is the Best Coast

Podcast logoThis week we’re back (well, specifically Dan’s back after being sick last week) with a whole American stage race to cover! The Amgen Breakaway From Heart Disease Women’s Race Empowered by SRAM stage race in California was held over the last weekend and we recap each stage along with some analysis of the implications for the growth of the race and US racing overall. We talk about the latest para-cycling news (Hint: The Paralympics are going to be super exciting!)and we also cover the latest round of the MTB World Cup and lots more. (1:07:44 MIN / 62.02 MB)

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Women’s cycling round-up – a podcast post without the podcast!

Dan’s sick this week, and could barely speak, let alone podcast, but there’s still been lots of racing, news and interesting *stuff* from the last week in the sport…. Here are all the links we would have talked about this week!

Last week’s racing

2016 Enduro World Series #3, Wicklow

Videos:  Pre-race, track previewone-minute and longer highlights, and photo galleries on the EWS website and PinkBike, from practice and racingFull results

16 year old Leah Maunsell won the u21 competition – here’s a video profile of her, from Kona:


Amgen Tour of California

We’ve had Stage 1, and here are the long highlights

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Follow the 2016 Amgen Tour of California

WWT19th-22nd May 2016

Round 8 of the UCI Women’s WorldTour, and it’s another stage race, this time in the USA – the Amgen Tour of California.  While the race ran last year, this is a very different beast – with the women’s stages running alongside the men’s on the same days, so benefiting from the same promotion and hopefully crowds, with some serious racing.

This year it’s four stages:

  • Stage 1 hilly Lake Tahoe Road Race, 19th May from 10:50am USA PDT (1:50pm USA EDT; 6:50pm UK BST; 19:50 Euro CEST; 3:50am Aussie AEST)
  • Stage 2 Folsom Team Time Trial, 20th May, from 10:30 PDT (1:30pm EDT; 6:30pm BST; 19:30 CEST; 3:30am AEDT)
  • Stage 3 Santa Rosa rolling Road Race, 21st May from 9:15am PDT (12:15 EDT; 5:15pm BST; 18:15 CEST; 2:15am AEDT)
  • Stage 4 Sacramento Crit, 22nd May, from 11:40am PDT (2:40pm EDT; 7:40pm BST; 20:40 CEST; 4:40am AEST)

While the men’s race has live streaming, the women’s doesn’t – but it does have coverage, including the usual great graphics and GPS info, on the Tour Tracker women’s race page, updated by the wonderful Clara Beard, and apps for Android and Apple.

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Follow & watch the 2016 Matrix GP at the Tour Series

I’ve got a lot of love for the Tour Series UK city centre crits.  They’re always really fun, spectator-friendly courses, short enough to be able to walk round and get 100 different viewpoints, with racing that’s fast and furious. As you’d expect from SweetSpot, who run the Aviva Women’s Tour and the men’s Tour of Britain, they’re always organised so well, with tons to see and do alongside the racing – and if you can’t make them in person, they have hour-long highlights on ITV4 the day after the race, from 7pm/19:00 UK BST (20:00 Euro CEST; 2pm USA EDT; 4am Aussie AEST), which will stay up for a month on the ITV4 Hub.

While the men’s teams have 10 rounds in under a month, the women have 6, the Matrix Fitness GP series, at these venues:

One of the best ways to support women’s cycling is to turn up and cheer, showing the sponsors, tv companies and teams that oh yes, there IS an audience, and we want to see more!  So if there’s one near you, head over, you won’t regret it!

The Aberystwyth round on 27th May might only have a men’s Tour Series, but it’s part of the Aberystwyth Cycle Festival, and there are tons of crits, including a women’s race that day (you can still enter!) so although it won’t be on the TV highlights, it’s still worth going for a fantastic weekend.

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Podcast 2016 Episode 16 – Meta Birthdays

Podcast logoCan you believe it’s been four years since we started this crazy adventure of doing a podcast about women’s cycling? Sarah and Dan take a moment to celebrate how far women’s cycling has come in that time and to reminisce a little about how they got here. From that we launch fully into catching up on the racing from the Tour of ChongMing Island, Vuelta Feminin Costa Rica, Tour of the Gila, BMX World Cup, para-cycling, the latest from the Lotto Cycling Cup and more. It’s been an amazing week to witness the growth and globalisation of cycling, and we’re putting it all down to the birthday of the podcast.

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Things we talked about this week

This week’s racing

World Tour #7, Tour of ChongMing Island

Videos and photos


2016 BMX World Cup #3, Papendal

Preview show Qualifications show – Women’s Winning TT run – and full TT show

Women’s Main Event – and full main event show

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Video! Women’s World Tour #7, the Tour of ChongMing Island

WWTRound 7 of the 2016 Women’s World Tour was the first to leave Europe – and the first stage race of the Tour, which was always going to be interesting.  The Tour of ChongMing Island is a flat one, for sprinters – and after all the big teams turning out for each of the Classics, the dynamics change, as traditionally there have always been big name teams and riders that have missed out China from their schedule.  This is for a range of reasons – cost, for the small teams; sponsor priorities, for others; and everything from riders not wanting to risk food contamination, to the timing of the race, where a lot of top riders are taking a break right now, to recover from the Classics and look ahead to big season targets like the Giro and the Olympics.

Some people wish all teams were mandated to race all World Tour races, as a result, but I really disagree.  I’ve loved the Classics season, but I also loved how, when stage racing started, the peloton has split, and there are opportunities for more riders and teams to shine – and ChongMing demonstrated this, although it does make me question the meaning of the World Tour – it’s not the best races in the world, but again, I don’t think that’s necessarily bad, especially as the new series format gave us significant media from the race, for the first time ever – in the past we’ve had to rely on Wiggle High5 for any visuals, with the maximum ever being short stage clips.

So without further ado, on to the racing!  Photos on the UCI website, and more photos on a Chinese news site  – and coming up, highlights, full race replay and Wiggle High5 team videos, in that order, with results and more from each of the three stages…

Stage 1, 139.8km

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Podcast 2016, Episode 15- In Real Life

Podcast logoIt’s been four years in the making but this week’s podcast is possibly the most special of them all so far for the simple reason that for the very first time Sarah and Dan are recording in real life, together in the same room. Is this the episode in which someone is murdered? Is this the episode in which bickering and fighting ends the whole project? Or do we simply discuss the Tour de Yorkshire, GP Elsy Jacobs, Gracia Orlova, the forthcoming para-cycling and a bunch of cool cycling events? The only way to find out is to press play and enjoy the ride! (1:00:53 MIN / 00.0MB)

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Things we talked about this week included…

This week’s racing

The Asda Tour de Yorkshire

Make sure you all follow the wonderful Matt Stephens, Eurosport commentator extraordinaire!

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