Shirt week! The 2017 collection

I’ve written about before – the cycling clothing company set up by legend of women’s cycling, Kristy Scrymgeour, former cyclist, PR genius at HTC-Highroad and owner/manager of Specialized-lululemon, which morphed into Velocio-SRAM.

I’ve written about their original collection, their collaborations with pro cyclists Helen Wyman and Tiffany Cromwell, and the 2016 collection – and now it’s time for their new 2017 collection. sells full cycling kit for women and men, as well as ‘essentials‘ including socks, arm warmers, booties, caps and more.  They have some really interesting clothing innovations aimed at riding in different conditions (Ultralight for riding in the heat, Zero for the cold, Recon outerwear, and so on) and I like that they keep pushing at improving the kit – the 2017 wind vest, for example, has been redesigned to reduce flapping.

The sizing guide is here, and the shipping page here (UK customers and others, just be aware the Post Office might charge you an import tax, as they’re sent to EU addresses from Ireland).

I have to say that I miss their gorgeous cyan-and-white patterned jersey (as worn by Tayler Wiles in this tweet)… and if you do too, there are still some available, at sale prices!  Make sure you check out the entire sale page, because once the designs are gone, they’re gone…

If you want to know more about Kristy Scrymgeour, and her life with Velocio, read this interview with her from December, on Ella Cycling Tips.  And as always, I don’t benefit in any way from sharing this – I just like it, and hope you will too.


Presents for women’s cycling fans 2016 – Part 2: things made by professional cyclists

I always laugh at myself for my inability to write snappy, SEO-able titles, but I’m proud that I’ve managed to edit this down from “Christmas/Kwanzaa/Hanukkah/Solstice/Any-other-celebration/secular/birthday/payday gifts for women’s cycling fans, women who love bikes, and cycling fans in general I guess, that are made by, or with, or help support professional women riders”.  I’m ridiculous!

But it’s a category I always really enjoy, because there are always interesting things to see, and of course I really love things that support the riders.  You can find the 2014 edition here, and last year’s.  Have a look at all of them, because a lot of those things are still for sale.

Let’s start with things that support professional women’s cycling teams.  I pulled together posts of how to buy 2016 team kit and other goodies earlier in the year, and these always make good gifts – you can find the post full of 2016 WorldTour team shops, and USA domestic squads as well.

And another one, from a great UK domestic team, who I really like:

As always, if there’s anything I’ve missed, please do leave a message in the comments, or tweet me, and I’ll edit it in.  And I don’t get any financial benefit from sharing these links – I just enjoy it, and hope you will too.

So in no particular order…

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Shirt week – the new Velocio Apparel 2016 collection

We’ve been talking a lot about cycling kits in the last fortnight, with the women’s World Tour and small team kit votes, now it’s time to look at cycling gear for the everyday rider.  I always love the Velocio Apparel designs, so of course I am salivating over their brand-new 2016 kit, with new designs for women and for men.  There’s free worldwide delivery on orders over US $200, and I especially love the look of the women’s navy & white ES and ultralight jerseys, and the men’s ES jersey (the range has more colours of course, but I love these blues!).  And don’t forget to check out Velocio’s two very different kit collaborations with pro riders Helen Wyman and Tiffany Cromwell.

Ride magazine recently interviewed Kristy Scrymgeour about why she co-founded Velocio Apparel, and her dreams for the company, as well as about her life a pro cyclist and being involved with some of the most exciting teams in the sport, HTC-Highroad, Specialized-lululemon and Velocio-SRAM.  Read it here.   Of course I don’t get paid or benefit from promoting any of this, I just like it!

Shirt week! The Helen Wyman range for Velocio Apparel

Last month we saw the kit Iris Slappendel designed for Milltag, and now we’ve got another cyclist-designed range – Helen Wyman for Velocio Apparel.

If you don’t know Helen, she’s a fantastic ambassador for cyclocross, a top racer, riding for Kona, who also branches out into road, racing for Matrix Procycling in UK domestic races and some international…  but as well as being a fantastic rider, she’s also one of the very best cyclists when it comes to social media and spreading the love of the sport.  She’s super-friendly and great to follow – and when she’s not happy about aspects of cycling, works to change them, both as part of the UCI’s CX Commission and independently, as when she helped get the Koppenbergcross to be the first European CX race to offer equal prize money to women and men.  I’m a huge fan!

So as a cyclocross rider, Helen’s used to riding in rain, mud and cold, so this kit’s made for nasty conditions.  There are two pieces – the short-sleeved jersey and the thermal women’s bib shorts, or you can save 15% and buy them together.  It’s only for women at the moment, and of course you can pick up extras like arm- and leg-warmers on the Velocio site as well.  Click through and find out more!

Update!  And now there’s a jacket and overpants for those cold, wet, muddy days

To find out more about Helen, make sure you check out her website and twitter, and her page on the Kona site – and here’s my last interview with her from January 2015, with links to all my other Helen interviews at the bottom.  There’s lots more lovely kit, for women and men, on the site, so click through and enjoy.

Update!  I talked to Helen about the kit collaboration, and much more, and you can listen to that here.

Shirt Week – Specialized-lululemon is no more – welcome Velocio-SRAM, and buy their kit!

So, we knew Specialized and lululemon were stepping back from title sponsoring, and only supporting one women’s team rather than two next year, but what was happening to the Specialized-lululemon team?  Today we’ve found out, it’s it’s super-exciting, as from 2015 they’ll be Velocio-SRAM.  SRAM are of course a very famous cycling brand, but are really exciting in a different way – it’s team boss Kristy Scrymgeour‘s own clothing company.  And I’m very excited about getting to see the 2015 kit – and to be able to buy it!

They’ve got a special introductory price on the team kit bundle – click through to their new team shops for women and for men.  Here’s the kit…

…and here’s who’ll be wearing it – fantastic line-up, with super-climber Alena Amialiusik, up-and-coming Italian sprinter Barbara Guarischi, and Junior ITT World Champion Mieke Kröger joining double World Champion Lisa Brennauer, attack-queens Tiffany Cromwell and Trixi Worrack, and fun riders Elise Delzenne, Karol-Ann Canuel, Tayler Wiles and Loren RowneyRead all about it!

2014 Gift Guide 3: Things made and sold by pro women cyclists

I’m on a roll with my 2014 gift guide – Part 1 was a women & cycling book list, including auto/biographies, fiction, history, poetry, scifi, chicklit, economics and lots more books about women’s cycling/cycling by women.  Part 2 was a look back at what people I’ve featured in previous years are up to – mostly creative stuff like art, illustration and jewellery, with caps and mugs as well.    Part 3 is things that you can buy that are made by, or support, professional women cyclists.  Some I’ve featured before (and like always, I don’t profit or benefit from including any of these), but there are lots of new things, starting with the newest…

Ally’s Bars are the brainchild of Specialized-lululemon rider Ally Stacher, who’s been making these all-natural, sweet potato, quinoa and date-based bars for friends and team-mates, and finally they’re available for other people too!  You can read all about them on the website, and order a pack of 12 bars, and t-shirts for women and men – currently only available for shipping to the USA, because of issues around sending food overseas, but here’s hoping they’ll escape around the world very soon!

You can also find some of Ally’s recipes and much more on the site – and of course they have a twitter account.

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Shirt week – and the 2014 peloton

One of the most regular search terms that bring hits to our blog are people looking to buy the Specialized-lululemon team kit.  Their 2014 kit isn’t in the team’s online shop yet, but they do have some of the 2012/2013 design left for women at the moment.

However, if you like the styling, and want more, I do have a solution for you –  This company is part-owned by Specialized-lululemon owner/manager Kristy Scrymgeour, and you can definitely see the Spec-lulu influence in some of their clothes, especially around the neck – and they have men’s clothing, but as you might expect, much more women’s, including t-shirts in male and female cuts.  The women’s clothing range from USA XS to XL (UK 8-16, but they have a comprehensive size chart with inches, cm and conversions to standard sizes) and because they’ll start shipping in March, they have a pre-order promo code for 10% off.  Have a look!

(I hope you know by now, none of the Shopping posts benefit me in any way, it’s just stuff I like, and think you might like too!)


If you’ve been wondering what the rest of the 2014 peloton will look like, I’ve pulled together a Podium Café post with the jerseys from all the big teams and two wild cards, with a poll for which like best.  You can talk about why, or what you don’t like, or anything else, in the comments (or just lurk and see what everyone else is saying…).   Voting’s been nice and busy, and if I know you can buy the kit, I’ve put in a link.  Head over and have a look – there have been lots of changes and lots of variety, I can’t wait to watch them race in it all!