Podcast 2017 Episode 1 – Is the World Tour Less Worldly?

Podcast logoIt’s the first week of 2017 and we’re already knees deep in a whole bunch of racing, it’s been fantastic! Dan anoints another honorary Australian and we celebrate the joys of the diversity of Orica Scott tactics. There’s a new Australian national criterium champion and there’s a HUGE amount of changes in the 2017 UCI Racing Calendar to discuss. There’s also some cyclocross, some Vos and some other goss to cover. It’s a big and exciting start to the new year. (1:30:25 MIN / 84.77 MB)

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Things we talked about this week included…

Sarah’s posts on the 2017 women’s road calendar:

  • Part 1: How the 2016 Road Calendar changed between publication and racing – and how 2016 compares to 2017
  • Part 2: How many races we’ve lost in 2017, and how that fits into patterns over time
  • Part 3:  Where the change have happened

This week’s racing

IJsboerke Ladies Trophy #7 – GP Sven Nys, Baal

Results, photos on Cyclephotos.co.uk and the DVV Trophy website, IJsboerke Trophy Rankings with one race to go, and video highlights:

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2016 Trofeo Alfredo Binda and Trofeo da Moreno – videos, media and more

This year the Trofeo Binda moved, to the day after Milano-San Remo, and I love this, having the first monument and the 3rd round of the 2016 Women’s World Tour back-to-back.  And while there’s still less media from the UCI than when it was a Road World Cup, the race organisers are always amazing, and this year gave us a stream that was a mix of studio talking heads, live streaming from the finish-line cameras at the end of each lap, and highlights from the junior Trofeo da Moreno.

And we have race highlights too – and for anyone who doesn’t understand Italian, I’ve made home-made English commentary to go with them.  Here’s my collection of things I’ve found – and there’ll be more to come, too. As always, if you anything else, please do share them with me, here or on twitter, and I’ll edit them in.   I’m going to start with this, because it’s fantastic – Wiggle High5 collaborate with Cylance rider Valentina Scandolara, to make a mash-up video – how cool is this?

Here’s the Italian highlights – and if you want it, my English commentary.  If you start that first, I’ll tell you when to press play on the video.  (It’s a one-take, minimal edited commentary, just to see if it’s possible, NOT presented as ‘pro’!)


And there’s more!

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2016 Bay Crits – videos, photos & more

It’s not just the cyclocross riders who celebrate the New Year with hardcore racing – down in Australia, the road peloton rub their hands with glee and hit the Bay Crits hard.  The Mitchelton Bay Cycling Classic is four stages of crits, from hotdog to wicked-tough climbing circuits, and it kicks off the Aussie Summer of Cycling in a big way.  Videos and photos and more

Stage 1 – Ritchie Boulevard, Geelong

Short video highlights on SBS Cycling Central (these may only last for a month or so, but please watch these ones if you can), and the same video is here:

and video from the High5 Dream Team:

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Vale Scandolara’s 2016 Australian Adventures – the Q&A

Podcast interview logoJust before she won Stage 3 of the fantastic Bay Crits, I interviewed Italian star Valentina Scandolara, about her Australian adventures, setting up her own Aussie team, escaping in the 2015 Road Worlds, and what she’s hoping for from 2016, including with her new team, Cylance Procycling.  You can listen to that interview here, but because she’s so much fun, I’ve written it up as well.


ProWomensCycling:  You’ve been having a fun time in Australia – you were all over the podium in various races before Christmas, and now you’re racing in the Bay Crits.

Vale Scandolara: I always try to have fun, with cool people, and nice places, and races to do.  I did some races before Christmas.  I was focusing on training, and I went to these races with the Roxsolt team, and Carlee Taylor and Julie Leth, and some other Australians and New Zealanders, and it was lots of fun.  I saw some new places, like Bright, in the mountains in Victoria, and it was amazing.  Not quite Italy, but it was quite amazing!

PWC:  I saw from your twitter that you’ve been forcing yourself to endure the horrors of the beach too

Vale:  It’s very hard – you have to work on your tan-lines, but I’m coping!

And then I had the chance to organise a team, Alé Cycling, for the Bay Crits.  It was very nice for me, I got in contact with my ex-sponsor when I was in Alé-Cipollini, Alé clothing in Italy, and they got in contact with Alé Australia, and they were really interested in my proposal to make a team for Bay Crits,   so I called some girls.  Carlee Taylor was supposed to race with us, but she was sick and is resting before Nationals, so I’m sorry she’s not here, but we’re having a fair bit of a laugh as well.

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Australian Adventures! Sarah interviews Valentina Scandolara

Podcast interview logoVale Scandolara is a fan favourite for her exciting racing, and for her friendly and positive personality, and given she’s such a sunny person, it only seems right that she’s escaped the European winter to race in the Australian Summer of Cycling.  She told me how Italian bike clothing company Alé enabled her to set up her own team for the Bay Crits, what it felt like being in that final break in the 2015 Road World Championships and to nearly make it, and about her plans for 2016, with her new team Cylance.  This includes a bonus extra chat with Vale’s Bay Crits team-mate Julie Leth, who’s back from injury, finally, and just became officially Australian, having won the Aussie Madison Championships with Nettie Edmondson.

Listen to the podcast here, and click through to Soundcloud to download it, or if podcasts aren’t your thing, read the Q&A over here.



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Make sure you follow Vale on her adventures with her twitter and instagram, and keep an eye on her YouTube for the very best rider-made videos out there.  And for more Vale, Read her Q&As after she came second on Giro Rosa Stage 3, listen to my longer interview with her from last January.   Vale’s 2016 team is Cylance – make sure you check out  their website, and follow their instagram and twitter too.

Follow Julie Leth on her twitter and instagram, and find out more about her team, Hitec Products, on their website.

Watch Vale win Bay Crits Stage 3, and talk about it after the stage:

Catch up with all the news, photos and action from the Bay Crits so far on the Mitchelton Bay Cycling Classic website, and video highlights on SBS Cycling Central – and follow the last two stages with the #BayCrits hashtag, and via the @SummerOfCycling twitter, who’ll also be keeping us updated on the Santos Women’s Tour.  There’s a lot more information about the Aussie January races in this podcast with Monique Hanley.

Vale went on to win Stage 3, and you can see photos here.

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2015 Road World Championships Q&As Part 1: Jolien D’hoore, Elena Cecchini, Vale Scandolara, Amanda Spratt & Jessie Walker

Podcast interview logoOne of the things I love about the women’s cycling peloton is how fan-friendly and open the riders all are – so I’m super-grateful to Jolien D’hoore, Elena Cecchini, Valentina Scandola, Amanda Spratt and Jessie Walker for answering some questions about the 2015 Road World Championships road race course – and Part 2, over here, has Q&As from Elisa Longo Borghini, Ellen van Dijk and Kasia Niewiadoma.

Jolien D’hoore

Jolien D’hoore is a tough Flandrian sprint-and-Classics star, who’s had a wonderful year, winning her first Track World Cup omnium, and then two rounds of the Road World Cups, the Ronde van Drenthe and Crescent Vårgårda, with a second place at the Ronde van Vlaanderen behind her team-mate Elisa Longo Borghini. 

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Equivalenting 2015 – the Richmond Worlds edition!

One of my very favourite games is helping people who are new to women’s cycling find riders to cheer for, so that people who have maybe loved men’s cycling for years but never really seen women’s racing, or are new to cycling completely, can become an instant fan

How this works is you can tell me why you like one of the male cyclists, or a trackie, or MTB rider, for example, or what kind of person you like to support.  This can be for riding style (the hard-working team player, the mountain goat, the one who makes the craziest doomed attempts to escape) or for personality, or even for interests (Do you want to cheer for riders doing science PhDs?  Or have a miniature pig as a pet?  I can help you with that!).  Basically, tell me in the comments, or on twitter, and I’ll bespoke you up, with riders who should feature in the 2015 Road Race Worlds. And of course, if you’re reading this and have different suggestions and equivalents, tell or tweet me and I’ll put them in a future post!

Previous year’s Equivalenting posts are here, but let’s start with what people have asked this year…

Riders who have fun

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