Some thoughts on Brian Cookson’s latest blog

It’s coming to the end of the campaigning period for Brian Cookson and Pat McQuaid, as they fight for the role of UCI President.  Today, Cookson put a blog on his campaign site, with some more of his plans on how to develop women’s road cycling.  As always, I can’t link directly to the blog this comes from (Why DO sites do that?) but go to the blog page and look for the post on 13/9/2013.

I am in two minds about Cookson’s statements about women’s cycling, because on the one hand, I love that he’s supporting it so vocally, and referencing things like the Le Tour Entier manifesto for developing women’s cycling, but on the other, in all his statements on women’s cycling before he started his UCI election campaign, even the start of this year, he was saying the opposite – that things can’t change, that it’s not on tv because people aren’t interested (eg here in Cycling Weekly), women don’t deserve a minimum wage etc.

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Podcast 2013 Episode 17 – No Liability Accepted In Any Jurisdiction

Podcast logo Ok team, it’s another big week in podcast HQ. First off the wonderful Kathryn Bertine drops by to talk all things documentarian, cycling, Olympics and general awesome with us. Personal favourites are when she talks about some of the work she’s been doing in St Kitts and Nevis to help provide opportunities for young aspiring cyclists to get support, training and equipment; and also later when I put her on the spot by asking if all this experience in actually doing something that helps cycling might mean she’d be interested in taking a run at the UCI Presidency. In addition to Kathryn, we cover the Philly Classic race and Durango-Durango before peeking ahead at the start of the Emakumeen Bira. And what podcast is complete without a proper rant? So I (Dan) go on a bit of spree about how I don’t care how good Cookson is, he’s still not different enough to McQuaid. Of course it sounds better with all the swearwords left in so you should click below to listen to it in all its glory! (1:23:09 MIN / 79.82 MB)

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Things we talked about this week – Kathryn Bertine and Half The Road

Half the Road

Find out more about the Half The Road film, and watch the trailer, on the Half The Road website.   There are ways you can help the film:

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