Podcast 2016 Episode 36 – EPIC (That’s a Technical Term)

Podcast logoHey remember that time a few days ago when Sarah and Dan started talking about all the Best of the Year categories that VeloVoices are going to be holding voting on this week, and it took them an hour to get through the first category? Well they’re back! And this time they’re determined to get through all of the other categories (including the two extra ones that Sarah made up so that she could fit everyone in that she wanted to) no matter how long it takes!

Look, we’re not gonna lie, this podcast is EPIC (that’s a technical term). It’s huge. It’s long enough to be a Hollywood blockbuster, but it’s got more plot, more drama and more action than your standard Hollywood blockbuster, so there’s that! How could it not be when we’re discussing Best Race Finish of the Year, Best Breakthrough Rider of the Year, Unsung Heroines of the Peloton for the Year, Unsung Heroes/Heroines Behind the Scenes and Step-Up Rider of the Year?

So many great and worthy nominees, so much to argue about! Make sure you’re stocked up on time and refreshments, this one’s perfect for that long drive to see all your extended family for the holidays. Here goes… (1:59:50 MIN / 109.72MB)

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And listen to, and read, our nominations for 2016 women’s cycling Rider of the Year.

Best race finish

There were so, so many fantastic racing moments this season, and it was especially exciting as we got more live racing, and long highlights, than ever before.  In chronological order…

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2016 Team Time Trial World Championships – videos, photos and more

The first race of the 2016 Road World Championships in Doha was the women’s Team Time Trial – here’s my collection of videos, race reports, tweets I liked and more media.

Highlights and full race replay (may be geo-restricted)

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Women’s cycling round-up – a podcast post without the podcast!

Dan’s sick this week, and could barely speak, let alone podcast, but there’s still been lots of racing, news and interesting *stuff* from the last week in the sport…. Here are all the links we would have talked about this week!

Last week’s racing

2016 Enduro World Series #3, Wicklow

Videos:  Pre-race, track previewone-minute and longer highlights, and photo galleries on the EWS website and PinkBike, from practice and racingFull results

16 year old Leah Maunsell won the u21 competition – here’s a video profile of her, from Kona:


Amgen Tour of California

We’ve had Stage 1, and here are the long highlights

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Podcast 2016 Episode 8 – Depths of Nerdery

Podcast logoThis week we talk up a storm about all the racing that’s happened over the last week (and how it’s nice to get live video this week!). We catch up on Drenthe, Drentse8 and the ABSA Cape Epic. There’s another very open video from Wiggle High5 about their performance on the weekend. There’s been some really interesting articles come out that caught our attention as well – and as always we have heaps of links, videos, articles and more in the post below. Dan doesn’t actually pick a fight with anyone this week but we do invent a new board game. It’s a long one and it plumbs new depths of nerdery! (1:23:02 MIN / 76.02 MB)

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Things we talked about

This Cylance team intro video is like some promo for an awesome TV show:

This week’s racing

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2016 Ronde van Drenthe and Drentse 8 – videos, media and more

Every year the Ronde van Drenthe starts the season early with a big marker in the sand – this is how we can cover women’s road cycling!  And in 2016 it excelled itself with so much media.  I’ve got lots of videos (including home-made English commentary) from Round 2 of the Women’s World Tour, the Ronde van Drenthe, and some clips of Sunday’s Drentse Acht van Westerveld, including Marianne Vos on her first race back in the peloton.

Ronde van Drenthe

It’s always a brilliant race – three times over a man-made climb, and four stretches of brutal, unique cobbles.  It’s been won in every way from solo attacks, small groups and bunch sprints, so it’s always unpredictable and beautiful to watch. Let’s start with the entire re-run from RTV Oost (please do watch it there, because it’s so awesome that they did that, but if that goes, there’s a much lower-res back up) and the final few kilometres:

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Videos and more – 2016 Ladies Tour of Qatar Stage 4

Yesterday was the final stage of the Ladies Tour of Qatar, in what was the most open iteration of this race I can remember.  I loved all the “Kirsten Wild stomps all over Qatar” years, of course, but this year, with a different winner every day, and 3 GC leaders in 3 days, made me very happy.  Dan and I podcasted about how great the first three stages were, and Stage 4 was another great example of why this was so good.  Gone were the desert winds, instead laps around the Doha Corniche, on the bay, a stage finish we’ve seen 4 times before.  Each time it ended in a bunch sprint, and the only time Wild hasn’t won it, she wasn’t there.  But it still felt like anything could happen, and it still was a super-exciting stage, with that battle between the bunch-sprint teams and the opportunists, with Canyon-SRAM defending the GC, teams like UnitedHealthcare, Cylance and Wiggle High5 determined to get some glory, and Boels Dolmans and ORICA-AIS happy with their stage wins, but definitely not stopping there.  Let’s start with the last 30 mins of TV…

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Videos & more from 2016 Ladies Tour of Qatar Stage 3

Yesterday’s Stage 2 of the Ladies Tour of Qatar was a masterclass in why we love this race, but today’s Stage 3 showed us another, equally fabulous, way to race it, with the winds getting over 40 kph, and the first breakaway going at kilometre 3!  Just so much excitement, and it’s even better because we get to see the race as it happens, and then get a ton of media to love after each stage.  Here’s my collection of video, photos, reports and more – and if you see things I’ve missed, please do tell me in the comments or on twitter.

Tomorrow’s the final stage, and if you, like me, can’t wait to watch it, here’s my guide.

I have about 100 favourite riders, all equal, but one of my (100) favourite things about women’s cycling is watching Ellen van Dijk attack (like this!).  She talks about how that went, and about winning

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