Podcast 2017 Episode 13 – It Was SO Attacky!

We’re in the middle of the Ardennes week which means there’s heaps of racing and heaps of climbs around. This week Sarah and Dan talk through how Amstel Gold and Fleche Wallonne both unfolded (they were amazing!), and what this might mean for Liege-Bastogne-Liege on Sunday. There’s also time to catch up on some of the main results from the recent Track World Championships, and to find out a bit more about Lizzie Deignan’s new book “Steadfast” which is out now. Of course there’s plenty more in the podcast and even more in the post! (1:12:03 MIN / 65.98 MB)

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This week’s collection of women’s cycling links and news

This week’s racing

Click to see the videos, photos and media from the 2017 Amstel Gold Race and Flèche Wallonne.

Tour of the Gila

Full results of Stage 1, race report and photo gallery


2017 Track World Championships

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Media from the 2016 Para-cycling Track Championships

Last week it was the 2016 Paracycling Track World Championships in Montechiari, and there were do many moments of great racing, making me really look forward to the Rio Paralympics (although I’ll always mourn the fact we won’t have women’s tandem sprint there because just wow!).  There was about an hour and a half of TV/streams on RAI Sport 2 every night, with some sessions streamed live, and while that hasn’t turned up online, there was more media from the racing – race reports, photo, and a little bit of video.  If you find more you liked, please do share, in the comments here, or on twitter, and I’ll edit it all in.

Lets start with the results – they’re all here on the they’re all here on the UCI results page.  And here’s a gallery of photos on the UCI website.  This post focuses on the women, but the same links will include things about the men- and check out Jody Cundy’s YouTube for videos of his races.  There’s a nice video from the UCI about the 500m/Kilo, with Jamie Whitmore, Joe Berenyi and Alistair Donohoe:

Day 1

Race report from the UCI, Cycling Australia, British Cycling (with video interviews), Cycling Canada, USA Paralympics and BBC report on the Brits.

Photo albums from British Cycling and Cycling Australia.

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2016 Track World Championships – vidos, media and more from Days 3-5


So much action in the 2016 Track Cycling Worlds!  I put up links and videos from the first two days (and was slightly scuppered when British Cycling took down all their content…) but there was tons more racing – here’s what I found from the later races.

Day 3

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2016 Track World Championships – videos, media & more from Day 1 and Day 2

We’ve had two action-packed days of the 2016 Track Cycling World Championships, with so much incredible racing – and we’ve still got 3 to come!  Here’s some of the videos and photos, with results and more.  I’ll be putting up more of these throughout the competition. I’ll start with the full coverage from Day 1 and Day 2, and then move on to the individual women’s races.  Of course, if you want more from the men’s races, the same sources have lots of things for you!

Day 1

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Watch & follow the 2016 Track World Championships LIVE!

2016 Track Cycling World Championships: 2nd-6th March

It’s time for the 2016 Track Cycling World Championships, this time in London.  Track Worlds are always so exciting, but this year, with the Rio Olympics just around the corner, there’s even more to ride for, with qualification points, and the battle for team spots all up for grabs.  And we can watch a lot of it live, and follow the rest.  But let’s start with a little video about the sport from the Olympic Games:

There will be daily streams on UCI YouTube – timings are in UK GMT (Euro CET -1 hour; Australian AEDT -11; USA EST +5 – so when evening sessions start at 7pm GMT, that’s 20:00 CET, 6am AEDT and 2pm EST)

  • Day 1, Wednesday 2nd March, 7pm GMT (inc women’s Individual Pursuit, men’s Scratch & women’s & men’s Team Sprint finals)
  • Day 2, Thursday 3rd March, 7pm GMT (inc women’s Keirin and Scratch, and men’s team pursuit finals)
  • Day 3, Friday 4th March, 7pm GMT (inc women’s Team Pursuit, men’s IP, Omnium Elimination and Points finals)
  • Day 4, Saturday 5th March, 5:30pm GMT (I assume this starts with some replays, as the live racing starts at 7pm, and includes women’s Points and Omnium elimination, and men’s Sprint and Omnium Points finals)
  • Day 5, Sunday 6th March, 2pm GMT (inc women’s Sprint and Omnium Points, and men’s Keirin and Madison finals) (Starts on Eurosport from 10am, so there may be streams)

Here’s the full competition programme, also in GMT.  The UCI TV schedule with all the broadcasters is on their Track Worlds Portal. For UK viewers, British Cycling’s tv guide (The BBC programmes will also be streamed on the BBC website – I’d go to their cycling portal to find the daily streams) and for Aussies, Cycling Australia’s TV guide.  The Belgian Cycling Fed is putting up daily guides to watching on Sporza.

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How to watch the 2015 Track Cycling World Championships – LIVE!

The 2015 Track World Championships are very important, as we’re definitely in the zone for preparing for the 2016 Rio Olympics, and riders need the points to qualify.  This year the competition runs from 18th-22nd February, in Saint-Quentin-En-Yvelines, France.  And as well as the fabulous racing, we should get some really great coverage, including, for the first time ever, on-bike camera action…

I’ll tell you all about how to watch the racing, and when it’s not being streamed, how to follow all the action, as well as how to find more background information on riders, teams and more.

So, how can we watch live?

Start with the UCI’s official tv guide, which tells you if there’ll be live tv or streaming in your country and when.  If you don’t have tv, you should be able to see the UCI’s own feeds of the evening sessions – click the links to get to the UCI youtube live pages, which will also be the place to see the full replays.

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On the 2014 Para-cycling Track World Championships

I really love track cycling, so I was super-excited that there was a Track Para-cycling World Championships this year, especially after I saw so many of the athletes competing at the Newport Para-Cycling Cup last year.  I’ve also been angry about this, because Newport was the first UCI-level track race for the para-cyclists since before the 2012 Paralympics, but sometimes you have to focus on the positives.  And it looked really good – two days before the Worlds started in Aguascalientes, in Mexico, on the UCI Worlds portal there was a u-stream link to live coverage from 2012, and an empty link to “live broadcast”.  It looked really hopeful, and I was delighted – if there’s one thing I want more of in my life, it’s tandem sprinting and track racing.

Then the competition started, and the “live broadcast” link disappeared, and I meditated on managing expectations, and took solace in the fact that the riders were saying there were cameras in the Aguascalientes velodrome, and that there were going to be daily highlights on the UCI youtube, as there have been for the able-bodied Track World Cups…  and then hope started to fade, as day after day, nothing was added, and today, three days after the competition is over, this is what’s on the UCI youtube (screenshot taken 9:15pm, 16th April 2014)


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