On *that* kit

People have been asking me about my thoughts on that Colombian kit, the IDRD-Bogotá Humana-San Mateo-Solgar one from the Giro Toscana.  I was a bit confused – I laughed, RTed it and talked about it online last week, filed under “fugly”, because I always have a softspot for terrible kits – like Footton-Servetto’s, or the ones with appalling colour clashes.  I’ve had a couple of days cutting back my internet use, so it was a little bit of a shock to hear that this kit has gone viral. I mean, don’t get me wrong, there are some bad choices there, and “looks ‘nude’ in photos in bad light” is never a good move, but the reaction has been a little bit extreme.

This afternoon, people started linking me to articles on it – like this one, on BBC Sport, which hilariously has protected us from the thought of genitalia with a modesty panel, which makes it seem so much worse than it really is.  There are articles on the Guardian and apparently all the other big UK newspapers, and on websites like Jezebel and Buzzfeed, it’s been discussed  on at least two national UK radio stations – and part of this interest is because of Brian Cookson, the head of the UCI, who tweeted this:

I want to look at this from a couple of different angles – if it is obscene; if it’s more obscene than men’s kits; is it sexist; and Cookson’s public intervention in comparison to other issues.

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Podcast 2013 Episode 39 – Monique Hanley Teaches Us How To Change the World

Podcast logo This week we interview one of Dan’s cycling heroes! Monique Hanley joins us to talk about cycling administration and culture change. Monique is on the Executive Board of Cycling Victoria and the Women’s Commission for Cycling Australia, and she’s worked on a lot of significant projects within those roles over the last few years. Her list of achievements are many and yet she’s still gracious, humble and looking ahead to the next challenges. It’s a great interview into a side of the sport that we don’t get to hear all that much about very often. Dan’s especially excited when Monique explains to him how it’s theoretically possible to get himself appointed to all the UCI cycling commissions. It’s a cracking interview, enjoy! (1:00:01 MIN / 57.62 MB)

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Stuff we talked about includes:

If you want to know more about Monique, here are the two parts of a recent interview with Australian sports site The Roar – part 1 and part 2.  And you can always contact her on her twitter.

Here’s a video interview with Monique from Australian Tour de France tv show Le Tour Prologue this summer, on her racing life and riding with Type 1 Diabetes, including riding across Canada, riding the Race Across America and more.

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Videos & links from the 2013 women’s Road Race World Champs

What a race!  WHAT A RACE!!!  And there are a ton of videos, AND below the jump I’ll tell you how to watch the entire race…  First, the highlights

Then, the last 7km, from that decisive final attack

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Videos and links from the Junior Women’s Road Race

While the UCI Congress was going on, and on, and ON, the junior women were racing their Road cycling World Championships.  In some ways it was the most interesting course – no run-in, just 5 laps of the hilly finishing course.  And even though we couldn’t watch it live, Monique Hanley’s tweets and Giulia de Maio‘s  livetext updates on TuttoBici made the race sing.

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How to watch the women’s Worlds Road Race live!

It’s the Road Cycling World Championships, Toscana 2013,  and I am already excited about the women’s Road Race.  It’s on Saturday 28th September, and it starts at 14:15 CEST (1:15pm UK/8:15am USA EDT/10:15pm Australia AEST) and there should be ways to see it all live.  I’ll tell you how and who to watch – but let’s start with the course.  Here’s what GCN says about it (LOVE that dramatic music!)

and Marianne Vos talking about the course when she previewed it with the Dutch National Team back in March:

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Podcast 2013 Episode 32 – The TTTTTTTTTTTTTTTT-T

Podcast logoSo far in the 2013 UCI World Championships we’ve had the Trade Team Team Time Trial (yes, with two teams), the Individual Time Trial and a bunch of video coverage issues! But Sarah’s promised not to rant and we don’t know if we can last a whole show… Oh who are we kidding? You all know that there’s no way Sarah and I can go a whole podcast without ranting! We also point out a couple of great interviews with Kristy Scrymgeour and Lizzie Armitstead as well as taking some time to catch up on the 4X (Four Cross) and MTB news before making our best guesses at who’s going to win the road race this weekend. (1:24:16 MIN / 80.89 MB)

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This we talked about….


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How to watch the 2013 Individual Time Trial World Championships

We’re well into World Championships week, and it’s time for the Individual Time Trials, with the women’s ITT on 24th September.  If you want to watch them live, I’ll tell you how (with info on how to follow them if you’re at (the horror) work, and who to watch out for.  And I know we’ve already have the Junior women’s ITT – UPDATE!  Now the races are done, I’ve got a post with all the videos and links from the Elites and Juniors – read my predictions below, and see how they compare!

So, what’s the course like?  Flat and corner-y!  Here are the maps, and let GCN tell you more:

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