Shirt Week – Specialized-lululemon is no more – welcome Velocio-SRAM, and buy their kit!

So, we knew Specialized and lululemon were stepping back from title sponsoring, and only supporting one women’s team rather than two next year, but what was happening to the Specialized-lululemon team?  Today we’ve found out, it’s it’s super-exciting, as from 2015 they’ll be Velocio-SRAM.  SRAM are of course a very famous cycling brand, but are really exciting in a different way – it’s team boss Kristy Scrymgeour‘s own clothing company.  And I’m very excited about getting to see the 2015 kit – and to be able to buy it!

They’ve got a special introductory price on the team kit bundle – click through to their new team shops for women and for men.  Here’s the kit…

…and here’s who’ll be wearing it – fantastic line-up, with super-climber Alena Amialiusik, up-and-coming Italian sprinter Barbara Guarischi, and Junior ITT World Champion Mieke Kröger joining double World Champion Lisa Brennauer, attack-queens Tiffany Cromwell and Trixi Worrack, and fun riders Elise Delzenne, Karol-Ann Canuel, Tayler Wiles and Loren RowneyRead all about it!


Lisa Brennauer interview

Last week I podcast-interviewed Specialized-lululemon/Velocio-SRAM‘s Lisa Brennauer, who ended the 2014 season with two National Champion titles, and two golds and a silver from the Road World Championships, making her by far the most successful rider in Ponferrada.  You can listen to that here, but thanks to my wonderful Patreon supporters, I’ve also transcribed it, for people who prefer to read interviews.


You were obviously amazing at Road World Champs, and I wanted to start off by asking about that. You began by winning the Team Time Trial, which is not that surprising, because Specialized-lululemon have won for all three years.

Lisa: Yeah, it was obviously a big goal for us to win it again, but our competition was not sleeping, they’ve worked really hard at it, so in the end it was a lot of hard work to make it happen, and we were all so happy afterwards.

I’d been impressed at the Open de Suède Vårgårda Team Time Trial World Cup, where I’d thought maybe Rabobank-Liv would beat you – and then you broke the course record, even though the weather was appalling! How do you keep getting better and better every year?

For some of the riders, getting a routine that we work very hard on. We had a great camp in Sweden before the World Cup, and we were used to the course and the weather conditions there, and I think all the little parts play a big role in the end. To be honest, we were surprised as well!

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Podcast 2014 Special Feature Episode 50 – Sarah interviews Lisa Brennauer

It’s the 50th women’s cycling podcast on our site this year, and to celebrate, I interviewed a very special rider.  I’ve always said Lisa Brennauer was a rider to watch, and she’s such a friendly, nice person, it’s really easy to be a fan – and this year she’s taken the most amazing step up, winning gold medals in the Individual and Team Time Trial and silver in the road race at the 2014 Road World Championships.  She told me about that amazing week in Ponferrada, her journey here from winning the Junior ITT Worlds back in 2005, what her plans are for next year, and much more. (34:25 MIN / 33.06 MB)

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Thanks to my generous Patreon supporters, I’ve written this up, so if you prefer to read interviews, head over here.

Follow Lisa’s twitter to see what happens next and cheer her on, especially when she gets to race her first ITT in those rainbow stripes – and keep an eye out for her new website,, which she’s developing this winter.

If you want to relive Lisa’s 2014 World Championships, here are my collections of videos – Team Time Trial, Individual Time Trial, and Road Race.  Here’s her interview immediately after her win

and here’s that moment she finally knew for absolute certain, that she was World ITT Champion (that still makes me smile so much!)

Thoughts on the 2014/15 transfer season (so far!) – part 2, the rise of super-teams

Earlier this week I wrote about how teams have handled their (UCI-level road cycling) transfer announcements, and now I want to look at what it might mean for the peloton in 2015.  As before, this comes with a huge caveat that we don’t know what all the teams look like yet, it’s a snapshot of where we are right now, at the end of October 2014 – here’s the big transfer table (I’ll be updating it throughout November with any more news we see, so if you’re looking at this later in the month and thinking my questions are obviously answered, that’s why)

How the peloton will change in 2015 – more “super-teams”

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Women’s cycling and the minimum wage – a chat with Kristy Scrymgeour

This week there was a minor twitter controversy, as in a podcast interview with Suze Clemitson about women’s cycling, for Velocast, UCI President Brian Cookson said that he wouldn’t be looking to introduce a minimum wage for women road riders this year, which had been one of his election manifesto promises, and on twitter he cited advice from the UCI Women’s Commission as a reason for this decision.

I was interested in this, and wanted to know more, so I asked Kristy Scrymgeour, who sits on the Commission as owner and manager for Specialized-lululemon, and she told me a bit more detail about why the Commission have advised this – and how the minimum wage will be addressed.

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Podcast 2014 Episode 41 – WoW Part Two!

Podcast logoIt’s been a week of worldly indulgences and this week’s podcast is no exception, hell we’re barely a minute into things before Dan’s invoking our theoretical lawyers and claiming indemnities! Anyway, this week we recap the women’s trade team TTT, the junior women’s ITT, the Elite women’s ITT (where Dan rather belligerently changed the results and history to suit his preferred view of the race – also Sarah sounds her “Smugness Alert”) AND we preview the Road Race! Also there’s some complicated polemica-y stuff which is important but hard to talk about, so of course we discuss that. We also talk about how sometimes these harder stories don’t get reported much in the press, possibly because they’re so complex and there’s a lot of stuff you can’t explain easily or quickly. On top of all of that we have the latest transfer news and the week wouldn’t possibly be complete without a bonus survey, so we’ve put that in too! (1:17:42 MIN / 74.6 MB)

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This week’s links and videos

2014 Road World Championships

All the videos from…

Sarah especially loves this one – Lisa Brennauer‘s response on realising she’s won

Here’s that VeloNews report about Solovey, which we found bizarre.

Looking ahead to the Road Race on Saturday, here’s who Cyclingnews think we should watch out for

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Road World Champs – Equivalents 2014

One of the games I love to play is “Equivalenting” – where people tell me their favourite male riders or favourite kinds of riders, and I find them a female equivalent to cheer for at the Road World Championships.  I started this before the 2012 Olympics on twitter, for people who didn’t watch a lot of women’s cycling (because it’s hard to watch, let’s face it) but really wanted to love the racing, and for curious women’s cycling fans, who want to see what I’d say.

You can read some of my old Equivalents posts if you like, from the 2012 (Part 1, Part 2 and Part 3) but I’ve started again for 2014.  If you’d like me to Equivalent for you, tell me your favourite rider and why you like them in the comments or on twitter, and I’ll see what I can do – and of course, if you can think of a better Equivalent, please share it!

So, without further ado…

Mark Cavendish

The two biggest pure sprinters in the peloton are Kirsten Wild, who’s not racing Worlds this year, as she’s focusing on track, and Giorgia Bronzini.  Now you might be thinking “Ponferrada is too hilly for Bronzini”, but remember, she got over the hills in Geelong to win her first of two Road World Championships golds, and managed to stay invisible in the pack until she exploded out in the finishing straight.

Like Cav, she’s a smaller rider, and also has a Track World Championships gold medal (in the 2009 Points race) – and she has a huge advantage in Worlds, because the Italian National Team genuinely don’t seem to care who wins unless it’s one of them, so if she’s looking like she’s doing well, she’ll have her chance.


Fabian Cancellara

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