Rio 2016 Paralympics – Track cycling videos, media and more

screen-shot-2016-09-12-at-21-21-37I loved the 2016 Paralympic Track Cycling – so many amazing races, great riders and wonderful moments – so I’ve collected what I’ve found from it, so you can re-live it, or catch up on the racing if you missed it.  I’ve focused on the women’s racing, because overwise this would go on for days, but of course, all the sources I’ve linked to include the men, if you want to have a look for more, and the general overviews include their races too.

Unfortunately, a lot of the videos are geo-restricted – some of the Paralympics YouTube clips are only available in countries without their own TV (but it’s hard to tell, so click each one to check – sorry), and the individual TV stations and often videos on news sites are often geo-retricted to their countries.  However, you can use VPN services like Hola or Betternet, to see them (if you don’t know about VPNs, INRNG explains them)

Please forgive that fact I’ve got a lot of British-based coverage – it’s because it’s really good, and obviously because I get to see it!  I’ve got coverage from other countries when I’ve seen it, but if you’ve seen good coverage from other countries that you want to share, please do let me know, and I’ll edit it in.

First, some general links and media – the Rio 2016 Track Cycling page, including all the schedule, results, and other general information about the velodrome; UCI photo gallery from the Velodrome; the Track Cycling playlist on the Paralympics YouTube

UK-based highlights on the Channel 4 Paralympics site.  Seems like there’s lots of highlights on Team USA‘s website, but it’s all forbidden from my UK-based server.  There are lots of video highlights of the Australian Paralympics on the 7Two YouTube.

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Videos and more from the 2015 Para-cycling Track World Championships

We were so lucky this year, we had the entire final session from the 2015 Para-cycling Track Worlds streamed for us….

…but there’s a lot more that came out.  Read on for photos, videos and results

Here’s Day 1 & Day 2 from the Dutch team’s perspective


All the results are on the UCI website, photos are on the Apeldoorn competition website, and I’ve found some reports from the different days.  I’m posting the women’s videos, but you can see all the videos of the men’s races over on this great youtube.

Day 1

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Follow the 2014 Para-cycling Track World Championships

This is going to be an incredible competition – the Para-cycling Track World Championships, in Aguascalientes, Mexico – 10th-13th April 2014.  Track is always great racing, and the Aguascalientes velodrome is very fast indeed, and at altitude to boot – and given there are so very few chances for the para-cyclists to race on the track, they always bring it, and hard, with every opportunity they get.

Here’s the UCI’s portal, which includes the schedule, startlists and results – and it looks like there could be live streaming from there UPDATE! although the Ustream window and what looked like it would be a link to live streaming have disappeared from the page now…  and apparently there’ll be video highlights on the UCI youtube at the end of each session – I’ll update with details as soon as I know more.  And here’s the race website.

UPDATE! BBC Sport are there and filming, so there might be some British-focused media coming out – try their cycling or para-sport pages.  And their journalist David McDaid will be tweeting updates from the competition (again, this could be Brit-focused)

UPDATE again!  Thanks Cecilia Mayberry for finding the Aguascalientes Sports Institute facebook, with lots of reports and photos

I’ve made  a twitter list of cyclists racing the Worlds, and I’m updating it all the time – there are some fantastic tweets, photos and media coming out from the riders, so follow them all!  Here’s the Cycling Australia twitter list of their riders too.

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The 2013 Newport International Paracycling Cup – photos and happiness!

I’ve mentioned before how I can’t believe that there have been no Track Paracycling World Championships or even World Cups since before the 2012 Paralympics, and none on the calendar for 2014 yet, but now I’ve been to live Paracycling, I’m even more amazed, because damn, Paracyling is so entertaining and fun to watch!

I knew that, of course, from the Paralympic tv coverage, but just like the first time I went to an able-bodied Track World Cup, seeing it in real life is a different thing altogether.

Lora Turnham & Corrine Hall v Henrike Handrup & Ellen HeineyLora Turnham and Corrine Hall racing Henrike Handrup & Ellen Heiney

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