Celebrating Social Media – part 4 – Video

I’ve already talked about riders who blog on their own sites and on team sites, and use twitter, but now it’s time for some visuals!  Here are some great ways video is used in women’s cycling, but riders, teams and fans – and as ever, if you know more, let me know in the comments!

Rochelle’s World – Rochelle Gilmore

I could have mentioned Rochelle Gilmore for her excellent blogs (I especially like this blog on how it feels to be on the receiving end of Teutenberg’s tactical genius, from last years ChongMing Island tour – and more recently, following her hard path back to pro racing, after she had to learn to walk again, after a crash in last year’s Giro Donne) and for her twitter, but what really makes this Aussie sprint star stand apart is her use of video.  She’s got an ongoing series on her youtube channel, following her life on and off the bike, and it’s a lot of fun

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Celebrating social media – part 3 – twitter!

Twitter is a tool that has revolutionised how we follow women’s cycling.  It started with Liz Hatch, the early adopter, and (I think) the first to share race information with fans this way – and damn, we loved it! When HTC sponsored Highroad, and all the team got snazzy phones, we started to see the interactions between riders – and now it’s grown so much that twitter is the first place to go for information, and we can follow all the action as it happens on the road.  So part 3 of this little series is on some of the riders I love to follow on twitter – and some tips, at the bottom, for how to use twitter to follow races.  And as always, this is just a selection – I’ve already mentioned some of the best in my post on bloggers, and I’ve got plans for others later in this series – but if you think I’ve missed anyone out, be sure to tell me in the comments – or, of course, on twitter!

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Celebrating Social Media – part 2 – blogging on team websites

Yesterday, I told you about 6 of my favourite rider blogs – but while all of those riders have their own sites, I completely appreciate that others may not have the time or the resources to run their own sites, or be able to commit to blogging that regularly.  So part 2 in my social media series is dedicated to the teams who give space for cyclist blogs – and encourage their riders to keep us up-to-date with their lives!

There are two teams I think of straight away, for this category.  They’re very different kinds of teams, but they share a passion for involving their fans

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Celebrating social media – part 1 – Six riders who blog

One of the reasons Dan and I set up The Unofficial Unsanctioned Social Media Jersey was because we wanted to promote the cyclists who are using social media to share their stories.  So welcome to part 1 in a series highlighting some of the ways riders use social media – starting with six of my favourite bloggers.  This isn’t an exhaustive list, and I’ll come back to blogging later, but if you have any recommendations for me, put them in the comments, and I’ll share them all later.

And remember that just clicking through helps riders demonstrate they’re worth following to sponsors – so it really helps to click through, comment, share them and add to your bookmarks to come back to, so you can click again!

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