Videos from the 2015 Scheldecross and Namur CX World Cup

It’s been a fantastic weekend of cyclocross, with two very different courses, and two races that played out differently, but were fantastic to watch.  December CX is fantastic!  And what made it better is how easy it was to watch – even if we didn’t see the races live.  I’ve got videos, interviews and photos, but before I start, I want to show you something fun – the wonderful Renaat Schotte, who works for Belgian TV channel Sporza, has been sharing the viewing figures for the women’s races.  These are just the figures from Sporza, so it’s not even all of Belgium, and of course doesn’t include the pirate streams….

How great is that?  And this is just the first year Sporza has been showing women’s racing!

So, on with the videos… I’m focusing on the women, but if you want to see the men’s races too, the same YouTube accounts have videos of them, too.

bpost bank trofee #4 – Scheldecross

Highlights, and full race replay

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An amazing weekend of Cyclocross – the 2015 Scheldecross and Namur, LIVE!

The cyclocross season is heading towards one of the biggest weeks of the year – between Christmas and New Year is Holy Week, with so many amazing races.  But this weekend is just as exciting for me – two of my all-time favourite races, and we can watch the women race LIVE! as well as the men!

Saturday 19th December 2015:  bpost bank trofee #4, Scheldecross, Antwerp

I’ve had a soft spot for the Scheldecross, ever since the Schelde flooded one year and riders were racing perilously close to the rising waters, but the course is always fun to watch, with off-camber sand sections, long, straight runs and twisty turny areas.

This year, Sporza is streaming the women’s races live, and some of them haven’t been geo-restricted – check the Sporza Scheldecross Matchcenter on the day, and the same stream on the bpost page that goes up on the day of each race, or via this link.  If that doesn’t work for you, look for streams in the usual places (for example, this stream works for me).

The women race at 13:45 European CET (12:45pm UK GMT, 8:45am North American EDT and 11:45pm Aussie AEDT) and the men at 15:00 CET (2pm GMT, 9am EDT and 1am AEDT), with the tv starting around 10 mins earlier, which makes life easier – and my general advice on finding streams, VPNs etc, is in this post.

The bpost season rankings are done on timings, and the rankings-so-far are here.  The startlist and lots more information will be on the bpost Scheldecross portal (“renners” = riders, “vrouwen” = women).


Sunday 20th December: Cyclocross World Cup #4, Namur

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