Videos from the 2013 Trofeo Binda World Cup and Gent-Wevelgem

Here’s the hour-long video of today’s Trofeo Alfredo Binda World Cup.  A superb race, in horrible conditions – and the full results are on the race website.

EDIT!  Here’s the 5-minutes UCI highlights video in English, commentated by the lovely Ben Atkins, who you usually find writing for Velonation:

EDIT!  Here’s 12-minutes of the race, narrated by David Harmon, after 12 mins highlights of the Ronde van Drenthe World Cup round as well:

Another Edit!  Elisa answered some questions about the race for me on Podium Café – click through here, and there are a lot of other videos I’ve seen this week there too, and things other people have seen in the comments.

And here’s a 2-minute Sporza clip from the other big race today, Gent-Wevelgem.  If I see anything else, I’ll post it, but please click through to that and show Sporza that we’d like to see more!  The full results are here.

EDIT! 15 mins of Gent-Wevelgem video (Dutch)

I wrote a race report of both of these races, and you can read that on Total Women’s Cycling


Celebrating Social Media – part 10 – Cyclocross!

I love cyclocross – ever since tgsgirl first told me about this muddy, sadistic, crazy, beautiful sport, it’s intrigued me and made me very happy.  And one of the reasons is the way the riders engage with fans, and all the fabulous social media we get.  Riders don’t just race these exhausting, exhilarating races – they tell us all about it.  So it’s time for another episode of my women’s cycling social media series, this time looking at the CX riders who give us a fantastic insight into the sport.  I’ll be running this over a couple of posts, so don’t get annoyed if I’ve missed your favourite rider here – and there will be some links at the bottom to help you follow the women’s racing online – starting with how to see video from the races…

Helen Wyman Kona Factory Racing

I can’t start anywhere else than with one of my absolute superstars of cycling and social media, Helen Wyman.  She’s the current European Champion, has won the justifiably-iconic Koppenbergcross twice, and the British national championship seven times.  All that’s impressive, but she combines it with one of the very best cycling social media presences anywhere in cycling, men’s or women’s.  I’ll tell you more about her in a moment, but first of all, here’s a video of her winning the Euros, courtesy of Petitesreines…  and more on them, and how to watch women’s CX races, below!

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Podcast Episode 23 – Mulder and Scully

Well just because it’s been a couple of weeks between conversations doesn’t mean that there’s been nothing going on!. This episode we talk about the latest news in transfers and new teams forming. It takes a while to catch up on all the latest announcements. We then catch up on the latest in ‘cross racing and look ahead to the track world cup in Glasgow. Also, conspiracies and a very serious warning about something you should NEVER Google!

As ever, you can click the link here to stream the episode. (48.14MIN / 46.30MB)



If you like to kick it old-school and get your podcast from the iTunes store, then we’ve got you covered (also remember when iTunes was new? Crazy, huh?).

Things we’ve talked about in this one:

The photo of Marianne Vos getting kissed by a dolphin in Curaçao.  (more Curaçao madness photos – and more on Cyclingnews)

Emma Johansson blogging about leaving Hitec Products-Mistral Home to join Orica-AIS for 2013.  It’s a really sweet blog, on what she’s learned, what she’ll miss – you should definitely read it

Specialized-lululemon announce their roster for 2013 – and it has Ina-Yoko Teutenberg on it!  She’s not retiring after all! Remind yourself of how amazing Teute is, by reading her various blogs from the 2012 season.

Diadora-Pasta Zara will be Pasta Zara-Cogeas-Manhattan for 2013, with Amber Neben joining their line-up!  Here’s their press release about it (or via google translate). Read this recent interview with Neben, by USA track star Dotsie Bausch – and there’s more information about Amber’s Dare to Be Project here.

The exciting new team for 2013 – DTPC-Honda, owned and managed by Aussie sprinter Rochelle Gilmore and supported by Bradley Wiggins’ FoundationGiorgia Bronzini will ride for them in 2013 – alongside the British World and Olympic Team Pursuit champions Dani King, Laura Trott and Joanna Rowsell – but Sarah’s especially interested in multiple Japanese national champion Mayuko Hagiwara joining for her first European season.  There’s a Velonation article about it here – and a BBC interview with Gilmore about her plans, with all sorts of exciting ideas about women’s cycling.

Emma Pooley’s going to Bigla for 2013 – here’s a mini interview with Cycling Weekly, with some typically great Pooley quotes.

Dan had never heard of the term “being chicked” – if you hadn’t either, Marijn de Vries describes how Pooley introduced her to it.


If you want to see what other CX races are coming up, check out tgsgirl’s funny and informative CX calendar on Podium Café

Stefan Wyman on why he thinks women’s cycling has turned a corner – and his footnotes in response to questions on twitter.

Remember Amber Pierce writing about how much fun she had taking her mum on a bike ride for the first time?  Here’s her mum’s point of view, and it’s really lovely!  Nice to read about someone realising why it’s so bloody great, riding bikes!

It’s the Glasgow Track World Cup on 16th-19th November – the inaugural event on the new Scottish velodrome!

The Cyclingnews reader poll of 2012 – there are lots of women in all the categories to vote for, so please click through and vote for them!  (Dan says vote for Sarah – Sarah says * blush *!)