#WeWantRVVLive – telling the world how much we want to see the women’s Ronde van Vlaanderen

Update!  Since we all started tweeting #WeWantRVVlive, there’s been a development, and it’s good news!

Now, it’s not perfect – this stream is for subscribers to Belgian TV/telecoms/internet company Proximus only… so far!  But maybe that will change too, if eg a company like Eurosport buys the rights, and we can always ask them!

Is it because of the hashtag campaign?  Very hard to tell.  We know even a few weeks ago, the Ronde van Vlaanderen organisers and Sporza were telling journalists and fans that no, there wouldn’t be a stream, because of budget issues.  So it could have been a coincidence, and they’d found the cash and this just brought the announcement forward, or it could have been a response to the campaign.

But you know what?  It doesn’t matter!  There is literally no downside to women’s cycling fans coming together and showing that hell yes, we want to see the women’s Ronde van Vlaanderen live, and that there is a ton of demand for all women’s cycling races.

It sometimes doesn’t feel like much, to write a tweet, or a facebook message, or send an email – but together, our efforts combine, and we can change the sport!

So, please do tweet to the Ronde van Vlaanderen organisers, Sporza and Proximus, and thank them for putting on the stream, or contact them on facebook, instagram, or through whatever channels you prefer (find the links on their websites: the RvV, Sporza and Proximus – you may need to scroll right down) – and please do ask your local TV broadcaster if they’ll consider buying it too.  Use the #WeWantRVVLive hashtag, and #RvVwomen while you do it, and share and like other people’s social media, and who knows, maybe we’ll have more good news!

Now, for the original story…

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26 minute video from the 2015 women’s Ronde van Vlaanderen

I know you can’t get enough of the Tour of Flanders….  here’s the UCI’s longer highlights video.  All the other videos I’ve found are over in this post – and make sure you read Chloe Hosking’s blog and Emma Johansson’s really moving blog for different perspectives on the race too…

How to follow the 2015 women’s Ronde van Vlaanderen

Round 3 of the 2015 Road World Cup is one of the most iconic of the Classics – the Tour of Flanders!

Now, let’s be up front about this – we can’t watch it live, there’s no streaming of this one, and unlike the first two rounds, the Boels Rental Ronde van Drenthe and the Trofeo Alfredo Binda, we won’t get the hour-long video afterwards.  But all isn’t lost!  There will be some great ways to follow the race as it happens, and video to watch out for later.

The race starts on Sunday 5th April at 11:00 Euro CET (10am GMT; 7pm Aussie AEST; 5am USA EDT) and is predicted to finish between 14:42 and 15:07 CET.  First, check out the Ronde van Vlaanderen website, where they’ve got all the course information, and they link to a live ticker from Nieuwsblad.be, which is likely to be mostly men, but may have some women’s updates.

Then, of course, twitter.  Here’s the Ronde van Vlaanderen account, and as always I’ve updated my live racing twitter list so we can get as many live updates as possible.  Sporza usually put highlights of the women’s race after the men’s race finishes, and as they’re the host broadcaster, we might see that on other channels too.  They’ll have video highlights after the race, and the UCI will have a short clip on Monday and a 26 min clip on Wednesday on their youtube.

For more information, check out the previews from Podium Café, Velofocus, Velorooms and Ciclismofem.  And to get an idea of what teams are feeling right now, there are recon photos from Lotto-Soudal and a video from Wiggle Honda: