It Takes Two – A Dreamy Secret

Yet another romance title generator edition of your favourite love/dating/romance/racing column! You may remember us from previous editions of excellent advice on how to solve all your romantic woes (or make them irreparably worse) like What’s the Difference? or last week’s especially sweet, tangy episode, The Right Dessert.

It’s once again time for you to solicit the advice of the singlest cycling people you (don’t really) know! The jalapeno-fuelled Heather Nielson and I are once again ready to tell you how it is and how it could be, maybe even how it should be when it comes to getting ahead in racing/love.

Drop your questions or problems in the comments below and we’ll get to work on figuring out whether it really is you or Chris Froome leading Sky for the Tour…


It takes two – The Right Dessert

We’re back again and ready to dish out the sweetest love/relationship/racing advice you’ve ever heard! (Or possibly not – I’m not a professional at this stuff). Anyway, the oracular Heather Nielson and I are here to answer your questions in simple language that we can all understand. As ever, if you need advice in how to perfect your experience of love then leave us a comment below.

Anyway let’s get on with it. Here’s the latest relationship-saving advice to help you win at love.

Jimbo asks:
I have been married for over 10 years to a smart and beautiful woman who i adore. She is loving and patient, she is a wonderful mother to our children, and I love her deeply. We are very happy. Here is my question: Recently I bought a new cross frame. What brand of wheels should I run on it, and should I go tubeless? If so which brand do you recommend. Also, handlebar tape color?

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It takes two – An Unplanned Touch

Welcome back to another round of romance and race advice! I found a really cool, cheesy, annoying, shitty, accurate, functional romance title generator, so in future all It Takes Two subtitles will be taken from there (until I get lazy or change my mind).

You may remember last time, when superstar Heather Nielson and myself gave spectacular love (and racing!) advice to such mournful souls with myriad racing (and love!) problems.

Now it’s your turn! Are you unlucky in love? Are you lost on the parcours of romance? Do you struggle with positioning in the final sprint of your dates? Are you worried about how often you “solo to victory”?

Well fear not, the best (or worst) advice available on the internet is here for you!

Post your question in the comments below and we’ll let you know exactly how to make sure your strategy unfolds on the sheets and not on the roads (unless roads is your thing, in which case – get permission first). If you’re shy (like Sarah), you can even pretend you’re asking for a friend.

Help us to help you.

It takes two (to make it a race)

Sometimes life can be hard. There are all sorts of complicated decisions that need to be made and we’re mostly operating with imperfect and incomplete information. This is especially true in the fraught and perilous world of personal human relationships. We either don’t think at all or we overthink way too much and invariably we fuck something up. When you get down to it, relationships are a lot like bike racing:

  • Complicated
  • Unfolding quickly
  • Constantly changing
  • Incomplete information
  • Too much thinking
  • No thinking at all
  • Disastrous

If only there were some simple and clear way to understand relationships just like racing bikes!

Well lucky for you, we’ve decided to do something about it. Starting next week we’ll be running a regular “It takes two” relationship advice column, giving you the very best (or possibly worst) relationship advice possible, in language you’ll understand – race tactics! We’ll all learn together as elite US-based cyclist and coach Heather Nielson assists us in making sure you don’t end up faceplanting on the roads of love.

Drop your questions into the comments, or email us at prowomenscycling[at]gmail[dot]com and we’ll pick the best/most desperate ones to answer.

Don’t worry lonely cyclists, your love troubles will soon be over (or just beginning)!