The Worlds Road Race Post-Coital Recap

Oh dear reader, sometimes you just find yourself caught up in the moment and transported away as a host of women from around the world conspire and cooperate to give you really good race. I mean really, really good race.

You may recall that I was awash in the afterglow of really good racing following the Olympics road race, and I find myself similarly disposed following this year’s world champs. So for better or worse, here are my musings and observations on one of the best one-day races of the year.

  1. The biggest distraction from how the race was won was the biggest incident on the day – Yes, I’m talking about the huge and rather nasty crash that split the race and generally stole a lot of the attention from everyone on the day. But spending a lot of time trying to dissect that is a massive distraction from how the race was really won and is also pretty fucking unproductive. The road was narrow, there were barriers, someone went down in the bunch, then the bunch went down. It happens. I’d say ‘thankfully nobody was seriously hurt’ but by now we’ve heard about riders finishing the race only to find out they’ve got broken ankles and shit like that. So you know, ouch and holy fuck that’s impressive and so on. But mostly, the crash was significant and large and messy and it happened early enough that it impacted the race but didn’t define it. Let’s move on.

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