Women’s cycling survey part 4 – what do people like about cycling in general?

In part 3 of the women’s cycling survey analysis, I included the chart for the answers to the question “What is it you like about cycling?”.  The chart was from the options we gave them, but there was also an open response box, which 550 answered, and in part 3 I talked about the different riders, kinds of riders and teams people named in that.  But there were lots of other reasons, too.

What else do people like about following cycling?

These are things more than 1 person said:

Tactics/strategy 22
Following rider development over the years/spotting up-and-coming riders 19
The accessibility of riders and races 10
Complexity of the racing 8
Bravery 7
Tour de France 7
Learning about/seeing other countries 6
The aesthetics – the beauty, colour, the machinery, the style 6
The specific atmosphere of races 6
Aggression 5
Chatting about it on twitter/social aspect 5
Drama 5
Unpredictability 5
Downhill MTB 4
Riders who’ve retired! 4
Virtual DS games 4
The history behind the sport 4
Classics 3
The back stories of the female cyclists and the road they took to cycling 3
Team work and selflessness 3
Gravity enduro 2
Paris-Roubaix 2
The length of time a race takes 2

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The women’s cycling audience survey – what we did and who responded

In September, Dan and I ran a women’s cycling audience survey.  We did it because, like so many other things we’ve done together, we wanted to see what would happen, and we thought it would be fun.  We had a podcast conversation about the whys and hows, and things that surprised us from the results, but we also wanted to put up a series of posts about what we found.  These will be short posts about different aspects that caught our attention, and at the end I’ll put links into one post, for ease of reference.  But it’s probably a good idea to start with what we did, why, and who responded.

Our methodology

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The World’s Best Women’s Cycling Survey (guaranteed to make you sexier*!)

**We’ve now closed the survey – thankyou so much to everyone who completed and shared it!**

Hey team! You know that Sarah and I are big fans of all things women’s cycling and we’re always interested in new and interesting ways to improve the sport from any perspective. We’re working on a couple of (sorta secret, sorta early-days) projects and thought now would be a perfect time to get more info from you.

On that note, welcome to our first ever World’s Best Women’s Cycling Survey (guaranteed to make you sexier*!).

It’s not too long and should take under 15 minutes to complete. If you can spare the time we’d love your input and help in better understanding what you watch and read, and what you want to see more of. Thanks in advance, you’re looking pretty sexy already**.

*not an actual guarantee – no indication of to whom, or what, you may be sexier

**compared to a theoretical baseline of not at all sexy

How HAS women’s cycling changed in the last few years?

I was asked this question earlier today, and it really got me thinking.  I’m still riding the high of hanging out at the British National Road Championships, and talking to inspiring riders like Emma Pooley (read my post-ITT, pre-Giro interview with her on Podium Café) – and of course last month I was working on the Friends Life Women’s Tour (you can listen to me talk about that here and here, and see all the videos I collected from the race on Podium Café), but I genuinely think we’re on an upwards wave at the moment.  The question is always “how do we keep moving in the right direction?” but it’s important to take a moment to be happy about what’s going well.

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