How to follow the 2013 MTB World Championships

This week it’s the Cross Country (XCo) and Downhill Mountainbike World Championships, from Pietermaritzburg in South Africa.  As always, with the big MTB competitions, Red Bull tv will be streaming each race live, and there’ll be a ton of photos, videos and exciting things ways to follow.

UPDATE!  There’s live-timing for each race right here

In the run-up to the competition there will be videos and information on the competition website, and the Red Bull Bike MTB pages – and for the downhill, on Dirt Magazine and Pinkbike.  Dirt already have a preview post, with all kinds of information and polemica.  And you can follow the run-up and the competitions with the race twitter, @MTBWorlds2013 and on their facebook.  South African site Cycling Direct will also be following the race, on their site and on their twitter, and Cyclingnews have some pre-race articles and interviews on their World Champs portal.

Here’s the South African tv schedule, and where the startlists will be.  I’ll update the post with links of things I see in the run-up, but here’s how to follow it all…

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Let’s watch some superb racing!

This weekend was full of some completely incredible racing.  If you’re missing the Tour de France, love the more “extreme” end of cycling, or have never watched MTB or BMX, let me help you out with some brilliant coverage with superb commentary to help you fall in love….

First up….

The 2013 BMX World Championships, Auckland

If you’ve never watched BMX, it’s very simple – they race through heats to a final, six riders racing a short, lumpy track with tight corners, the first one to the finish wins.  There are a lot of places to start with the coverage here – here’s the short version, the women’s final:

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Lots of racing streaming this weekend

I’ve mentioned these in our podcast post, but damn, because there’s so much to watch – 2 different races every day! – so here’s a timetable.  This must be what it feels like to be in the Netherlands or Italy!

I know you already know this, but timezones…

BST=UK, CEST=mainland Europe, EDT USA Eastern, PDT=USA Pacific, AEST=Australian New South Wales etc.  I’ll do timezones in that order, too

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Big thanks!

It was a crazy long weekend of women’s cycling – amazing racing on the road and MTB, all over the place.  I wrote about the action on Total Women’s Cycling, but I wanted to post a ‘thankyou’ post.  I’ve been struggling with my fan-motivation for the last few weeks – there was just so much bad news everywhere, and that really got me down.  But then, this weekend!  So much superb racing – and getting to enjoy it with an online community of fans, including watching riders on twitter having a great time and congratulating each other too – it reminded me exactly why I love the sport.

So, in no particular order….

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