La Course by Le Tour de France 2015 – videos, photos and more!

So, La Course by Le Tour de France – the women’s race around the Champs Elysées, and one of the many reasons I love the women’s peloton is they fought all the way round, despite the rain, despite the utter carnage of all the crashes on the slippery cobbles – but especially, that they don’t believe in following the scripts.  Champs Elysées is all about racing together and a bunch sprint?  Not the way the women race!  So exciting, right up to the line, and here’s my collection of videos, photos, race reports, tweets and much more.

But before I start, here’s why I love it most.  For years, people would tell me how their daughters would ask them why girls can’t race the Tour de France, and while they’ve got a long way to go before we’re back to the women’s TdF of the 1980s and 90s, little girls of 2015 will never think that women can’t sprint on the Champs.  That’s marvellous, and while of course I want to fight for more, it’s something to celebrate right now!

So let’s start with video. Three minute clip of the finish from ITV Cycling (could be geo-restricted to UK)- 12 minutes from SBS Cycling Central (note, their videos sometimes only last for a month) and more highlights from Le Tour:

Highlights geo-restricted to the USA,

And this is geo-restricted to Belgium, but I’m sure you can deal with that by now – an hour of footage from, seen via Matrix Procycling.    And what was it like from a rider’s point of view?  Here’s Vera Koedooder‘s bike-cam… or should that be attack-cam?  Scary to see the crashing from this angle…

There’ll be more to follow (to go with everything below!), but if you see video – especially of the full race – please do let me know in the comments and on twitter.

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Videos – 2014 Giro Rosa Stage 7

It started with a 13km neutralised descent, & if you think that sounds easy, you should read Marijn de Vries’ blog about it.  You should read that anyway, she’s great, and then read the other two blogs from the stage – Tiffany Cromwell on CyclingTips and Chloe Hosking on Cyclingnews (I especially liked her analogy about teasing her dog!)

I wrote a bit of a race report on Podium Café, but here are all the videos I like, and more photos and such – starting with the Rabobank-Liv highlights, describing the stage before, showing some action, and interviews afterwards.

and the full half-hour highlights

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Videos! Giro Rosa 2014 Stage 6

Oh my goodness, “watching” Stage 6 – the first mountain stage – was so nail-biting, just from twitter – big early attacks, breakaways, solo-ing and one of those endings where the gap is plummeting as the kilometres tick down….  Wow!  My race report is over on Podium Café – but here are the videos I’ve found.

the race highlights, with interviews (including in English)

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Podcast Episode 22 – Sarah Knows US Geography Good

Podcast logoHi everyone! This week we race the clock to try and cover all the racing we saw during the week. After a couple of slow weeks, it’s back to full tilt with the Boels Rentals Hills Classic, Gooik, Philadelphia, the Marianne Vos Classic, Edinburgh’s round of the Tour Series, Grand Prix de Plumelec and lots more. There’s also a bunch of great blogs, videos, podcasts and stuff too. Even with all of that going on there’s time for Sarah to prove that she knows US geography like (literally) nobody else! Somehow we manage to keep it under an hour without skimping on the laughs, the bickering or the swearing so strap on your headphones and enjoy! (57:09 MIN / 54.87 MB) Don’t forget to tip your waitstaff!

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Nice little Specialized-lululemon video – Evie Stevens gives top tips on the post-race interviews, and how to podium kiss, and Tiffany Cromwell demonstrates the proper use of podium bubbly

This week’s racing

Matrix GP at the Edinburgh Tour Series

Sarah’s photos on her flickr.

The tv coverage of the Edinburgh round of the Tour Series, and all the tv coverage of the other races so far – an hour for each programme, each available for 30 days after the race (geo-restricted to the UK – but you can see them from elsewhere with Hola or Tunnelbear set to the UK).  MASSIVE THANKS to Matrix-Vulpine for letting Sarah hang out with them!


Boels Rental Hills Classic

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Videos and photos from the 2013 Team Time Trial World Championships

We couldn’t watch the 2013 TTT World Championships live, because the UCI decided not to include the stream (that journalists were watching in the press room) in the package of TV rights. BUT! We can watch some video, and look at photos! Here’s the UCI’s highlights

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Shirt week – Marianne Vos edition!

Envie Liv cycling kit

To celebrate the launch of the 100 limited edition Marianne Vos Liv/Giant Envie Advanced bikes, there are, apparently, 300 of these special Envie Liv kits, with the Vos logo on them.  I’d love to tell you how you can get your hands on the bikes and the jerseys, but try as I might, I can’t find any information!  But watch Vos talk about the bike, and find out more about the general Envie Advanced range, and read about the launch.

If you can’t buy that jersey, there’s still a way to look like Vos on the roads….


Rabobank-Liv/Giant replica jerseys

I didn’t know this before, but women can buy the Rabobank-Liv/Giant team jersey at the Dutch Liv/Giant online shop.  Now, this seems to be only on the Dutch version of the site – you can always try looking up the shop/gear page on your country’s Liv/Giant portal (click the arrow next to the Dutch flag at the top of the site, and it’ll give you a list of options) but it’s not on the UK/Ireland site…

On the Dutch site, the 2013 Rabo-Liv/Giant team jersey is €119.95, and comes in a women’s version only – and they have a range of other women’s cycling jerseys and clothing (“dames” is Dutch for women’s) down the lists – here are the women’s jersey shops from the UK/Ireland, USA (floral!) and Australia, but there are country-specific shops, pick yours from the drop-down menu at the top of the site).


For other jerseys from women’s pro teams, check out previous posts – for Specialized-lululemon, Wiggle Honda, Vanderkitten, and some of the British domestic teams

Podcast 2013 Episode 27 – The Bacon Sarnie

Podcast logoThis week Sarah and I talk our way through the Vårgårda races, TTT and road (they were excellent!). We also discuss some interesting details on funding women’s cycling that came from Stef Wyman and why it’s a good thing to shift the nature of conversation around funding teams to how much can be achieved (and quite cheaply!). We also talk about cool things we’ve seen around the web, like the Wheel Women and the Mastering the Road projects. (1:11:52 MIN / 68.99 MB)

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Things we talked about this week

The Open de Suède Vårgårda World Cups

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