Social Media Jersey Winners, Rewards and dammit maths is hard!

Hey there sexy people. I say sexy, because you’ve all contributed to creating the coolest and soon to be most-universally significant prize in cycling history. Well done to you all, through your promotion of our fundraising and competition you’ve helped us to raise over $3500 US to give back to a host of very deserving riders.

Basically you’re fucking awesome. So thanks!

In the end we had 30 nominees from our three races and a HEAP of cool blog posts, tweets, facebook updates, pictures and other social media stuff to wrap our heads around. Once the voting took off, it really took off. We had something like 4000 million votes on the first day. In the end I think everyone on earth voted at least twice. Or I’m making those stats up and the real number is more like 4605 (it actually is 4605). Point is, it was great and we had a lot of fun. We hope you did too. But the very best part is that we raised enough money to be able to award 11 prizes this year, which is really fucking cool.

Just to keep things tantalising (and to piss you off if you’re using an RSS reader) I’m going to announce our winners after the jump.

The 2012 (and first ever) Unofficial, Unsanctioned Social Media Jersey winner is…

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The Unofficial Unsanctioned Social Media Jersey – Dan and Sarah’s craziest idea yet!

Dan and I are real life friends who have never actually met in real life, and one of the reasons that he suggested we start podcasting is our shared love of the stories in women’s cycling, and the fact we both want to do our bit to help the sport we love, however we can.

We especially love the way that riders share their experiences of life on the road through their blogs, twitter accounts, team websites, and things they write, in between insane transfers and killer racing.  We really appreciate all their time and effort, and how they share their own passion for the cycling, and give us new insights, so although we don’t get as much of the mainstream media, we get something far more personal, and real.

And it kind of pisses us off that when they’re doing this, they’re doing it for love, and hardly get any financial rewards at all.  Isn’t it crazy, that €150 is a normal-looking prize for a General Classification jersey, or the Queen of the Mountains prize, in a top-level race?

But on the other hand, if jersey prizes pay so little….  That means we can set up one of our own!  And all you fans of women’s cycling can help us create one and decide who wins it!

Here’s the plan: Dan and I will put $25 each of our own money into a pot, and this will be the jersey prize for the inaugural Unofficial Unsanctioned Women’s Social Media jersey!

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