Follow and watch the 2017 Para-cycling Track World Championships

2nd-5th March 2017

It’s a real shame that the 2017 Para-cycling Track World Championships was announced with only eight weeks’ notice, because it meant that a lot of important riders and teams just weren’t able to race – whether for budget or preparation reasons.  It should have been a great move, actually having a Para Track Worlds (not something the UCI prioritises), and running it alongside the able-bodied Track World Cup could be a step towards integrating the Para and Able-bodied Track events, which is something a lot of people have been calling for, for a long time.

But now it’s here, it’s time to focus on the positives!

The racing is in the Los Angeles velodrome, which last weekend hosted the first Track World Cup in the USA for 10 years.  The last session is going to have a livestream on the UCI website, on Sunday 5th March, at 1pm USA PDT (4pm EDT; 9pm UK GMT; 22:00 European CET; 8am Monday Australian AEST)

But how can we follow the racing until the livestream?

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Podcast 2016 Episode 9 – Dan Remembers His Name

Podcast logoThis week we catch up on all the action from Trofeo Binda, including the Trofeo da Moreno which is part of the new Junior Nations Cup. There’s heaps of action from the para-cycling world championships and some big announcements about upcoming races. We’ve inverted the usual time of day and Dan’s struggling to cope with being awake in the morning. He does remember his name though. (1:09:50 MIN / 63.9 MB)

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Things we talked about this week

This week’s racing

Trofeo Alfredo Binda (World Tour #3) & Trofeo da Moreno (Junior Nations Cup #1)


And over in the Dutch Crits – the Ronde van Oud-Vossemeer

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Media from the 2016 Para-cycling Track Championships

Last week it was the 2016 Paracycling Track World Championships in Montechiari, and there were do many moments of great racing, making me really look forward to the Rio Paralympics (although I’ll always mourn the fact we won’t have women’s tandem sprint there because just wow!).  There was about an hour and a half of TV/streams on RAI Sport 2 every night, with some sessions streamed live, and while that hasn’t turned up online, there was more media from the racing – race reports, photo, and a little bit of video.  If you find more you liked, please do share, in the comments here, or on twitter, and I’ll edit it all in.

Lets start with the results – they’re all here on the they’re all here on the UCI results page.  And here’s a gallery of photos on the UCI website.  This post focuses on the women, but the same links will include things about the men- and check out Jody Cundy’s YouTube for videos of his races.  There’s a nice video from the UCI about the 500m/Kilo, with Jamie Whitmore, Joe Berenyi and Alistair Donohoe:

Day 1

Race report from the UCI, Cycling Australia, British Cycling (with video interviews), Cycling Canada, USA Paralympics and BBC report on the Brits.

Photo albums from British Cycling and Cycling Australia.

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WATCH & follow the 2016 Para-cycling Track World Championships LIVE

17th-20th March 2016

Sometimes I really struggle whether to go with a “glass half full” or “glass half empty” approach to talking about cycling – especially when it comes to Para-cycling.  In the plus column, hooray, there’s a Track World Championships, which hasn’t always been the given you’d imagine in would be (and this one’s even in an indoor velodrome, which wasn’t always the case).  And the racing is always incredible, the riders fantastic, and my very favourite discipline is tandem sprint, WOW the bike skills on display there!

But it’s always disappointing there’s still no  Tissot Timing, live timing and results, unlike all the other UCI disciplines  UPDATE!  Although there will be results added to RSS Timing, where you can also sign up to have results emailed to you.  And we haven’t heard if there’ll be highlights clips from the races on the UCI YouTube,  afterlast year there was UCI livestreaming of 1 day at Apeldoorn Track Worlds

UPDATE!  It’s definitely MORE than half-full this year!  This year there looks like some live TV coverage on RAI Sport 2 every day! The RAI TV schedules tend to change a lot, so it’s worth double checking every day (scroll down the TV guide to RAI Sport 2, and look for Ciclismo su Pista: Camp. Mondiali Paralimpici 2016), but as of Tuesday Friday, the coverage looks like this:

  • Thurs 17th March, 18:45 – 20:10 Euro CET (from 5:45pm UK GMT; 1:45pm USA EDT; 4:45am Aus AEDT Fri)
  • Friday 18th March, 20:00-21:30 CET (from 7pm GMT; 3pm EDT, 6am Sat AEDT)  UPDATE!  On Friday it now says 23:00 CET (from 10pm GMT; 6pm EDT, 9am Sat AEDT)
  • Saturday 19th March, UCI says it’ll be LIVE between 15:00-16:00 CET (2-3pm GMT, 10-11am EST, 1-2am AEDT); but RAI journos are saying only highlights 22:00-23:10 CET (from 9pm GMT; 5pm EDT; 8am Sun AEDT) – so we’ll have to wait & see!  Try both?
  • Sunday 20th March, 16:30-17:45 CET (from 3:30pm GMT, 11:30pm EDT; 2:30am AEDT)

Check out which races will be shown when through the competition programme (tandem sprints are on Sunday).  This is very exciting!  The RAI Sport 2 livestream is here, though you may need a VPN set to Italy to see it, and there looks like there’s an alternative stream here. (If these disappear from the schedule, please don’t hate me – and if that does happen, check RAI Sport 1 before getting worried!)

There’s also a team out there for BBC Sport, so look out for clips featuring riders on the BBC Disability Sport pages, and also from Channel 4 Paralympics, who have features up on their site already, as well as the usual excellent videos from Cycling Australia.  If you find more places featuring the Champs, please do share, & I’ll edit them in.

We can follow the rest of the competition, including the afternoon sessions on twitter, and look out for video clips and highlights, like this one from the Dutch Federation, of their team training:

The racing will be fantastic, and it’s especially important in a Paralympic year, so it’ll give us an idea of how our favourite riders and teams are going.  And there are always brilliant photos, tweets and blogs from riders, so let’s celebrate them all!

How to follow live

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Videos and more from the 2015 Para-cycling Track World Championships

We were so lucky this year, we had the entire final session from the 2015 Para-cycling Track Worlds streamed for us….

…but there’s a lot more that came out.  Read on for photos, videos and results

Here’s Day 1 & Day 2 from the Dutch team’s perspective


All the results are on the UCI website, photos are on the Apeldoorn competition website, and I’ve found some reports from the different days.  I’m posting the women’s videos, but you can see all the videos of the men’s races over on this great youtube.

Day 1

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Podcast 2015 Episode 6 – Potential!

Podcast logoHello everyone! This week Sarah and Dan tackle the most intense deconstruction of three paragraphs you’re likely to hear all week. As dull as that sounds, it’s guaranteed to be better than your high school poetry assessment, so there’s that! In racing news, we recap the action from Cholet-Pays de Loire and take a quick look ahead at an exciting weekend of Trofeo Binda and Gent – Wevelgem. Of course, there’s a lot more to the episode than just that, but telling you any more now would defeat the purpose of listening to it, so get excited and press play! (1:10:56 MIN / 68.10 MB)

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Things we talked about this week

Last week’s racing

Cholet-Pays de Loire

Full results, and race report on the Wiggle Honda website.

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How to watch and follow the 2015 Para-cycling Track World Championships LIVE!

It’s been a long time coming, but the Netherlands is already showing they’re going to make up for that.  For the first time ever, the Para-cycling Track World Champs goes Dutch, being held in the Apeldoorn velodrome from 26-29 March 2015.  And on Sunday 29th, we can watch the session live!

The stream will start at 12:25 European CEST (11:25am UK BST; 6:25am North American EST; 9:25pm Australian AEDT – remember the clocks will have changed in Europe and the UK!) – but there are 3 days racing before then, so how can we follow live before the tv starts?

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