Podcast 2016 Episode 25 – The Tropical Classic

Podcast logoThis week we recap the Prudential Ride London Classique 2016, and Sarah shares her experiences with live commentating at the race. We then move into a full preview and breakdown of the 2016 Olympic Road Race, the teams, the riders and the course. We run down our list of favourites and riders to watch, and unsurprisingly there’s a lot of them. We also talk about one of the bigger news stores of the week which could simply be called Whereabouts in the World is Lizzie? But all is not lost because your intrepid podcasters manage to find a silver lining even there. (1:24:05 MIN / 76.9 MB)

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We talked about Lizzie Armitstead’s missed tests, and there’s more info on the UKAD statement, on INRNG and the Telegraph – but we hadn’t seen her own statement at that point, which answers most of Sarah’s  remaining questions (we still want to see the CAS decision!)

Don’t Forget

Catch up on the Prudential Ride London Classique highlights here:


Podcast episode 11 – The epic olympic spectacular

Episode 11 – The Epic Olympic Spectacular



First up we run you through the words you’re not allowed to use during the Olympics (surprise, none of the banned words are sweary). Then Sarah declares the Italians will win. Then Sarah declares the Germans will win. Then Sarah declares the New Zealanders will win. Then Sarah declares the Canadians will win. Then Sarah declares the Americans will win. Then Sarah declares the Dutch will win. Then Sarah… well you get the idea. Also, I reveal my sensitive, masculine side and later on I fix the Olympics in one simple move. (1:05:50MIN / 63.22MB)

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