Videos from the 2016 Cross Country MTB World Championships

A huge weekend of racing, with so much action – and we’ve got video – highlights from the Junior and U23 women, the full race replay from the elite women, and lots more photos, backstage and more media.

Elite women

SO MUCH DRAMA! in this race – it was just crazy, especially that fight for third.  The full race replay is here on Red Bull TV, and we’ve also got race highlights from the UCI – and I love this video from behind the finish-line, showing what happens after a win!

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Watch the 2016 Cross Country MTB World Championships – LIVE!

I don’t know what I think about dividing the 2016 MTB World Championships into XCo now, and Downhill in September (that’s what the Olympic year does) – but it does mean there’s more mountainbike to watch, so I’m not too grumpy! We’re back in Nové Město na Moravě, in the Czech Republic, always a great atmosphere.

We’ve already had the ‘warm up’ events, the Elimination and Relay, which I’ll show you below – and this weekend it’s the main events, the Olympic MTB races. And as with all the great MTB, we can watch them live.

  • Women’s World Champs, Saturday 2nd July, 14:50 Euro CEST, 1:50pm UK BST; 8:50am EDT; 10:50pm Aussie AEST
  • Men’s World Champs, Sunday 3rd July, 14:50 Euro CEST, 1:50pm UK BST; 8:50am EDT; 10:50pm Aussie AEST

There’s lots of information on the race website, and there’ll be more on the UCI MTB Worlds portal, including the startlists (and results of races so far) – and you can follow on twitter via the race account, UCI MTB account, and #XCoWorlds hashtag.

So what’s happened so far?

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This week’s links (poor Dan’s sick)

We were hoping to podcast this week because SO MUCH TO TALK ABOUT!!!  Good and bad and WOW DID YOU SEE THE USA NATIONAL CHAMPS’ FINISH??? but poor Dan has tonsils the size of golf balls, and can’t really speak properly, so he can’t do it.  If you want to wish him lots of love and “get well soon” wishes, please do so on twitter – but in the meantime, here are the links from the last week in women’s cycling – we’ve got amazing MTB and road racing, and links that made me laugh and want to punch things, so pretty much something for everyone…..

Last week’s racing

Cross Country MTB World Cup, Nové Město na Moravě

Where better to start than with the first round of the 2015 XCo World Cup?  I say this a lot, but Red Bull‘s sponsorship makes it really easy to fall in love with the racing, and there are tons of team and rider media and blogs that keep you there.  You can watch the entire replay of the women’s race on Red Bull TV, and then we have highlights and team recaps…

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Watch the 2015 Nové Město Cross Country MTB World Cup LIVE!

It’s the first round of the 2015 Cross Country MTB World cup, and we can watch it live!  I’m excited, are you?

It’s 22nd-24th May 2015, in Nové Město na Moravě, Czech Republic, 22nd-24th May, and here’s what’s being shown live, thanks to the wonderful folks at Red Bull Bike.  Click the links and you’ll get the count-down to each race, and if you miss them live, they’ll be archived here as soon as the races are over:

If you can’t watch live, you can still follow along on the UCI MTB twitter.  There is a ton of information, including videos and photos on the race website, and there’s more information on Red Bull Bike, including this profile of the women to watch out for.  Here’s their course preview video, and article.

Update!  And here’s Specialized’s video with Annika Langvad

Watch the 2014 Nové Město MTB World Cup live

Round 4 of the MTB World Cup is this weekend, in Nové Město in the Czech Republic – no downhill this time, but we can watch the women’s and men’s Cross Country and Eliminator live.  Here’s the trailer:

As always, the races are streamed on Red Bull tv – and as soon as they’re over, the coverage will be archived at the same link.  Click through each race to get a count-down to work out timings in your timezone:

UPDATE!  Swedish rider Jenny Rissveds takes us through the Eliminator course.

  • Women’s Cross Country, Sunday 25th May: 08:50 CEST (9:50am UK BST; 6:50pm Aus AEST; 4:50am USA EST; 1:50am USA PST)

UPDATE! Katerina Nash and Georgia Gould take us on a trackwalk of the course in this Red Bull Bike video

  • Men’s Cross Country, Sunday 25th May: 13:00 CEST (12 noon UK BST; 9pm Aus AEST; 9am USA EST; 6am USA PST)

Look out for pre-race video, course previews, and post-race fun on Red Bull Bike (for example this video profile of reigning XCo World Champion Tanja Žakelj) and PinkBike – and there’s lots of information on the Nové Město website.


Big thanks!

It was a crazy long weekend of women’s cycling – amazing racing on the road and MTB, all over the place.  I wrote about the action on Total Women’s Cycling, but I wanted to post a ‘thankyou’ post.  I’ve been struggling with my fan-motivation for the last few weeks – there was just so much bad news everywhere, and that really got me down.  But then, this weekend!  So much superb racing – and getting to enjoy it with an online community of fans, including watching riders on twitter having a great time and congratulating each other too – it reminded me exactly why I love the sport.

So, in no particular order….

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Videos from this weekend’s women’s racing

There were a whole load of races this weekend – here’s some video from road racing in Europe and MTB in the Czech Republic – and hopefully someone will find the video of the amazing racing in the USA!

On Friday, it was the Boels Rentals Hills Classic, aka Holland Hills – all around the hills of the Valkenberg region, including the Cauberg.  This one is a hard race – last year Marianne Vos broke her collarbone in a fall here.

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