North Star Grand Prix Videos and more

In US racing, the North Star Grand Prix series of racing out of Minneapolis concluded last week. The ever professional Clara Beard and great supporter of women’s cycling, Chris Rivera, were in attendance and were able to contribute to the great festival of cycling that the region is now famous for.


Unfortunately full video highlights weren’t possible but here’s a collection of videos that are available.

The last 5 laps of stage 2 are here.

The last 5 laps of stage 4 are here.

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Podcast 2016 Episode 20 – With Four Broken Ribs

Podcast logo This week we’re back after Sarah’s been working doing the commentary for the television coverage of the Aviva Women’s Tour. We discuss all things British stage racing. We also catch up on the Giro del Trentino and the North Star GP. We take a quick look ahead and start to prepare ourselves for the excitement of the Giro Rosa. Our title this week is a tribute to the amazing Alison Tetrick who raced most of the Women’s Tour with four cracked ribs. (1:11:19 MIN / 65.3 MB)

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North Star Grand Prix – 2015 and beyond

So, you may remember that a few weeks ago Sarah and I mentioned on the podcast the interesting story of Carmen Small racing with the men at the North Star Grand Prix this year. We thought it was an interesting story, particularly in terms of the race not being able to find enough women to ride this year and a creative solution to an unusual set of circumstances.

I thought it’d be interesting to get in touch with the race organisers to find out a little more about how this all came together and what it means for future editions of the North Star Grand Prix. Thanks to our mate Chris Rivera (who’s a big advocate for women’s cycling and a volunteer at the North Star Grand Prix himself) I was able to get in touch with David LaPorte, the Executive Director of the North Star Bicycle Festival and Promoter of the North Star Grand Prix to ask him a few questions.

ProWomen’sCycling: There’s been a fair bit of attention on the North Star Grand Prix and particularly on the fact that Carmen Small raced with the men. This is a marked difference to previous years when there was a separate women’s event. How has the response been so far?

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How could bike-cam footage be used in road cycling?

This week has been a great one for bikecam footage – I’m been rhapsodising about this one, put together by Red Bull Bike, of the final runs from Rachel Atherton and Manon Carpenter in the Leogang Downhill MTB World Cup – you can see exactly where the race was won, and really get an idea of their different styles, and I bloody love it!  MTB is full of GoPro video (remember Gee Atherton’s unfortunate manly accident caught on camera?) and I love the pre-World Cup track previews Red Bull Bike put together – eg Claudio Caluori’s Fort William preview, and Katerina Nash and Georgia Gould’s Cross Country trackwalk and Jenny Rissved’s preview of the Eliminator course at Nove Mesto.

And it’s not just MTB, we also had some great helmetcam from the Berlin BMX Supercross World Cup – videos from Brooke Crain (including her crash), and from Felicia Stancil (with great jumping shadows) and former World Champ Mariana Pajon (including the moment Caroline Buchanan passed her, and celebrated her win:

and from the road, with Alison Powers leading out Coryn Rivera to win Stage 4 of the North Star Grand Prix

Now, I don’t understand why the UCI banned on-bike cameras in the first place.  Remember these AA videos, from 2011?  Marijn de Vries‘ crash in the Ronde van Vlaanderen, and Lucinda Brand (I think) in the uphill attacks and descending through the pack in the Giro Donne – wow!

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Podcast 2014 Episode 24 – Menomena

Podcast logo G’day team! This week is a bit of a catchup as Dan’s been travelling and managed to pick up a cold, possibly even man-flu, while doing so. The good news though, is that there is HEAPS to talk about! We discuss Basque racing, including the Durango and Bira kinds along with the North Star Grand Prix in the US, there’s a huge amount of blogs and videos to catch up on, we’ve got mountainbike action in downhill, cross-country and 4cross formats. We also talk about some great and especially honest interviews we’ve found during the last week or so and we take a moment to argue about whether or not we’ll feature the Giro Rosa theme song on next week’s podcast! And don’t forget the huge range of links to various things we have further down the page. Enjoy! ( 1:13:02 MIN /70.11 MB )

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This week’s racing dancing:

Durango-Durango Emakumeen Saria


Emakumeen Bira

Lots of videos – Stage 1 highlights and finish-line, and from Lointek’s point of view; Stage 2 finish-line and highlights; Stage 3 highlights; Stage 4 from the Bizkaia-Durango team car, and highlights:

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