Podcast 2017 Episode 3 – She Rode It Geniusly

Podcast logoThis week we talk about all the racing that’s happened in the last couple of weeks from the Deakin Women’s Race as part of the Cadel Evans Great Ocean Road Race through to the Cyclocross World Championships in Luxembourg. There’s been some amazing racing and even more to discuss! There’s also been some disappointing news from around the traps and we cover those important events as well. We finish on a high note though, with Sarah’s wrap up of how you can help women’s cycling in practical ways! (1:24:46 MIN / 77.61 MB)

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Things we talked about this week included

The Philadelphia Classic has been cancelled, and we’re really depressed about it – but there is a petition to change that decision, that you can sign.

This week’s racing

Videos and media from the 2017 Cyclocross World Championships in this collection.


Race Melbourne

Team videos from Wiggle High5 and ORICA-Scott

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Podcast 2015 Episode 32 – All Hallows Season

Podcast logoBOO! (Did we scare you? Ok. What if we said “Pat McQuaid is behind you!”? That’s better, welcome to Halloween!). Let’s get on with the podcast.

2015 was such a great year for women’s cycling and so we take a look back at our favourite races and moments from the year. We also take a bit of time to look at the lowlights and to sum up our view of the impact of 2015 on women’s cycling overall. Also, Sarah plays a trick on Dan and also Dan laughs so hard he loses the ability to swear. (1:03:55 MIN / 61.38 MB)

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Your best?

Tell us about your highlights for 2015 in the comments below or on twitter. We’d love to reminisce about anything we’ve missed!

Podcast 2015 Episode 19 – Highs and Lows

Podcast logoHi team! There’s been heaps of racing to cover in the last week, so we recap the action in France, Belgium/Netherlands and Germany. It’s been a week of highs and lows with all sorts of interesting results. There are some pretty hectic diversions in this week’s episode (when are there not?) and a reasonable amount of speculation about what may happen on Sunday at La Course. Enjoy! (1:13:11 MIN / 70.27 MB)



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Things we talked about

Check out Velofocus’ galleries of Thuringen-Rundfahrt here.

And you can view videos of the stages here:

Stage 1

Stage 2

Stage 3a & Stage 3b

Stage 4

Stage 5

Stage 6

Stage 7

Here’s Tayler Wiles’ stage two diary on her heartbreaking missed chance to win the stage. And here’s her diary on the last day of the race.

You can also catch the BMX World Championships live here.

Here’s the article with Rochelle Gilmore about the development of Mayuko Hagiwara that Dan was talking about.

Also, some video from the BeNe tour is here.

Podcast 2015 Episode 17 – Jaggedy Bumpy aka Giro Rosa 2

Podcast logoIt’s been an incredible week of racing at the Giro Rosa with so many riders from different teams and countries winning stages and tearing up the road. There have been world firsts and there have been all kinds of tactics deployed on the road. It’s everything you could want in a truly Grand Tour, it’s been so good that Sarah even invented a new description! Some riders have been flying, some have cool scars (seriously). And the best is yet to come as we still have several stages that could seriously shake up the GC and potentially change the outcome of the race. Join us as we talk about it all. (1:18:35 MIN / 75.45 MB)


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Things to read and watch:

Sarah’s been collating all the race video and cool social media, blog posts, etc that she can find. She’s also been doing interviews and QandAs with riders. Here’s the full list of all the news there is, stage by stage.

Also, here’s Sarah’s guide on how to follow the race (remember there’s some really exciting stages to come!).

Stage 6, Giro Rosa 2015 – climbs & descents all day – videos, photos, links and more

Today was a tough Giro Rosa stage, with three categorised climbs, and some tough descents.  It was all about attacking – on the climbs, on the descents, in the gaps in between…  What with early breaks, and the General Classification riders attacking each other, anything could have happened and at one point maglia rosa Megan Guarnier was dropped by a group that contained GC favourites Anna van der Breggen, Ashleigh Moolman-Pasio and Elisa Longo Borghini…. would she lose her lead?  Meanwhile Mayuko Hagiwara attacked from the break with 25km to go – could she hold off the chase?  Watch the highlights and find out.


I’ll update with more video as I find it, but there’s a lot of photos, links and more below.

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Videos from the 2015 women’s cycling national road championships

I’m behind right now, but if you want to catch up with who won what at this year’s Road Champs from around Europe and further afield, here are some videos…


Videos from Sporza – 20 mins highlights and post-race interview with winner Jolien D’hoore (scroll down) and a tiny Wiggle Honda video



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Podcast 2014 Episode 27 – Giro Rosa Part One

Podcast logoThis week it’s literally the middle of the Giro Rosa and we recap all the excitement of the first 4 stages (including surprise climbs and stealth potholes). There’s the twilight prologue, the dominance of a team we’ll codename Labobank-Riv who have grasped every additional bonification and second on offer so far. We talk about the strange breakaways and the theory of the secret Italian attacking cup (they’re all chasing one rider down in particular). After we get through all of that, we take a look ahead at the upcoming stages, discuss the mountains and whether Mara Abbott will be able to grab enough time back on the climbs. (49:48 MIN / 47.81 MB)

Stream Part One of the Giro Rosa by clicking here.



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All the Giro Rosa video links you need:

Stage 4 Q&A – Spratty, Vale and Audrey Cordon

Stage 4 video roundup.

Stage 3 Q&A – Amanda Spratt & Valen Scandolara

Stage 3 video roundup.

Stage 2 Q&A – Valentina Scandolara

Stage 2 video roundup.

Stage 1 video roundup.

How to watch the Giro Rosa.