Videos from the 2013 Manchester Track World Cup

This weekend was the first round in the 2013-14 Track World Cup, in Manchester, with the usual huge crowds and amazing riding.  I’ve got a collection of all the videos I’ve found so far, and I’ll add more in as I see them – I’m starting with the highlights reel from each day, then there’s a bit of a commentary about some issues there have been with the coverage, and then there’ll be the other videos….

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Watch live! Manchester Track World Cup and this weekend’s cyclocross

It’s another big weekend for live cycling, with great track and cyclocross, and it’s all streamable!  Here’s what to watch and why


If you’ve never watch CX, it’s a really fun, muddy, crazy sport, and this weekend is the most perfect time to start.  Here’s broerie’s guide to CX for newbies, and tgsgirl’s must-see cyclocross calendar, which describes the races (and makes me laugh out loud) and the Velorooms season preview, which lists who’s who to watch – but if you want CX in a sentence, here’s mine:   Riders race laps of a course that includes man-made and natural obstacles like sand, hills and barriers, which is so hard they have to get off and run with the bikes at points – they race for an hour (50 mins for the women) and the first across the line wins!

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