Saturday videos – team presentation (and Marianne Vos) edition!

It’s that time of year, where team presentation videos are popping up all over the place, so, for your delectation and delight, here are some I’ve seen – please feel free to point out any I’ve missed in the comments, or to me over on twitter.  But first, before teamy things, I’m already excited about the first World Cup of the year, the Ronde van Drenthe, on 9th March 2013 – if you don’t know the race, it’s a superb Dutch Spring Classic, with a section through a building (seriously!), racing over slimy, mossy cobbled sections through forest, and about 3 times over the VAMberg, a man-made hill that used to be a municipal dump, with some great steep inclines.  I love this race!!!  Here’s Marianne Vos riding recon over the “new” route:

More video fun below the jump – including Emma Pooley, a brass band and a boat….

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Podcast 2013 Ep 1 – When is a break not a break?

Holy fuckballs team! It’s 2013 and there’s all sorts of bike-y shit going on! So Sarah and I decided to get together and talk about it. Things we talked about include (but are not limited to):

  • The Ladies Tour of Qatar, live video of races and general Arab awesomeness
  • We address cycling’s first, oldest and best riddle – Q: When is a break not a break? (listen for the answer!)
  • I take a moment to compare watching a race with Sarah to taking a child to see a pantomime (behind you!!!!)
  • Sarah’s awful to Emma Johansson (not really Emma, it’s ok)
  • We contemplate the nature of Kirsten Wild
  • I talk Australian Track Nationals (super briefly, with very few left-hand turns)
  • Then we discuss the Cyclocross World Championships
  • Somewhere near the end we pause to consider the Pat McQuaidness of it all and then I uncover a plot by the UCI to replace Sarah with a robot

It makes more sense when you listen to it (sort of). Welcome to 2013!!!! (1:05:48 MIN / 63.31 MB)

You can stream the episode by clicking this here link.



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These are the things we talked about in this podcast:

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2013 Cyclocross World Champs changes to SATURDAY!!! And Qatar videos, too

Dramatic news from Louisville – the Cyclocross World Championships have had to change their date, due to the risk of flooding!

Now all races will be on SATURDAY 2nd FEBRUARY 2013 – and here’s the schedule:

9:45am USA EST Junior Men (14:45 GMT; 15:45 CET; 01:45 Sunday, Aus NSW)
11am USA EST Elite Women (16:00 GMT; 17:00 CET; 03:00 Sunday, Aus NSW)
12:30pm USA EST Under-23 Men (17:30 GMT; 18:30 CET; 04:30 Sunday Aus NSW)
14:30pm USA EST Elite Men (19:30 GMT, 20:30 CET, 06:30 Sunday, Aus NSW)

Check out the excellent race website for more information – and here’s the Velonation article about it

The races will still be streamed live on the UCI youtube channel and shown and streamed on various tv stations – check out the official guide to the media showing it – and if those don’t work for you, Cyclingfans, Procyclinglive and Sports-livez always help me watch CX!

Here’s the startlists – and if I can make the changed time, I’ll be following the action via the race twitter, and on the live threads that will turn up on Podium Café.  Check out the Podium Café cyclocross section for all their stories, tips and live on-the-scene updates!

This move is such bad luck for the organisers, who have worked really hard to make this a huge event, and show off the best of USA cyclocross culture.  They’ve clearly been working really hard to make this a huge success, and my thoughts are with them tonight, as they rush to rearrange everything…


The other big cycling news from today was the final stage of the Tour of Qatar, which has been entertaining me all week.  I wrote a race report over on Podium Café, with links to all the videos, results, photos etc, but here’s a video of the final lap of the final stage, where Kirsten Wild had extended her race lead over Chloe Hosking by winning the intermediate sprint… I’ve really loved this race, and it’s re-energised me for the road season.  2013 will be a good one!

Celebrating social media – part 11 – Cyclocross in the USA

When Dan and I interviewed British CX star Helen Wyman for our podcast, she told why she thinks the future of women’s cyclocross is in the USA – so it seemed appropriate that this instalment of my Social Media series had a look at the USA cyclocross riders.  I’ll tell you about some of the riders and how to follow them – and then at the end I’ll give you links to how to follow the USA CX scene.  I’ve already talked about Katie Compton in my previous CX social media post, but as always, if you know people or links I’ve forgotten, add them to the comments, or let me know on twitter – and don’t forget to click through to the riders’ and team pages, and click on all their sponsors, to do your bit to help women’s cycling!

Georgia Gould Luna Pro Team

You might remember Georgia Gould from when she won the cross country MTB bronze medal in the London Olympic Games, but she’s also well-known on the cyclocross scene, not just for her great riding, but also for her work for equality in women’s racing.  She’s been campaigning for years for equal pay for women’s racers, and as a member of the UCI Athlete’s Commission, she was one of the riders who persuaded the UCI to give equal prize money to the men and women World Champions across the cycling disciplines – starting with the 2013 CX Worlds.

But cool as all that is (and it is VERY cool!) the reason Gould is in this post is because of her fantastic social media presence.  She’s got a great website with a lovely blog that’s always got good photos (I like her “I will murder you” face) – and her twitter is at @GouldGeorgia.  You can find lots of video interviews with her on cyclingdirt and on youtube – and definitely read this interview with her after the UCI athletes’ commission, and why she thinks things are moving in the right direction for women’s cycling.

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Podcast Episode 26 – Merry Crossmas with Helen Wyman!

So the fantastic Helen Wyman joined us after a big weekend of racing, at Essen and Namur to talk ‘cross. She gives us a great preview of the Lousville worlds, designs her perfect cross course and talks about how she’d haunt her husband (my mancrush Stef Wyman) if she died before him. We had a great time talking with Helen and learned a lot about where the state of women’s cyclocross is at and where she sees the future of the sport too. Thanks to Helen for making the time. You really do want to listen to this one! It’s perfect for that drowsy time post-Christmas lunch. (01:01:05 MIN / 58.65 MB)

You can stream it by clicking here.



Or you can find it over in the iTunes store here.

Helen talked to us the evening after racing the INSANE cyclocross Namur World Cup.  Watch a 9-minute highlights video on Sporza.  And on Saturday she raced the ridiculously muddy BPost Trofee Essen – check out the photos of the race on

Edit!  And here’s 43 minutes of the race coverage, seen via CyclingFever

Helen has one of the best rider websites out there, at – we especially recommend her blogs, and the video pages.  And while you’re there, click through to her sponsors and show them some love!

Here’s Helen’s section on the Kona team website which will tell you more about her.  Helen rides the Kona Major Jake, if you want to see more – and it’s Challenge who are making her the special tyres she talks about.

If you want to go to Louisville and cheer Helen on at the CX Worlds, then buy your tickets on the website.  That site is great – and follow the race twitter for all the news leading up to and during the Worlds.

Video of Helen’s win at the 2012 European CX Championships, from Petitesreines (Sarah keeps linking to this video, but it’s fantastic!)

We didn’t talk about it, but you absolutely have to follow Helen on twitter!