Podcast 2017 Episode 3 – She Rode It Geniusly

Podcast logoThis week we talk about all the racing that’s happened in the last couple of weeks from the Deakin Women’s Race as part of the Cadel Evans Great Ocean Road Race through to the Cyclocross World Championships in Luxembourg. There’s been some amazing racing and even more to discuss! There’s also been some disappointing news from around the traps and we cover those important events as well. We finish on a high note though, with Sarah’s wrap up of how you can help women’s cycling in practical ways! (1:24:46 MIN / 77.61 MB)

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Things we talked about this week included

The Philadelphia Classic has been cancelled, and we’re really depressed about it – but there is a petition to change that decision, that you can sign.

This week’s racing

Videos and media from the 2017 Cyclocross World Championships in this collection.


Race Melbourne

Team videos from Wiggle High5 and ORICA-Scott

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Podcast 2016 Episode 18 – My Teammate Gracie’s Attitude

Podcast logoG’day team! It’s a crazy amount of racing to cover this week (Sarah even had to split screen multiple races at one point!) and so we dive into it, catching up on US racing including the US national time trial and road race. There’s been a wealth of European road racing as well with Plumelec, Gooik and more. There’s the latest round of the MTB Cross Country World Cup, there’s BMX world championships and a bit of discussion about the Olympics and what national teams might look like. As usual there’s heaps of interesting blogs and articles to mention as well! And possibly our best joke ever. (1:08:23 MIN / 62.62 MB)

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Things we talked about

This week’s racing

Videos from the 2016 BMX World Championships, and the La Bresse Cross Country MTB World Cup in this post.

Boels Rental Hills Classic

Video highlights on L1.nl.  Photo gallery from Boels Dolmans, and their race report, and report and photos from ORICA-AIS. Full results.


All the American Winston-Salem races!

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How to watch the 2016 Ronde van Drenthe, & follow the Drentse 8 LIVE!

Ronde van Drenthe Women’s World Tour: Saturday 12th March

Drense Acht van Westerveld: Sunday 13th March


After the Strade Bianche opened the Women’s World Tour on Saturday, the races are coming weekly for the next month.  Ronde van Drenthe has been one of the most reliable and easy women’s cycling races to watch for years, and is always a great show – one of those races that when it was a Road World Cup has been won every way from solo effort to small group to bunch sprint.

And it’s such a fun course – three time over the weirdest climb in procycling, the VAM-berg, a man-made hill that’s made out of landfill, and so grows every couple of years, and has an average gradient of 17.5%, getting to a max 23%.  It’s definitely one for the punchy climbers out there.  There there are three sections of cobbles, just 9.3km in total, but they’re really difficult.  Annemiek van Vleuten described them as more like rocks just shoved off a truck than normal pavé, and they run through forests, so are covered with moss, and they usually burst the race apart.  And if that’s not enough, there are the wide open sections through fields, where if there’s the slightest bit of wind (and it’s usually gales) there will be echelons forever – and some technical corners in Hoogeveen, with about eight 90º corners in the last 2.5k.  Have I told you I love this race?

The race starts at 11:40 Euro CET (10:40am UK GMT; 9:40pm Aussie AEDT; 5:40am USA EST) and is due to finish between 15:07 and 15:18 CET (so from 2:07pm GMT; 1:07am AEDT; 9:07am EST)

There are TWO livestreams! The   RTV Drenthe and RTV Oost livestreams are both showing it, and the feeds start on Saturday 12th March at 13:30 CET (12:30pm GMT; 11:30pm AEDT; 7:30am EST) which the RTV website says is live, with the men’s race TV from 16:00 CET.  Keep an eye on the RTV Drenthe TV guide and RTV Oost guide in case anything changes, but they’re very reliable. The livestreams are both fabulously un-geo-restricted but get on it early because cycling fans tend to crash it.

That commentary will be in Dutch, but if you want some in English, superstar Bridie O’Donnell and I will be bringing our own unique spin on the race and doing our own commentary on the Prowomenscycling Mixlr that you can listen to.  Open that in a tab in the background, and run one of the streams on mute and hopefully it’ll synch up.   Head to Mixlr once the race starts, or find the exact link on my twitter – we’re going for the vibe of two cycling mates enjoying ourselves, one of whom has actually ridden the race, and hope you’ll like it too!

How to follow the race before the stream starts

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Podcast 2015 Episode 25 – Sarah Loves a Premature Celebration

Podcast logoG’day team, this week we catch up on the last World Cup race in Plouay! We also find out how the rest of the Trophee d’Or went and we discuss a bunch of news and announcements from teams, riders and the UCI. There’s a heap of great videos down below and a lot of exciting stuff. Sit back, crack a cold one and ignore the other commuters on the bus/train, and enjoy! (1:00:51 MIN / 58.43 MB)


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Things we talked about this week

This week’s racing

Trophée d’Or

Videos from Stage 2 and Stage 3, which we talked about last week.

Stage 4 – with a premature celebration! Photos and results,

Stage 5 photos and results, and the final General Classification results.

GP de Plouay Road World Cup

All the videos and race reports etc are over here – this was one of the very best races of the season, WOW!


Other things we saw this week

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Podcast 2015 Episode 18 – Post Giro Blues

Podcast logoThe Giro Rosa 2015 is over (booooo!) but it was great (yayyyyy!) so Sarah and Dan have heaps to talk about this week. Mountains, time trials, climbs, breaks, chases, GC remixes and stories. They cover all ups and downs, their highlights and favourites, the best parts of the Giro Rosa 2015. Also, they crack wise and crack themselves up! (51:20 MIN / 49.29 MB)

Things we talked about this week

The Giro Rosa!!!!!


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Other racing last week….

Tour de Feminin – Bohemian Switzerland Prize (Cezch Republic)

Video clips from Stage 1, Stage 2 and Stage 3

All the results


White Spot/Delta Road Race

The FULL race:



Upcoming racing

Tour Féminin de Bretagne, 16-19th July, France

Thüringen Rundfahrt, 17-23rd July, Germany – follow live with the ticker (if that doesn’t load automatically, check it out on RadSport-news.com)

BeNe Ladies Tour, 17-19th July, Belgium & the Netherlands – follow on facebook and twitter, and with the #BNLT15 hashtag

Podcast 2015 Episode 17 – Jaggedy Bumpy aka Giro Rosa 2

Podcast logoIt’s been an incredible week of racing at the Giro Rosa with so many riders from different teams and countries winning stages and tearing up the road. There have been world firsts and there have been all kinds of tactics deployed on the road. It’s everything you could want in a truly Grand Tour, it’s been so good that Sarah even invented a new description! Some riders have been flying, some have cool scars (seriously). And the best is yet to come as we still have several stages that could seriously shake up the GC and potentially change the outcome of the race. Join us as we talk about it all. (1:18:35 MIN / 75.45 MB)


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Things to read and watch:

Sarah’s been collating all the race video and cool social media, blog posts, etc that she can find. She’s also been doing interviews and QandAs with riders. Here’s the full list of all the news there is, stage by stage.

Also, here’s Sarah’s guide on how to follow the race (remember there’s some really exciting stages to come!).

Giro Rosa Q&As – Tayler Wiles & Loren Rowney

Podcast interview logoThe second half of the Giro is all about the mountains.  After the tough Stage 6, I caught up with Velocio-SRAM super domestiques, the American Tayler Wiles and South African-born Aussie Loren Rowney to talk about what their role has been in the race, Loren’s grupetto life, how it felt to have a team win under their belt, advice for first-time Giro riders, and much more.

Tayler Wiles

How does it feel, at this point in the Giro?

Today was probably the hardest stage of the Giro with three long climbs and no where to hide!  After 6 stages working hard for the team I’m tired but still feeling ok.  As a domestique for the Giro I came into this race fresh but not flying so my form is coming as I ride into the race.  Hoping to be going well for Thuringen 🙂

What’s been the best thing about the race this year?  And the worst?

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