Watch the 2016 Leogang Downhill MTB World Cup LIVE!

12th June 2016

Last week it was the sunshine of Fort William, this week it’s raining in Austria for Round 4 of the 2016 Downhill MTB World Cup, in Leogang.

As always, the media has always begun, and you can watch Claudio Caluori’s even-more-hardcore-than-normal chain-free run on the very wet course on Red Bull Bike, and more

  • Qualifications video on Red Bull Bike – and if you scroll down in there, you’ll find Rach Atherton’s GoPro from her run. Slideshow from Vital MTB and photo-essay from Dirt and Pinkbike.  Trek (Athertony) video:

There’ll be tons more media every day – I’ll look for daily videos on Red Bull Bike, and photo galleries and reports on Dirt MTB, Vital MTB and PinkBike.  More information, too, on the race website.

And then, of course, the finals are streamed live on Red Bull TV on Sunday 12th June, from 14:30 Euro CEST/ 1:30pm UK BST/ 10:30pm Aussie AEST/ 8:30am USA EDT. Follow the race on the #UCIMTBWC hashtag.

If you can’t wait, check out my collections of media and video from 2013 and 2014.  I’ll edit more information in as I see it before the race.


Videos & lovely stuff from the 2014 Leogang DH MTB World Cup

Great highlights video from the Parkin Brothers on Red Bull tv, including jumping from Tahnée Seagrave, Jill Kintner, Myriam Nicole, Rachel Atherton and Manon Carpenter, and podium fun – and if you want to see the full race, here’s the replay on Red Bull tv.  And here’s the UCI clip:

Photo galleries, with tons of spectacular mountain views:

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How to watch the 2014 Leogang MTB World Cup live!

If you know anything about me, you know I love my Downhill MTB, so you’ll know I’m very, very happy to have 2 DH World Cups in the space of a week.  And of course there’ll be days and days of videos, photos and fun before the finals start… Here’s the UCI trailer

The World Cup is on 14th & 15th June, and we can watch the women’s and men’s finals live on the Red Bull tv stream, on Sunday 15th June, from 14:15 Euro CEST (1:15pm UK BST; 8:15am USA EST and 3:15am PST; 10:15am Aus AEST) with the women first – the full programme runs about 2 hours long, and if you miss it, it’ll be archived at the same link after the races.

Of course, there’ll be all sorts of action before the finals – keep an eye on Red Bull Bike, the UCI MTB World Cup facebook, Dirt Magazine (here’s their preview), Pinkbike, Vital MTB and of course, the race website.  The World Cup is just one of the events this week at Leogang – there’s the Out Of Bounds MTB Festival, and the Four Cross World Championships on 14th June.  4X is such an amazing, adrenaline-filled sport, so although we can’t watch live, come back here after the weekend for any videos and photos I can find.  Here’s a British-based preview of it on Pinkbike.

UPDATE!  Want to know what the course is like to ride?  Amazing helmetcam preview with Claudio Caluori, on Red Bull Bike – wow wow wow!

If you can’t wait for it all to start, check out the videos and photos from last year – and if you want to see what happened last week in Fort William, here’s my collection of videos and stuff!

Podcast 2013 Episode 32 – The TTTTTTTTTTTTTTTT-T

Podcast logoSo far in the 2013 UCI World Championships we’ve had the Trade Team Team Time Trial (yes, with two teams), the Individual Time Trial and a bunch of video coverage issues! But Sarah’s promised not to rant and we don’t know if we can last a whole show… Oh who are we kidding? You all know that there’s no way Sarah and I can go a whole podcast without ranting! We also point out a couple of great interviews with Kristy Scrymgeour and Lizzie Armitstead as well as taking some time to catch up on the 4X (Four Cross) and MTB news before making our best guesses at who’s going to win the road race this weekend. (1:24:16 MIN / 80.89 MB)

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This we talked about….


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How to follow Leogang – 4X World Champs and Downhill World Cup

This weekend it’s the final round of the 2013 Downhill World Cup – can Rachel Atherton keep the title?  They’re in Leogang, in Austria, where the weather’s getting wintery – and it’s not just the dh, it’s also the Four Cross World Champs.  Both will be shown live on Red Bull tv, and as always, there’s a whole ton of fantastic information, beautiful photos and fun videos to watch…

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Podcast 2013 – Episode 31 – Sarah Has an Embolism

Podcast logoHonestly by far the biggest story of the week was the final stage of the Giro della Toscana, and the rider protest so we take a detailed and quite angry look into what led up to it and once we’re on a ranty roll, well we keep going! Which means we launch into exactly why Brian Cookson’s words about his track record of promoting women’s cycling in Britain leave us scratching our heads a little (Dan translates for Sarah’s edification). Also somewhere along the way Dan coins the phrase “morality stumble” – we’ll leave it to you to decide if it’s a stumble into, or out of, morality. And in an attempt to finish the show before Sarah actually does need medical assistance we quickly mention a few of the good stories we’ve seen during the week. Prepare to gnash your teeth! (1:07:17 MIN / 64.56 MB)

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(In fact this week’s podcast is SO ranty that Sarah especially requested I find a soothing music video for you in case of emergencies, so here’s a rather splendid cello cover of Metallica’s ‘The Day That Never Comes’ which sort of seems appropriate)

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