Cyclocross! Koksijde videos & Hamme Flandriencross bpost bank trophee live!

It really is fantastic that we’re getting so much women’s cyclocross live – two of the three big seasons, streamed pretty much everywhere (sorry USA – check out my solutions here), and the next up is round 3 of the 2015-6 bpost bank trofee, the KwadrO Flandriencross in Hamme on Sunday 28th November 2015.  As you can guess from the name, we’re in Flanders, still, and the course is usually muddy, with woodland sections, and a part that seems to go right through the beer tent!  Ah, cyclocross!

The women’s race starts at 13:45 European CET (12:45pm UK GMT; 7:45am USA EST; 11:45pm Aussie AEDT), and the men’s race starts at 15:00 CET (2pm GMT; 9am EST; 1am AEDT), and the Sporza livestreams is un-restricted, via their race matchcenter, or you can watch another stream on the bpost page that goes up on the day of each race is available pretty much everywhere, or via this link.  If that doesn’t work for you, try the usual places (eg this one).  Startlists are here (women = vrouwen) and there are more ways to follow the racing on my guide.

If you can’t wait for Sunday, you can always re-live last weekend’s racing, starting with the Soudal Classic in Hasselt…

Here are the short highlights video, and the interview with the winner, Sanne Cant (Flemish).

But that was just the start! Then there was the fantastic, CX-iconic sand-dune race, Koksijde!  Here are the highlights, and the full race replay:

Want more? Sporza highlights, the Voxwomen highlights, photos on Cyclingnews and VeloNews, and my favourite CX media, always – Balint Hamvas’ photos on


How to watch the 2015 Koksijde Cyclocross World Cup LIVE!

There aren’t official ‘Monuments’ of cyclocross, like there are in road racing, but pretty much every fan agrees Koksijde is one of the biggest races of the season.  It’s on sand dunes on a military base next to the North Sea (& next to a WWI cemetery) and it’s SO hard… and we get to watch it live!

The races are on Sunday 22nd November 2015, and they’ll be streamed on Belgian station Sporza (try their Koksijde Match Center), which may or may not be geo-restricted, and on the UCI youtube with English commentary, free most places (USA people can’t see it because Cycling TV have bought the rights, and have a pay-for stream).  The women’s race starts at 13:30 European CET (12:30pm UK GMT; 7:30am USA EST; 11:30pm Aussie AEDT) and the UCI stream is here, and the men’s race starts at 15:00 CET (2pm GMT; 9am EST; 1am AEDT) and the men’s UCI stream is here. If you can’t watch live, the races will be archived at those links straight after.

If you click through to those streams now, you can see if they’ll be restricted in your area – if they are, there’ll be streams in the usual places – and here’s more advice on how to watch and follow CX live (get a VPN!).

To get you in the mood before the race starts, check out the race website, including the course map, twitter and facebook.  The startlist, with numbers, will be here, I’ve got a twitter list of cyclocross women,  so you can see how they’re preparing, and Helen Wyman will be taking over the UCI women’s cycling instagram for the weekend, so follow that too!

Sarah Interviews…. Sabrina Stultiens – Podcast 2015, episode 1

Podcast interview logoIn 2014, Sabrina Stultiens came back from a knee injury to win both the European u23 Road and Cyclocross Championships, and she’s gone on the get her first CX World Cup podium place, coming second in the exhilarating Koksijde race, one of the Monuments of cyclocross, and winning her first big race, the Zilvermeercross in Mol.  But her season’s not over yet – on Sunday next week she races the Netherlands National Championships, before going all out for Worlds.  I talked to her about all of this, her tactics for trying to beat Marianne Vos, moving from Rabobank to Liv-Plantur on the road for 2015, and the differences between racing the disciplines. (29:28 MIN / 28.28 MB)

Stream all the mud, wind, rain, sand and glory here (click through to download).


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Edit:  I got confused abut dates and thought Nationals was this weekend rather than 11th January – sorry Sabrina!

You can find out more about Sabrina on her website and facebook athlete page, and follow her on her twitter and instagram.  The new website for Liv-Plantur will be up next week, which will have more information about her too.

If you want to watch the races we talked about, here’s a short clip of Sabrina winning the Zilvermeercross in Mol. and an interview with her there.   There are photos of her winning the 2014 European u23 Cyclocross Championships here. – and a photo of her winning the 2014 European u23 Road Championships after Elena Cecchini celebrated too soon.

UPDATE!  Since I interviewed her, Sabrina won her first race of 2015 – the Soudal Classics Leuven – here are the video highlights.

We’re lucky enough to have the full World Cups streamed – thank you so much, UCI!  Here’s the highlights of Koksijde – and all the other Koksijde videos and photos are here.

Videos from last weekend’s Heusden-Zolder World Cup are here, and from Namur here.

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2014 Podcast Special Feature – Episode 53 – Sarah talks ‘cross and track with Ben Atkins

My very favourite cycling journalist is Ben Atkins, who used to write about women’s cycling for Velonation, and now freelances in magazines like Peloton and elsewhere, and is the Press Reporter for Wiggle Honda.  We failed to meet up in the crowds of the Milton Keynes Cyclocross World Cup, so we caught up to talk about what it was like going to the race, how the cyclocross and track season are going so far, what the 2015 road season looks like, and which races people should go to next year, if you have the chance. (1:19:31 MIN / 76.34 MB)

Stream all the bike talk you like by clicking here.

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You can follow Ben on twitter and read his work on the Wiggle Honda website – and to watch videos of the races we talked about, I’ve got posts full of things from Milton Keynes/Flandriencross, Koksijde, and the Guadalajara Track World Cup.

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2014 Podcast Special Feature Episode 52 – Sarah interviews Sophie de Boer

Last winter, young Dutch cyclocross star Sophie de Boer had been thinking about giving up cycling – she’d had a hard season, with mechanicals, crashes and sickness, and after losing her team, it looked like she might not be able to race at all.  So it’s great to see her taking a huge step up for the 2014/15 season, winning her first big race at the bpost bank trofee race Ronse, following it up with victory at one of the most famous cyclocross races, Koppenbergcross, and wearing the World Cup leader’s jersey after two rounds.  We talked about the season so far, how she’s been able to take that step, what she’s learned, and much more. (36:20 MIN / 34.87 MB)

To stream the interview in all its glory, click here.

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Find out more about Sophie on her website, and make sure you’re following her twitter and facebook.  Her team, Kalas-NNOF are on facebook too.

Watch the highlights of Sophie’s great start to the 2014/15 season – her wins in the bpost bank trofee Ronse and of course the Koppenbergcross, and her podium places at the World Cups in Valkenburg and Koksijde, and SuperPrestige Gieten.  And there’s a Dutch interview with her after Valkenburg here

Sophie will be racing Milton Keynes in the Cyclocross World Cup leader’s jersey on Saturday 29th November, and you can watch her live.  And if you want to follow the rest of the women’s CX this season, here’s how.

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This weekend’s racing – cyclocross and track

So I know you want some videos of the awesome women’s racing that was on this weekend – two TOUGH cyclocross races, some track, and some photos from the road.

First of all, Koksijde CX World Cup.  UCI highlights:

and the full race replay is here (if it’s restricted, try it with Hola set to the UK).  Sanne Cant‘s sixth win in a row, and her first ever World Cup!

I love the photos on – and there are photos by Kristof Ramon on CyclocrossRider, and more on CX Magazine’s site.  But that was just the first cyclocross race of the weekend…

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How to watch the 2014 Koksijde Cyclocross World Cup LIVE!

Koksijde, the Vlaamse Duinencross, is one of the cyclocross races I’d recommend to anyone – fans already know it’s iconic and not to be missed, and it’s one that fascinates newbies.  The course is in sand-dunes on the Flanders coast (I’ve walked up them, they are steep! And the sand’s deep!).  It’s Round 2 of the 2014/15 UCI Cyclocross World Cup, too, so we’ll see some of the very best riders battling it out.  And best of all?  Thanks to the UCI, we can watch the women’s (and men’s races) LIVE!

Saturday 22nd November 2014, women’s race 13:30 Euro CET (12:30pm UK GMT; 7:30am US EST; 11:30pm Australian AEDT) and there’s coverage on some online and real life tv channels, or the UCI’s livestream:

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