Links to make you smile

In England it’s cold and dreary, in Australia it’s apparently far too hot, so we need some women’s cycling links to cheer us up.  Luckily I have some for you!  I’ll start with lip-synching, but there’s all kinds of things that made me happy this last month in here…

It’s team camp season, and just like they did in the stage races this year, Rabo-Liv set a high bar for other teams to reach….

while over in the USA, Lindsay Bayer is shaking it…


Same song, different version…  CX rider Ellen Noble had one of those embarrassing premature celebration moments, and Dirtwire made this video, showing how she vindicated herself.  Lovely interview at the end.

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MTB Videos and photos from Leogang – 4X and DH

This weekend it wasn’t just the start of the Road World Championships, it was also the end of the MTB season, with the 2013 Four Cross World Championships and the final round in the 2013 Downhill World Cup, at the Leogang bikepark.  Both were completely spectacular to watch, and as you might imagine, being the extreme end of MTB, they have a LOT of brilliant media.

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How to follow Leogang – 4X World Champs and Downhill World Cup

This weekend it’s the final round of the 2013 Downhill World Cup – can Rachel Atherton keep the title?  They’re in Leogang, in Austria, where the weather’s getting wintery – and it’s not just the dh, it’s also the Four Cross World Champs.  Both will be shown live on Red Bull tv, and as always, there’s a whole ton of fantastic information, beautiful photos and fun videos to watch…

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