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This week real life got on top of us, so we won’t be ‘casting this week (if you miss us, check out the ‘cast archive, to listen to things you might have missed), but we have the usual links and videos and stuff we’ve loved this week – and I wanted to have a look at some stats about the Boels Rental Ladies Tour.  If you don’t know about the Tour, it’s one of those fantastic Dutch races – starting with an ITT, 3 stages of pancake-flat roads with crazy winds that are probably harder to race in than hills, and two hilly Valkenberg stages.  For more info, check out the race website, the Velofocus preview and here’s the race highlights video, with finish-line footage, and post-race interviews with all the winners (subtitled to English!)

So, Dutch racing – and I would expect Dutch riders to dominate.  OK, some big names were out (Loes Gunnewijk is still out injured, Marianne Vos pulled out halfway through as she wasn’t recovering well, Annemiek van Vleuten is training for Worlds), but look at my stats


Stage winners

Overall GC


Top 10 GC

2014 2 x Ned & Bel,1 x Ger & Swe Evelyn Stevens


2 x USA, Ger, Italy, Pol1 x Ned & Swe


3 x Ned1 x Ger, Aus, Italy(plus TTT, Speclulu) Ellen van Dijk


4 x Ned, 2 x Ger1 x GB, Italy, USA, Pol


4 x Ned2 x Ger(plus TTT, Speclulu) Marianne Vos


2 x Ned, Ger, Italy1 x USA, Swe, NZ, Bel


5 x Ned1 x Bel Marianne Vos


6 x Ned1 x Swe, Aus, Can, Italy


6 x Netherlands1 x Germany Marianne Vos


5 x Netherlands,3 x Ger, 2 x Swe

Now, I know I’m geeky about cycling, but I find that so interesting.  What I think is happening is that riders from other countries have been learning about how to race Dutch-style – it’s especially nice that Evie Stevens won this year, because two years ago she wrote about how she used to feel about these races:

Constant sideway winds, torrential cold rain, 1000 exceedingly tall women all fighting me for position 999, a million tricky corners, roads too small for cars, road furniture jumping out at me left and right, the sight of the 999 tall women stretched out in front of me and the winning break disappearing into the cold midst, me adding as much value to the team’s performance as a rain jacket on a sunny day …this horrifying vision used to pop into my brain when I thought of racing in Holland. It is true, I used to suffer from Dutch Anxiety.

I love that blog! Every time I think of it, it makes me grin!

So what will the Dutch need to do?  Is the Holland Ladies Tour turning into the International Ladies Tour? Do they need more rain and wind, more cobbles?  Or will we find the Dutch riders getting revenge?  I suppose, with Vos winning three Giros, maybe they’re already stealing the Italian races….  Or maybe we’ll see the Dutch women getting revenge next year, with 7 of them getting into breaks at kilometre 15, echeloning the peloton into submission, and attacking even more than normal?  I love it, I can’t wait!

Update!  I know, I know, there was also no Kirsten Wild, or Lucinda Brand in the Boels Tour, and it was weirdly un-windy this year – and I’m not being 100% serious about the Dutch riders losing the ability to win Dutch races – I’m just interested in the profile of who does well in this race, and enjoying myself immensely!  Anyway, onwards to….

More things from last week’s racing

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2014 MTB World Championships – LIVE!

OK, OK, I’m a bit late, the 2014 MTB World Championships started today in Hafjell, Norway, but here’s how to watch the rest of them!

Eliminator, 2nd September

It was today, but never fear, you can watch the full coverage from the women’s and men’s races here on Red Bull tv.  And this is fantastic – Claudio Caluori normally does helmetcam previews of the downhill World Cup courses for Red Bull Bike, but this time they got him on the Eliminator course too!  Full results, and here are the highlights

UPDATE!  Here’s the GoPro video from Kathrin Stirnemann’s winning run, and some photos on Red Bull Bike.


The Junior women’s Cross Country race is on 4th Sept, and the u23 women (which, with elite World Cup winner Jolanda Neff and winner of 2 rounds Pauline Ferrnad-Prévot, could be more competitive than the elite women’s) is on 5th, while the Junior women’s downhill is on 7th September.  These won’t be streamed live, but you can look out for results on the UCI website.  For the live races….


Cross Country, Saturday 6th September

The women’s XCo is live from 11:50-14:00 European CEST (from 10:50am UK BST; 7:50pm Aus AEST; 5:50am USA EDT; 3:50am USA PDT) – watch the stream live (or archived afterwards) on Red Bull tv.  The men’s starts two and a half hours after the women’s does, from 14:20 CEST, and the stream is here.


Downhill, Sunday 7th September

The women’s and men’s races will stream live (and archive) here from 12:05 CEST (11:05am UK BST; 8:05 Aus AEST; 6:05am USA EDT; 3:05am USA PDT).  Love Claudio Caluori’s helmetcam course preview – every time these get better, and they started amazing!


There’s always a lot of great downhill coverage from the incredible MTB media in the days leading up to the races – keep an eye on Red Bull Bike for more helmetcam course previews, videos and fun race information; Pinkbike and VitalMTB for photos from all the races; and Dirt Magazine for my very favourite Downhill galleries and stuff.  Highlights videos should turn up on the UCI Youtube, and there’s loads more on the race website and twitter, including photos.  And if you can’t wait, last year’s World Cup in Hafjell had some of the most gorgeous photos and videos in beautiful golden light – relive it all in my collection.

Podcast 2013 – Episode 31 – Sarah Has an Embolism

Podcast logoHonestly by far the biggest story of the week was the final stage of the Giro della Toscana, and the rider protest so we take a detailed and quite angry look into what led up to it and once we’re on a ranty roll, well we keep going! Which means we launch into exactly why Brian Cookson’s words about his track record of promoting women’s cycling in Britain leave us scratching our heads a little (Dan translates for Sarah’s edification). Also somewhere along the way Dan coins the phrase “morality stumble” – we’ll leave it to you to decide if it’s a stumble into, or out of, morality. And in an attempt to finish the show before Sarah actually does need medical assistance we quickly mention a few of the good stories we’ve seen during the week. Prepare to gnash your teeth! (1:07:17 MIN / 64.56 MB)

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(In fact this week’s podcast is SO ranty that Sarah especially requested I find a soothing music video for you in case of emergencies, so here’s a rather splendid cello cover of Metallica’s ‘The Day That Never Comes’ which sort of seems appropriate)

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Videos – and so much beauty – from the Hafjell MTB World Cup

This weekend it was Hafjell‘s turn for the MTB World Cup – the final round for the cross country riders, penultimate for the downhillers.  And it was beautiful – gorgeous Norwegian scenery, the most amazing light ever glowing through the forests, and of course, SPECTACULAR riding!  So if you missed it, let me tell you how you can catch up with it all.  I have to warn you, some of the downhill photos are stunning!

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How to watch the 2013 Hafjell MTB World Cups live

Live racing!  This time the MTB World Cup is in Norway, and it’s gorgeous…

Here’s the timetable – to watch each race live, click through the links.  Before the races it gives a handy count-down so you can easily convert to your own timezone, and after the races the full coverage is archived there, so if you miss it live you can see it later.

There will be the usual pre- and post-race Downill coverage by Dirt Magazine and Pinkbike – I liked PinkBike’s trackwalk photo-essay, and Dirt’s trackwalk video, with Tracey Hannah talking about the course…  Dirt have a great portrait of Hannah (and some lovely scenery shots) on their trackwalk photo-gallery.

I especially loved this Red Bull helmet cam of the DH track  from Claudio Caluori, with crashes, near-misses and WOW! that course is crazy!

More information on all the races on the Red Bull bike site and the competition website – and there’ll be plenty of videos and things all weekend.

Podcast 2013 Episode 30 – That Was Absurd!

Podcast logoThis week’s episode is named in honour of the first thing I said to Sarah as soon as we stopped recording. This week’s podcast was absurd people! LOTS of digressions (some of them are even funny) and HEAPS of cool racing and cycling stuff. Sarah and I channel our inner French mime abilities (we suck at the silent bit) and talk about everything from cakes to beatings. We do also talk about actual bike racing with the Boels Rental Ladies Tour, the Tour de l’Ardeche, the Tour of the Murray and heaps more! As always, there are lots of videos and a round up of the week’s news with heaps of links for you below. Enjoy the absurdity! (1:11:41 MIN / 68.88 MB)

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Things we talked about this week

Last week’s racing

It was the Boels Rental Ladies Tour, the Tour de l’Ardèche and the Tour of the Murray River – Sarah has a post with all the videos and results and photo links on Podium Café, but here are some things we liked especially

  • Home-made aerial footage of Boels Tour Stage 6:

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