Podcast 2014 Special Feature – Episode 58 – Sarah interviews Guy Swarbrick

I’m a huge track fan, and since we don’t get live tv from most rounds of the Track World Cups, I rely on photos and websites to keep me updated, and especially the work of Guy Swarbrick.  Guy is one of the people who’ve moved from cycling fan to working in the industry, and he provides a superb set of services for us, from his “day job” of photography to his live commentweeting from the events (results and opinion mixed into one) and running the TrackCycling.net website.  We talked about everything from photographing the World Cups, to his best and worst moments, and how track has changed over the time he’s been working on it. (1:00:44 MIN / 58.30 MB)

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Follow Guy on the @trackcycling twitter account for the commentweeting, and Trackcycling.net for the previews and news reports throughout the year.  If you’d like to have a look at more of his photos, check out his instagram – and if you want to own some, there are still a couple of copies of Guy’s superb 2015 calendar for sale, as well as prints of his other work on his cycling photography website.

There’s always more social media with Guy – two of his his facebook accounts are the trackcycling page, and for his other work too, his personal site.  And if you’d like to support his work, he’s got a Patreon account too.

I’ve got collections of videos from the 2014/15 Guadalajara and London Track World Cups – the final round of this season will be Cali, Colombia, on 17th-18th January 2015.  Here’s their race website

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2014 Podcast Special Feature – Episode 53 – Sarah talks ‘cross and track with Ben Atkins

My very favourite cycling journalist is Ben Atkins, who used to write about women’s cycling for Velonation, and now freelances in magazines like Peloton and elsewhere, and is the Press Reporter for Wiggle Honda.  We failed to meet up in the crowds of the Milton Keynes Cyclocross World Cup, so we caught up to talk about what it was like going to the race, how the cyclocross and track season are going so far, what the 2015 road season looks like, and which races people should go to next year, if you have the chance. (1:19:31 MIN / 76.34 MB)

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You can follow Ben on twitter and read his work on the Wiggle Honda website – and to watch videos of the races we talked about, I’ve got posts full of things from Milton Keynes/Flandriencross, Koksijde, and the Guadalajara Track World Cup.

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