Podcast 2014 Episode 29 – Big Enough For Polemica

Podcast logo What a Giro Rosa this year! This week Sarah and I talk about the spectacular racing, with several surprises. Among the reasons to celebrate, we enjoy the fact that the race is big enough to now generate International Fan Polemica ™ about tactics! How cool is that?! We do take the time to break down our view of events on the “controversial” stage 9 (spoiler alert: we didn’t find it that controversial really). BUT, even if all this does is encourage more international fans to love their favourite riders even more and wish for victory over their apparent nemeses, then YAY! In addition to recapping the rest of the Giro, we also talk European Championships and go through the first couple of stages from Thüringen Rundfahrt (a race close to Dan’s beer-soaked heart) and note the huge range of races coming up shortly, including La Course by the Tour de France and the Commonwealth Games. It’s a huge episode, but it’s worth the listen, if only to make comprehensive notes to tell Sarah and Dan exactly why they’re wrong about everything. (Warning:  if you’re new to our ‘cast, it does have a bit of swearing!) (1:32:46 MIN / 89.06 MB)

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Cool stuff to check out:

First off, we loved this great video from Specialized-lululemon about the love of the bike and why they do what they do


Also, this great video from Specialized NLBE with the Boels-Dolmans team about their equipment, goals and motivations

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Podcast Giro Rosa Special Feature – Episode 28 – Sarah Interviews Emma Pooley

This is an amazing feature. Sarah has an in-depth conversation with the incredible Emma Pooley, who won three stages of the 2014 Giro Rosa and was clearly the best climber of the race. This is an absolute must listen! (28:47 MIN / 27.63 MB)

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If you’d rather read interviews than listen to them (or why not do both!) the transcript of this is on Podium Café.

Follow Pooley through the rest of her season on her twitter – and on the Lotto-Belisol website and twitter.

You can read Sarah’s interview with Pooley from before the Giro Rosa, and the Q&As with her after Stage 6 and after Stage 8 on Podium Café – and to find out what she was doing in the eight months before the season started, listen to Sarah’s interview with her from April – or read Part 1 and Part 2 on the Café.  And all the Podium Café coverage of the Giro Rosa is in the Storystream – and you can see all the videos right here, especially her wins on Stage 6, Stage 8 and Stage 9.

Video – Stage 8, Giro Rosa 2014 – the Queen stage

The penultimate stage of the race, and the biggest mountain stage this year – just what we like!  And it was action all the way up that climb, and a return to a competition we haven’t seen since 2010….  so who WOULD be crowned the best climber in the peloton?

My race report is over on Podium Café, and I have a Q&A with 2 of the major players, but I’ll put that below the videos so it’s not a spoiler…..  Here’s the race highlights, with interviews (including Mara Abbott and Emma Pooley in English)

and here’s the hour of tv coverage, including most of that final climb

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Videos – 2014 Giro Rosa Stage 7

It started with a 13km neutralised descent, & if you think that sounds easy, you should read Marijn de Vries’ blog about it.  You should read that anyway, she’s great, and then read the other two blogs from the stage – Tiffany Cromwell on CyclingTips and Chloe Hosking on Cyclingnews (I especially liked her analogy about teasing her dog!)

I wrote a bit of a race report on Podium Café, but here are all the videos I like, and more photos and such – starting with the Rabobank-Liv highlights, describing the stage before, showing some action, and interviews afterwards.

and the full half-hour highlights

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Videos! Giro Rosa 2014 Stage 6

Oh my goodness, “watching” Stage 6 – the first mountain stage – was so nail-biting, just from twitter – big early attacks, breakaways, solo-ing and one of those endings where the gap is plummeting as the kilometres tick down….  Wow!  My race report is over on Podium Café – but here are the videos I’ve found.

the race highlights, with interviews (including in English)

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Videos! Stage 5, Giro Rosa 2014

It was the last day before the mountains start – fast, fast, fast.  Before you do anything else, read Chloe Hosking’s blog about it, it gives a really great insight into how team tactics work, and what it’s like inside the sprint.

My race report is on Podium Café, but here are videos and links I liked from the stage.

Full hour of highlights from Italian tv – and 15 mins race highlights from the race organisers, with English interviews with Evie Stevens and Marianne Vos

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Giro Rosa 2014 – Videos from Stage 4

It was a day of headwinds, with an escape from Yulia Ilinykh that nearly made it, and then one of those endings with a premature celebration….  you have to watch and look at the photos – and here are 2 great descriptions of the stage from Tiffany Cromwell on CyclingTips, and Chloe Hosking on CyclingnewsHere’s Jens’ race report on Podium Café, and the videos & links I like below.

The full hour tv highlights – the finish starts winding up around the 46-minute mark

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