Podcast 2013 Episode 9 – The Sound of Sarah Blushing

Podcast logoThis week we talk through the rest of the Energiewacht Tour and there’s a LOT to cover. Sarah makes a wager with some team managers. And then Sarah renders me speechless with laughter at the thought of Fränk Schleck trying to race with the women there (seriously – it’s flat, windy, there are canals and the time trial’s important…). We talk Redlands Classic and start to get excited about Flèche Wallone. Sarah offers up some excellent race tactics (it’s easier to win if you don’t fall over? Really?). (1:06:44 MIN / 64.06 MB)

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Things we talked about this week

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Podcast 2013 Ep3 – We maintain a reasonably focused interest

Hello everyone! This week Sarah tells us all about how cold it was at the Omloop, we celebrate the fact that the Giro Donne is definitely going ahead, we discuss uses for frozen eyeballs and also what happened at Le Samyn. We also crack some jokes. And don’t forget to make sure you complete the UCI survey. (47:25 MIN / 45.52 MB)

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Things we talked about this week:

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Celebrating Social Media – part 8 – The Social Media Superstars!

I’ve covered a lot of riders in my mini-series on social media and women’s cycling, but eagle-eyed readers have been asking why I haven’t mentioned these three riders yet.  It’s because I was saving them for a special post!   These three are riders who transcend the (admittedly arbitrary) categories – and I’m always so happy to follow them, for everything they do!

Bridie O’Donnell – Vanderkitten-Focus

First up, the undisputed queen of commentweeting, Bridie O’Donnell.  She’s the perfect person to follow, for everything you need to know about women’s and men’s cycling – in fact, if you only take one recommendation from this series, follow Bridie!

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UPDATED!! Social Media Jersey nominations from l’Ardèche and Brainwash!

Yesterday Dan posted a list of the riders from the Giro Toscana who have been nominated to win real cash prizes in the Unofficial Unsanctioned Social Media Jersey – and we’ve already had nominations from riders in the Tour de l’Ardèche and the Brainwash Ladies Tour!  We’ll update this post as we get the nominations in, so keep checking back – and of course, if you see any social media from riders at any of the three races that you’d like to nominate – blogs, tweets, photos, videos, blogs on team sites, anything as long as it’s public – you can do so in the comments here, to me at @_pigeons_ or Dan at @entendered on twitter, or email us at prowomenscycling[at]gmail[dot]com.  There’s more information on the nominations process here.

Can you believe that the prize pot – donated by women’s cycling fans – is now up to $1,725?  All of that money (well, minus transfer fees!) will go to riders – so any small amount helps (the donation page is here) – and, of course, we’d love it if you could click through to the rider and team blogs and sites, so they can see that we all appreciate what they do!

UPDATE!!  You can vote for the winners in the Megapoll, here!

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Celebrating Social Media – part 5 – dancing riders!

Inspired by conversations with the lovely Ant1 on twitter tonight, here’s an additional, extra-special video post, giving a big shout-out to the teams and riders who show off their dancing skills for us!  Starting with this video from the final stage of the Giro Donne 2012, with BePink and Specialized-lululemon dancing at the sign-on:



This was just one of the many dancing-BePink moments from the Giro – there were videos on their YouTube practically everyday!

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Episode 9 – Cycling Fairy Tales

Episode 9 – Cycling Fairy Tales (originally posted 12 July 2012)



Well this week Sarah rather alarmingly threatens to stop talking about the Giro Donne, but with a little bit of coaxing I manage to salvage the situation. That success goes to my head a little bit and I solicit a call in the name of crazy. We take a moment to contemplate the Richie Porte/Tiffany Cromwell reunion and who has the better bragging rights in the relationship. Sarah compares Frank Schleck with Emma Pooley.

I manage to Farq up CJs name and I explain my philosophy of race design before taking Sarah to task for overstating things. Sarah manages to calm down and hints at why Evie Stevens is practically guaranteed to win the Olympic road race. She then rather cleverly manipulates me into promising to watch some track racing during the Olympics. We take a brief diversion into the current state of Mining Wars which sounds like a reality tv show. It’s not, but it probably should be.

We’re brought back to reality with Chloe Hosking’s night terrors which leads into my crazy idea of the week which has the added benefit of rather neatly fixing cycling for everyone. We wrap the show up with a brief discussion of some of the classic Grimm cycling fairy tales. (34:08Min / 31.26MB)

Episode 8A – The supplemental crazy idea

Episode 8A – The Supplemental Crazy Idea (originally posted 6 July 2012)

Ok, so the main show was a long and involved one because we were catching up on just how fucking awesome the Giro Donne is (Spoiler Alert: It’s really fucking awesome). So we decided to break off the last part and serve it up separately. In this supplement, Sarah talks us through what is probably the world’s best bike toss.

After that I launch into an idea that’s short on specifics but long on crazy and served up with a decent bit of optimism. I also reveal who my best friend is and tell Sarah about my very famous cycling relative. We end the episode with me not giving the Girl Guides Swearing/Promise sign thing, because of complicated legal reasons. Enjoy! (It’s 16mins or so and 14.92MB)

Here are links to the bits and pieces we mention along the way:

Catharine Pendrel’s blog on split-second decision making – and subsequent regret – at the Windham cross country World Cup http://cpendrel.blogspot.co.uk/2012/07/i-never-thought-winning-world-cup-could.html

Rachel Atherton describing her crazy Downhill race at Windham: http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=07A07V5gjmg and this video from Dirt includes clips of Tracey Hannah’s jump and Emmeline Ragot chucking her bike across the line – and Atherton’s podium celebrations (among lots of clips of breath-taking riding!)  http://dirt.mpora.com/news/dirttvwindham-world-cup-finals-2012.html

Lots more Downhill fun on Dirt: http://dirt.mpora.com/