Women’s cycling links 25th March

This week we’re not podcasting, but we’ve had all kinds of news and videos from women’s cycling in the last week or so – so here’s a random round-up, with videos, blogs, articles and all kinds of things I’ve liked in the last week in women’s cycling – road, crits, MTB, BMX, breakfast tacos, how to cool down a laptop and more!

This week’s racing

Cholet Pays de Loire

No video yet, but Emma Johansson won, for the second year in a row.  She was racing with the Swedish National Team, but still has a race report on the ORICA-AIS website, and there’s a race report from Hitec too.  Full results on the race website.


GP Comune di Cornaredo

UPDATE! Another video, from Wiggle Honda

Race report on Tiffany Cromwell’s websiteResults on CyclingFever


Delray Beach Twilight

The first round of the USA Crits, the Delray Beach Twilight, was livestreamed, and you can watch the full race video – the women start around 2:30:00 – or just the women’s highlights

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Podcast 2014, Episode 3 – We need to talk to each other!?

Podcast logoIt’s official! The season has started! The Ladies Tour of Qatar is now over and so we talk racing, deserts, camels, worlds in 2016 and heaps of interviews and stories we’ve seen around in the last week or so. Dan accidentally makes a very dirty camel joke, which he admits is actually better than the drinking joke that he was actually trying to make. We also talk about mental health, politics and whether it’s possible to write a book of the entire cycling season in the style of The Odyssey. So basically it’s exactly like every other podcast, except with normal levels of swearing restored! Enjoy! (1:07:11 MIN / 64.50 MB)

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Things we talked about included…

The Ladies Tour of Qatar


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Videos from the 2013 Manchester Track World Cup

This weekend was the first round in the 2013-14 Track World Cup, in Manchester, with the usual huge crowds and amazing riding.  I’ve got a collection of all the videos I’ve found so far, and I’ll add more in as I see them – I’m starting with the highlights reel from each day, then there’s a bit of a commentary about some issues there have been with the coverage, and then there’ll be the other videos….

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Podcast 2013 Episode 28 – Pat and Brian Join Us

The-Unofficial,-Unsanctioned-Women's-UCI-Cycling-ShowThis week we’re joined by avid women’s cycling fans Pat McQuaid and Brian Cookson (or Dan’s rather terrible impression of them). We talk great racing, especially at the Lotto-Belisol Belgium Tour. We take a brief wander down nostalgia lane where Sarah tells Dan how awesome Australia is, and Dan reminds Sarah that every animal in Australia is trying to kill you. Somewhere in there we get sidetracked into a discussion of the weirdest/creepiest search terms people have used to find our website (turns out a lot of people are searching for cycling specific porn) which leads us to ponder a new business idea (not really). In non-silly stuff we also take some time to talk about the main health stories of the week, and how we’ve been inspired by particular riders. It’s a cracker of an episode, well worth the price of admission (it’s free!). ( 1:10:21 MIN / 67.53 MB)

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Things we talked about this week

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Podcast 2013 Episode 7 – The Sarah Guarantee

This week Sarah and I recap the week’s racing with Trofeo Alfredo Binda and Gent-Wevelgem, then leap into previewing the Ronde van Vlaanderen voor Vrouwen. Dan asks Belgium WTF? WTF Belgium? We also discover a huge range of cool stuff online. Videos, blogs, etc. Sarah makes an implausible guarantee to a rider (and I am merciless in taunting her for it). We get an awesome question from someone via twitter and weirdly enough actually have the same answer. Sarah also finds a couple of really uplifting stories of hardship and triumph from around the world. It’s one of the greatest weeks in cycling and so you should prepare properly by stocking up on Belgian beer and settling in for some hilarity. (1:14:48 MIN / 71.80 MB)

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Things we talked about this week

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New Women’s cycling teams kits, sites and all that jazz – yay!

It’s that time of year again – new kits! New sites!

I’m inspired by two things – firstly, the brand-new Boels-Dolmans website and kit. Last year they were Dolmans-Boels, but Boels Rental has stepped up their support, putting more money, and a nice long commitment into the team, and also taking on a multi-year sponsorship of the Holland Ladies Tour. Hooray for Boels! Next time I need to hire some major earth-moving equipment, I’m DEFINITELY going through them!

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