Podcast 2016 Episode 30 – Cynical Like a Fox

Podcast logo We’re back after a small break due to illness and straight into a wealth of racing information with all of the main highlights from the Paralympics in Rio. Sarah’s collected a heap of information and as much video as possible, so do make sure to check it all out. We also have MTB worlds to cover, the Lotto Belgium Tour, The Madrid Challenge, and the Giro Toscana. In time-trial action there’s the Chronos de Champenois, and to top it all off cyclocross season is kicking off. Brace yourselves kids, this one’s a heck of a ride. (1:02:41 MIN / 57.40 MB)

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Things we talked about this week included

Recent racing

Video collections from:

We loved this video from our friend Coreen Mazzochi, who made Giro Toscana highlights videos in the collection above, but also made this backstage video diary, showing what it’s like to cover the race:


2016 European Road Cycling Championships, Plumelec

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Videos and media from the 2016 Downhill MTB World Championships

The final big Downhill MTB race of 2016 was a huge one – the 2016 World Championships.  And because this is MTB, we have a ton of videos, photos and excellent media for you.  I’ll be editing in more as I see it, but wow, there’s a lot already, including the Junior women and the 2016 Four Cross Worlds.

It was a really tough course – very steep, very technical, full of deep dust, treacherous holes and Let’s start with the Full race replay on Red Bull TV. 

Winning run:

Want to see that from Atherton’s perspective, on her GoPro?  I know you do!


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2016 Downhill MTB & 4X World Championships – LIVE!

The last major Downhill of 2016!  I’m so sad the season is over – but at least we can watch live.  And if you, like me, missed the Four Cross World Champs, I’ve got video of that below.

It’s just MTB and 4X in Val di Sole, as the Cross Country was earlier in the summer – and I love Red Bull Bike, it’s live

Elite women’s and men’s Downhill Finals:  Sunday 11th September, 12:30 Euro CEST (11:30am UK BST; 8:30pm Aussie AEST; 6:30am North American EDT

Want some pre-race Downhill media?  There’s always a lot!

Claudio Caluori’s course preview:

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How to watch the 2014 Leogang MTB World Cup live!

If you know anything about me, you know I love my Downhill MTB, so you’ll know I’m very, very happy to have 2 DH World Cups in the space of a week.  And of course there’ll be days and days of videos, photos and fun before the finals start… Here’s the UCI trailer

The World Cup is on 14th & 15th June, and we can watch the women’s and men’s finals live on the Red Bull tv stream, on Sunday 15th June, from 14:15 Euro CEST (1:15pm UK BST; 8:15am USA EST and 3:15am PST; 10:15am Aus AEST) with the women first – the full programme runs about 2 hours long, and if you miss it, it’ll be archived at the same link after the races.

Of course, there’ll be all sorts of action before the finals – keep an eye on Red Bull Bike, the UCI MTB World Cup facebook, Dirt Magazine (here’s their preview), Pinkbike, Vital MTB and of course, the race website.  The World Cup is just one of the events this week at Leogang – there’s the Out Of Bounds MTB Festival, and the Four Cross World Championships on 14th June.  4X is such an amazing, adrenaline-filled sport, so although we can’t watch live, come back here after the weekend for any videos and photos I can find.  Here’s a British-based preview of it on Pinkbike.

UPDATE!  Want to know what the course is like to ride?  Amazing helmetcam preview with Claudio Caluori, on Red Bull Bike – wow wow wow!

If you can’t wait for it all to start, check out the videos and photos from last year – and if you want to see what happened last week in Fort William, here’s my collection of videos and stuff!

Videos and fun from the 2014 Fort William Downhill MTB World Cup

Damn, I love Fort William – so beautiful, so iconic, and the racing was spectacular!  Here’s some fun things I’ve found from the race coverage – videos, photos and more – starting with the UCI’s highlights

and superb highlights on Red Bull bike – godammit, I love their coverage!  and of course, you can watch the replay of the full coverage of the women’s and men’s finals on Red Bull tv

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Podcast 2013 Episode 32 – The TTTTTTTTTTTTTTTT-T

Podcast logoSo far in the 2013 UCI World Championships we’ve had the Trade Team Team Time Trial (yes, with two teams), the Individual Time Trial and a bunch of video coverage issues! But Sarah’s promised not to rant and we don’t know if we can last a whole show… Oh who are we kidding? You all know that there’s no way Sarah and I can go a whole podcast without ranting! We also point out a couple of great interviews with Kristy Scrymgeour and Lizzie Armitstead as well as taking some time to catch up on the 4X (Four Cross) and MTB news before making our best guesses at who’s going to win the road race this weekend. (1:24:16 MIN / 80.89 MB)

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This we talked about….


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MTB Videos and photos from Leogang – 4X and DH

This weekend it wasn’t just the start of the Road World Championships, it was also the end of the MTB season, with the 2013 Four Cross World Championships and the final round in the 2013 Downhill World Cup, at the Leogang bikepark.  Both were completely spectacular to watch, and as you might imagine, being the extreme end of MTB, they have a LOT of brilliant media.

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