Equivalenting 2015 – the Richmond Worlds edition!

One of my very favourite games is helping people who are new to women’s cycling find riders to cheer for, so that people who have maybe loved men’s cycling for years but never really seen women’s racing, or are new to cycling completely, can become an instant fan

How this works is you can tell me why you like one of the male cyclists, or a trackie, or MTB rider, for example, or what kind of person you like to support.  This can be for riding style (the hard-working team player, the mountain goat, the one who makes the craziest doomed attempts to escape) or for personality, or even for interests (Do you want to cheer for riders doing science PhDs?  Or have a miniature pig as a pet?  I can help you with that!).  Basically, tell me in the comments, or on twitter, and I’ll bespoke you up, with riders who should feature in the 2015 Road Race Worlds. And of course, if you’re reading this and have different suggestions and equivalents, tell or tweet me and I’ll put them in a future post!

Previous year’s Equivalenting posts are here, but let’s start with what people have asked this year…

Riders who have fun

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Sarah interviews… Elena Cecchini, on her first ever Giro Rosa & more

Podcast interview logoElena Cecchini became one of the latest young Italian rider to join a more international team this year, joining Lotto-Soudal, and proceeding to animate the races throughout the Spring Classics, then winning a stage at the prestigious Festival Elsy Jacobs.  Last year she’d won the Italian National Road Championships, one of the very hardest of the road champs, and in June she became one of a very select set of riders to win twice in a row, which she followed by racing the Giro Rosa for the first time, and coming home with two podium places, and four stitches in her chin.    I talked to her about all this and more, including the secrets of her season, and her advice to future first-time riders, and much more.  She’s a really interesting rider, with a lot to say, so settle in, and either listen to her talk, or read the transcript below.



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You’ve just come back from finishing the Giro – how do you feel?

It’s quite nice when you finish a hard race, and you know that it’s all about recovery, so I’m just enjoying some rest days at home.  I was missing my family so much, and my cat, and my grandmother and grandfather, so today I did a small training on my bike, just to restart, because next week I will race the BeNe Ladies Tour, and I have to be in form.  It’s really strange to go slowly, because we had really fast and furious stages at the Giro, so it’s nice to be home and just wake up in the morning and have nothing to do!

And it was your first ever Giro!

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Podcast 2015 Episode 18 – Post Giro Blues

Podcast logoThe Giro Rosa 2015 is over (booooo!) but it was great (yayyyyy!) so Sarah and Dan have heaps to talk about this week. Mountains, time trials, climbs, breaks, chases, GC remixes and stories. They cover all ups and downs, their highlights and favourites, the best parts of the Giro Rosa 2015. Also, they crack wise and crack themselves up! (51:20 MIN / 49.29 MB)

Things we talked about this week

The Giro Rosa!!!!!


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Other racing last week….

Tour de Feminin – Bohemian Switzerland Prize (Cezch Republic)

Video clips from Stage 1, Stage 2 and Stage 3

All the results


White Spot/Delta Road Race

The FULL race:



Upcoming racing

Tour Féminin de Bretagne, 16-19th July, France

Thüringen Rundfahrt, 17-23rd July, Germany – follow live with the ticker (if that doesn’t load automatically, check it out on RadSport-news.com)

BeNe Ladies Tour, 17-19th July, Belgium & the Netherlands – follow on facebook and twitter, and with the #BNLT15 hashtag

Podcast 2015 Episode 17 – Jaggedy Bumpy aka Giro Rosa 2

Podcast logoIt’s been an incredible week of racing at the Giro Rosa with so many riders from different teams and countries winning stages and tearing up the road. There have been world firsts and there have been all kinds of tactics deployed on the road. It’s everything you could want in a truly Grand Tour, it’s been so good that Sarah even invented a new description! Some riders have been flying, some have cool scars (seriously). And the best is yet to come as we still have several stages that could seriously shake up the GC and potentially change the outcome of the race. Join us as we talk about it all. (1:18:35 MIN / 75.45 MB)


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Things to read and watch:

Sarah’s been collating all the race video and cool social media, blog posts, etc that she can find. She’s also been doing interviews and QandAs with riders. Here’s the full list of all the news there is, stage by stage.

Also, here’s Sarah’s guide on how to follow the race (remember there’s some really exciting stages to come!).

Giro Q&As: Carlee Taylor, Elena Cecchini, Katrin Garfoot & Allison Linnell

Podcast interview logoWhen the Giro Rosa hit stage 5, the temperatures dropped and the roads went uphill… so what does that mean for the riders?  I caught up with some of them to ask…

Carlee Taylor

At any race, this Aussie is pretty much guaranteed as the most smiley and friendly rider, with adventures happening to her all the time – and the Giro is no exception!  We talked about how she crashed dramatically out of the Stage 2 breakaway, but took the Queen of the Mountains jersey, giving Lotto Soudal two Green Jerseys on the same day.

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There’ll be a transcript to follow, but in the meantime, follow her on twitter and instagram, visit her sponsors, Watermark, when you’re in Aus, and watch the Stage 2 videos, and check out that crash.


Elena Cecchini

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Giro Rosa Q&As – Elena Cecchini on her first Giro podium

Podcast interview logoElena Cecchini is one of the bright crop of young Italian talents, taking a real step up this season.  Leaving the Italian teams she joined Lotto-Soudal for 2015, where she’s stormed over the cobbles and through the rains of spring. After top 5 placings in some of the best Classics, and really strong riding in the Road World Cups, she took the Italian Road Championships title for the second year in a row, before starting her first Giro Rosa…  and getting her first Giro podium, coming third out of the Stage 3 super-attacking breakaway.  I caught up with her for a quick Q&A after the Stage, to find out


You were third in today’s Stage 3 – what happened in the race?
Today was an almost flat race around Mantova, with only 3rd category mountains GPM. We rode to help Carlee [Taylor] to keep the green jersey And we did it. After GPM, there were several attacks, and I managed to be in the right breakaway. We were a super strong breakaway, and got a 5min gap, but from the first moment I knew that we would have arrive at the finish line with a gap of one minute because the General Classification girls didn’t want to give us too much of a gap.

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Giro Q&As: Jessie Walker after Stage 3 of the 2015 Giro Rosa

Podcast interview logoStage 3 of the 2015 Giro Rosa was one of those perfect women’s cycling days, where the “sprint” stage was taken over by the breakaway.  I caught up with  Jessie Walker, who’s racing the Giro for the first time, and came 20th, achieving her Giro goal and being best British rider on the stage, for a short Q&A


It’s your first ever Giro – how’s it going?
Well, the prologue was fun, I knew I wouldn’t be up there with this level of riders but I gave it my best. The atmosphere was amazing. I remember warming up on the turbo thinking “I can’t believe I’m here”. Then the first stage was a shock to the system. The heat, the climbs and the speed. Stage 2 I found easier as I knew what to expect. Then Stage 3 I felt even better. So hopefully this will continue.

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