Let’s play a game! The Podium Café FSA Virtual Directeur Sportif game

It’s that time of year again, as the season is nearly upon us, and a whole crop of Directeur Sportif games.  There are loads of them out there, but I have my favourite – Podium Café’s FSA DS.  There’s a men’s and a women’s side, and as you can imagine, I love the women’s cycling one the best.

It’s a simple premise – you have up to 150 points to spend on 15 riders, and apart from the fact you can’t spend more than 100 points on riders in the 20+ categories, that’s the entire of the rules.  if you want to pick riders from all one country, or all one real team, or whose names begin with E you can – it’s all up to you.  People play this who follow women’s cycling obsessively, or who don’t know anything about the peloton and are using this as a great way to learn – there’s no pressure, it’s just for fun!

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