Sarah interviews…. Wiggle High5 DS Egon van Kessel

Podcast interview logoEgon van Kessel is one of the great Directeurs Sportifs in the women’s peloton.  After his own cycling career, he moved to directing, and among his achievements are many years coaching and managing the women’s and men’s Dutch National Team, through Olympics, World Championships and more, and DSing for some of the biggest names in the women’s peloton, including USA Saturn, in the 1990s, and the much-missed Cervélo Test Team in the 2000s.  In 2014 he demonstrated why he has such a great reputation, taking over a Wiggle Honda team that was stuffed full of big personalities, and ending the season at the top of the UCI rankings with an amazing four Road World Cup wins.  I talked to him about how he did it, what his biggest achievements have been, his thoughts about British cyclists and cycling, his plans for Wiggle High5’s 2016 season, and more.

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ProWomensCycling: How are you?

Egon van Kessel:  I’m fine.  I’m waiting for the start of the season, although my team is already racing in Australia, and I’m following their results, but my first race will be the Ladies Tour of Qatar, and I’m looking forward to it.

PWC:  What are you busy with at this time of year, as a Directeur Sportif?

EvK:  Mainly with the programme.  I’m contacting the riders and team management, discussing the programme, which races we want to do, talking with the riders about where they’d like to race.  I always have to explain to them that I cannot fulfill all their wishes, but I always try.  And enjoying the days I’m still at home, because in the season I’m away from home for many, many days, so I’m enjoying staying with family and friends.

PWC:  You’ve got quite an interesting task this year, because last year, I have to admit, when I saw Wiggle Honda‘s roster, I just didn’t believe it was going to work – too many big stars, who was going to carry the water, how are they going to race together.  But you had some incredible results!  How do you feel about 2015?

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Podcast 2015 – Dutch Style Racing

Podcast logoHi team, this week Sarah and Dan round up all that’s fit to know about Omloop Het Nieuwsblad, including the best of social media, blogs and videos. We also get excited about upcoming races and salute our friend Jens’ love of Dutch Style Racing. There’s some great photos and videos from around the traps, including some excellent pieces from the track world championships, some downhill mountain bike and (Sarah’s favourite) some bikecam footage. Listen now for all the insanity and more Dutch Style Racing than you can poke a stick at. (1:03:59 MIN / 61.43 MB)

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This week’s racing

Omloop het Nieuwsblad

Video highlights from WTV | Focus and Sporza.  Photos on Velofocus and on Ella Cycling Tips and their race report from Lizzie Williams.  Sarah’s race report and full results on Cyclingnews.  And here’s the race day from Wiggle Honda‘s perspective:

What were the Wiggle riders who weren’t racing doing?

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Videos from the 2014 National Road Cycling Championships

After the various Individual Time Trials (and you can see all the video I’ve found from those) it was time for a huge number of women’s Road Race Nationals….  If you find videos I’ve missed, as always, please let me know in the comments, or on twitter!

The prize for the most accessible road race goes to France, where the fantastic France 3 showed the women’s road race live – such luxury!  The coverage is available for a week, on Pluzz (if you can’t see that in non-France countries, try watching with Hola or Tunnelbear).  Big thanks to the wonderful Clo, who runs the Velonova women’s cycling site, who found this.  And here’s (an unebeddable) clip from Cyclism’Actu, with the finish and post-race comments from the incredible Pauline Ferrand-Prévot – and another one here:

More Cyclism’Actu post-race interview video with Ferrand-Prévot, with 2nd placed Mélodie LeSueur and Fanny Riberot in 3rd.

That was the first road race victory for Rabobank-Liv, and over in the Netherlands, it was all about that team.  Here’s a collection of videos and audios from NOS Sport (UPDATE!  See ConfusedSpider telling us about the interview in the comments!)  and more video from RaboSportTV

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Women’s cycling on the radio – 4 days left to listen!

BBC Radio 5 has a monthly magazine show, BeSpoke, and the April edition included women’s cycling – an interview with Marianne Vos at Flèche Wallonne, track superstar Dani King on the Friends Life Women’s Tour – and a little bit of me!  If you want to listen, it’s here for four more days only – not geo-restricted, so you should be able to hear it anywhere.  The women’s stuff is in the second half – and no swearing from me!

Videos from the 2013 Manchester Track World Cup

This weekend was the first round in the 2013-14 Track World Cup, in Manchester, with the usual huge crowds and amazing riding.  I’ve got a collection of all the videos I’ve found so far, and I’ll add more in as I see them – I’m starting with the highlights reel from each day, then there’s a bit of a commentary about some issues there have been with the coverage, and then there’ll be the other videos….

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2013 Track World Championships – Day 2 videos

As always, there are a ton of videos from the 2013 Track World Championships on the UCI Youtube channel, but here are the major women’s videos from Day 2.

First, a set of videos from the Team Pursuit.  Canada v Poland for bronze and Australia v Great Britain for gold:

More below the jump…

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Celebrating Social Media – part 2 – blogging on team websites

Yesterday, I told you about 6 of my favourite rider blogs – but while all of those riders have their own sites, I completely appreciate that others may not have the time or the resources to run their own sites, or be able to commit to blogging that regularly.  So part 2 in my social media series is dedicated to the teams who give space for cyclist blogs – and encourage their riders to keep us up-to-date with their lives!

There are two teams I think of straight away, for this category.  They’re very different kinds of teams, but they share a passion for involving their fans

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