Podcast 2017 Episode 30 – You Just Danned The Ending

This week it’s been a week of trials, time trials! World Championship Time Trials! We talk through what happened in Bergen with the Team Time Trial and then both the Junior and Elite Women’s Individual Time Trials. There are some spectacular results and the racing has been absolutely top notch. We talk through the start of Cyclocross season, and how the American races have gone thus far. There’s a bunch of other topics we get through quickly before taking a look ahead at the road race and the scenarios we’re hoping to see play out on the road. (1:17:41 MIN / 71.14 MB)

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Podcast 2016 Episode 30 – Cynical Like a Fox

Podcast logo We’re back after a small break due to illness and straight into a wealth of racing information with all of the main highlights from the Paralympics in Rio. Sarah’s collected a heap of information and as much video as possible, so do make sure to check it all out. We also have MTB worlds to cover, the Lotto Belgium Tour, The Madrid Challenge, and the Giro Toscana. In time-trial action there’s the Chronos de Champenois, and to top it all off cyclocross season is kicking off. Brace yourselves kids, this one’s a heck of a ride. (1:02:41 MIN / 57.40 MB)

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Things we talked about this week included

Recent racing

Video collections from:

We loved this video from our friend Coreen Mazzochi, who made Giro Toscana highlights videos in the collection above, but also made this backstage video diary, showing what it’s like to cover the race:


2016 European Road Cycling Championships, Plumelec

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CrossVegas! The first Cyclocross World Cup of 2016/7

Wednesday 21st September 2016

Cyclocross is here!  Well, OK, desert CX, but it’s still the first World Cup of the season – CrossVegas 2016, the 10th edition of this race – and it’ll be live!

The women race at 8:15pm USA PDT (11:15pm EDT; 4:15am UK BST; 05:15 Euro CEST; 1:15pm Thursday Aussie AEST) and the men at 9:30pm PDT, and the full programme is here.

The races will be streamed on the UCI YouTube, with this stream for the women, and this one for the men, and it should be available there as well after the race is over, so if you miss the races, hit those links for the full replay.  And if you’re in the USA, it’s on Universal HD and the NBC Sports App 11PM–2AM EDT and on September 22nd on Premiere Universal HD – 6-8PM EDT.

(USA types, you may need a VPN like Hola, Tunnelbear or BetterNet, set to eg the UK, to watch the UCI stream – if you’re new to them, inrng explains VPNs here)

Lots of information on the CrossVegas website, including the course map, a Cyclocross primer and description of the main riders on the front page.  Startlists here on the UCI site (scroll down).

Follow CrossVegas on their twitter, and there’s tons on the #CrossVegas hashtag.  The hashtag for the World Cup is the un-snappy #TelenetUCICXWC.

Want a reminder of the past?  Lots of photos on the race site, and videos on their YouTube.

Podcast 2015 Episode 28 – TTTEWITT

The-Unofficial,-Unsanctioned-Women's-UCI-Cycling-ShowHi team, so far at worlds in Richmond it’s been Time Trials. Team ones, Junior Women’s ones, Elite Women’s ones, trying to un-geoblock UCI video ones. So we talk about all that and a bunch of other hilarity as well (this may be a code for Dan swears a lot as we discuss socks in Vegas and all the ways in which they just don’t work)! Anyway, it’s a great episode with lots of things to be excited about and celebrate. (1:15:22 MIN / 72.37 MB)


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Things we talked about this week

This week’s racing

The 2015 Road World Championships at Richmond

Videos, photos and links from:

Here’s how to follow/watch the Junior and Elite road races – and if you’re new to women’s racing, here are some riders you might to cheer for.


CrossVegas Cyclocross World Cup

Race highlights – and here’s the full race replay on the UCI Youtube

Great photo gallery from Balint Hamvas and on the race site; more photos on CX Magazine, and their video interviews with Eva Lechner and Sanne Cant;  full results and some more great stuff from In The CrossHairs – video interview with Katerina Nash, their CrossVegas radio show with Georgia Gould and their video scrapbook.


Other things we talked about this week

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Watch the first Cyclocross World Cup of 2015/6, CrossVegas, LIVE!

It feels like cylcocross starts earlier and earlier every year, but I am NOT complaining, especially since the World Cup is extending to the USA, and CrossVegas.  CX in the desert?  Under floodlights?  It’s unique, and always good times, and best of all, LIVE!

CrossVegas 2015 is on Wednesday 16th September, and the women’s race starts at 8:15pm USA PDT (11:15pm EDT and on the 17th for 4:15am UK BST ; 05:15 Euro CEST; 1:15pm Aussie AEST) – and here’s the livestream, on the UCI youtube:

(NB that says the stream starts 10:30am, presumably BST, but that can’t be right..)

If you want to watch the men too, their stream is here, and the race starts 9:30pm PDT (half past midnight EDT; 5:30am BST; 06:30 CEST; 3:30pm AEST).  If those streams are too late/early for you, don’t worry, because the stream converts to the archive as soon as the race is over.  You might want to check the stream to see if you’ll be able to see it in your country – if not, you might want to add something like Tunnelbear to watch it, and set yourself to the UK (turn the TB off as soon as the stream starts)

There’s lots more CrossVegas information on the race website, including provisional startlists on the frontpage (the full startlists and results will turn up on the UCI site) and the course map.  There’s more info on the CX World Cup on the UCI portal, and you can follow the Race twitter and the #CrossVegas hashtag for more news – I’ll also be looking at the  Cyclingnews CX portal, Cyclocross Rider and Cyclocross Magazine for pre- and post-race fun.    And if you want a rider point of view on the race, I interviewed Helen Wyman last week, and you can listen to that here.

Sarah interviews… Helen Wyman

Podcast interview logoThe cyclocross season has officially begun, so it’s time for my now-traditional interview with the wonderful Helen Wyman.  We talk about the first Cyclocross World Cup of 2015/6, Cross Vegas, the first big cyclocross drama of the season, the interpretation of the UCI feeding rules at Ellison Park CX, and her collaboration with Velocio.cc to create a gorgeous cycling kit.  But we don’t stop there – there’s her role on the UCI CX Commission, the new u23 women’s Worlds category the impact the changes in the last few years have had on the sport, and tons more.  I could always talk to Helen for hours, so this is a long one!


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To find out more about Helen, check out her website and her page on the Kona team website, follow her twitter and like her facebook page.  And check out her cycling kit collaboration with Velocio.cc – look out the the new items, including men’s kit, that are still to come, as well as the existing women’s kit.

As well as Cross Vegas, Helen will be racing USA ‘cross the Midnight Ride in Lancaster MA on 24th September and the Grand Prix of Gloucester (MA) weekend on 26th & 27th September – if you’d like to go to her cyclocross workshops at the Midnight Ride, on 22nd and 23rd September, here’s where you can sign up.

You can find the details of the other three big cyclocross series via these links:  the World Cup, the Superprestige and the bpost bank trofee (still the 2014/15 site, but likely updated soon) and the full UCI CX Calender is on their site.  There’s more about the new U23 women’s category at Worlds on the UCI site too, and if you want to watch and follow this year’s women’s CX in Europe and the USA , here’s my 2014/5 guide, which I’ll update nearer the Euro season start.

If you want to check out my previous interviews with Helen, they’re here:

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