Podcast 2013 Episode 7 – The Sarah Guarantee

This week Sarah and I recap the week’s racing with Trofeo Alfredo Binda and Gent-Wevelgem, then leap into previewing the Ronde van Vlaanderen voor Vrouwen. Dan asks Belgium WTF? WTF Belgium? We also discover a huge range of cool stuff online. Videos, blogs, etc. Sarah makes an implausible guarantee to a rider (and I am merciless in taunting her for it). We get an awesome question from someone via twitter and weirdly enough actually have the same answer. Sarah also finds a couple of really uplifting stories of hardship and triumph from around the world. It’s one of the greatest weeks in cycling and so you should prepare properly by stocking up on Belgian beer and settling in for some hilarity. (1:14:48 MIN / 71.80 MB)

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Things we talked about this week

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Marketing, cycling and women

It’s been one of those weeks, where suddenly I’m seeing all kinds of things about marketing, cycling and women, so here’s a selection of links to some things I found interesting.

Firstly, I am still in love with the adidas #mygirls campaign.  You can read my thoughts here, but more and more things keep hitting me about it – for example, isn’t how they show hair interesting?  Usually sports adverts have women with long, glossy hair cascading out behind the woman – and I have to say, that’s never how my (admittedly long, blonde) hair looked in any sports I did.  There’s the interesting cultural differences highlighted in Bara’ah in Jordan wearing her hijab, and Asisat in Nigeria with hers in plaits, that adds to the whole “united around the world” vibe, while feeling very natural – but Hannah‘s hair is tied back and hidden by a bike helmet, and Ingrid‘s is tied back and wet from the water – and I think that just accentuates the aspirational, real vibe – this is how we look when we do sports, and don’t we look great?


I’ve mentioned Collyn Ahart‘s writing on the blog before, but there are some articles she wrote that she linked to in her #mygirls post that I really liked.  Collyn does a lot of work on marketing and brand strategy, and I loved her post on sports marketing to women, the issues with the three main ways sports brands target women:

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