Podcast 2014 Episode 16 – Borsele is the Bestest-ay

Podcast logoG’day gang! This week Sarah’s on a deadline because she’s so famous and has important interviews and uni meetings to run off to. Which means we race against the clock to discuss Borsele, Westhoek, the Cairns MTB World Cup, the Cheshire Classic in the UK and of course, La Course by Le TdF! Then we enter the lightning round and try to quickly wrap up all the blogs, videos and awesomeness around the internet before we run out of time! While it’s fast and punchy, it’s filled with all the good stuff. This week Dan turns the tables on Sarah and limits HER ranting (about podium boys and so on) while also letting slip by “accident” exactly when Sarah’s birthday is. Basically everything you want to know from the week that was, leading into the week that will be, is in this podcast… so enjoy! (45:09 MIN / 43.34 MB)

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This week’s women’s cycling news and links


This week’s racing

Sarah’s got a post with the videos, links and photos from this weekend’s racing  – the Omloop van Borsele ITT, road race and junior stage race, and the Dwars door de WesthoekIt’s on Podium Café – but we LOVED Chloe Hosking’s race report from the Borsele road race, she tells it SO well. And here’s video:

The mud, rocks, snakes, spiders and craziness of the Cairns 2014 MTB World Cup – Sarah’s collection of videos and photos.

The Cheshire Classic was on in the UK’s women’s road series this week and you can view the race report, interviews and images here.  Also more on Neutral Service!

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Podcast 2014 – Episode 12 – We Name a Baby!

Podcast logoIt’s been a HUGE week of racing and we try our best to get through all the details in a timely fashion. It’s quite the mission as we cover road racing, para-cycling and mountain biking in the Netherlands, Mexico and South Africa. Plus lots more! Seriously, we’ve got videos, blogs, articles and UCI issues to talk about!!! It’s a huge podcast but it’s so fucking good! Also, Dan has an opportunity to fulfil a long-held ambition and name a baby. To find out more about this baby naming business and how you can help, listen below. ALSO – there was literally not enough time to talk about everything this week, so make sure to check all the links and videos below as well! (1:26:58 MIN / 83.49 MB)

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This week’s women’s cycling news, links, videos and stuff

This video is gorgeous – Anka and Sven Martin riding at La Thuile, where the 3rd round of the Enduro MTB World Series is being held.  They’re such a great couple, and damn, we want to go there!


The Energiewacht Tour

Sarah’s got a race report, with links to stage videos, photos, blogs etc, on Podium Café.  Huge thanks to the EWT team who gave us superb ways to follow the race – if you loved it to, please thank them on twitter or on facebook!

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So much Monday news! Road & CX Champs, new kits, videos & more

I love 2014 so far!  This week we’ve had the first national Road cycling championships of the year, in New Zealand and Australia, a load of National Cyclocross Championships across the world, and other interesting things – and today it’s been the team launches for Rabobank-Liv and Giant-Shimano (the team formerly known as Argos) so there’s a ton of videos, photos and links to share with you.  Read on below, and add anything you’ve seen and liked in the comments.

New Zealand 2014 Road Championships

The first national road race title of the year went to Rushlee Buchanan, in her first race for brand-new women’s team United Healthcare, with Wiggle Honda‘s Linda Villumsen second, and Reta Trotman third


Australian Road Championships

Last week I posted videos from the Aussie ITT and Crit Champs, and on Saturday it was the final race in Ballarat, the road champs.  SUCH a great race!

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Podcast 2013 – Episode 26 – Mummy and Daddy Are Fighting

Podcast logoHi everyone! This week Sarah and I catch up on the Route de France, Junior Track Worlds in Glasgow and the Mont Sainte-Anne MTB World Cup races. I find out Sarah’s been seeing other podcasts behind my back and we argue about the podcast pre-nup. This may result in lawyers at 20 paces before it’s all said and done (depending on who can afford the best/most lawyers). We also talk about a whole bunch of interesting and cool things, from the SBS Cycling Central episode on women’s cycling through to the latest in transfer and stagiaire news. It’s another cracking episode with something for everyone. (1:28:53 MIN / 85.33 MB)

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Things we talked about this week

Ever wondered what we look like podcasting?  Swordpanda drew us this, it’s eerily accurate

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