Swordpanda’s latest drawings – with Marianne Vos

Friend of our women’s cycling podcast, Swordpanda, aka Caroline Stewart, has been doing more drawings for us.  First of all, the secret of Marianne Vos‘ success:

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Shirt Week – Swordpanda edition!

Dan and I are big fans of Swordpanda, aka Caroline Stewart.  She’s a bike mechanic for W.F. Holdsworth Cycles in London, (you can read all about that on Total Women’s Cycling) and among other things, can be found blogging about bikes and teaching swordfighting.  We know her from twitter, and she’s been great to us, and has drawn us some pictures (here and here).  We love all of that, and especially the picture of a bike she drew, after Dan’s been suggesting I don’t know my derailleur from my bartape:

I love this!  And when she posted it on twitter, Mishoo suggested she put it on a t-shirt… so she did!  If you’d like one, head over the Caroline’s Zazzle shop, where it’s available in women’s and men’s cut t-shirts, sweatshirts and all the other Zazzle clothing Perfect for any bike fan!

Strange bicycle centaur woman

One of the things I love most about doing the women’s cycling podcast with Dan is talking with all the lovely people who listen to it and get in touch with us to take the piss tell us we’re wrong chat and show us things they think we’ll like, like videos, blogs, links and other women’s cycling fun.

Back in a ‘cast in April, we wondered what a strange bicycle centaur woman would look like – so we were completely delighted when Caroline, aka swordpanda, drew us one yesterday – happiness!  She also did the illustration that went at the top of last week’s ‘cast, and since she’s also a fantastic bicycle mechanic, she drew this handy guide to a bike…

Thanks so much to ‘Panda, and to everyone else who leaves us comments or tweets and sends us things – we always love more more more more!

Podcast 2013 Episode 16 – There Are No Left Turns on the Rollers

Podcast logoAfter last week’s ranting and misanthropy we found a lot to love in this week’s racing. Enough that Sarah actually got her mojo back! We’re all grateful for that and so we start by embarking on a romp through the races. Gooik-Geraardsbergen-Gooik, Boels Rental Hills Classic, US Nationals and so on. Dan loses that ability to tell if he’s being dirty or not. Sarah asks for access to all of Dan’s social media accounts (he declines). We divert through some classic Helen Wymanisms and take a quick look at The Milk Race in the UK. We catch up with the results of Gracie Elvin’s twitter experiment and then things take a turn for the dark as Dan reviews Pat McQuaid’s op-ed for Cycling News about the UCI Stakeholder Survey (hint: he calls it “18 kinds of fucked” and then has a rage-blank). We do suggest you stick around for the bit where he triple-dares Pat to the world’s shortest policy debate. This is a super-long episode (sorry, sort of but not really) so make an extra cup of tea or pour twice as much whisky and get ready. (1:34:07 MIN / 90.36 MB)

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UPDATE: Swordpanda knocked up this briliant rough sketch for Dan’s dream commuting bike!

Things we talked about this week

All the racing at Gooik, Aalburg, Holland Hills and the USA Nationals – check out Sarah’s report on Total Women’s Cycling, and all the videos of the races Sarah has found so far – and how this weekend gave Sarah her mojo back.

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