Podcast 2017 Episode 4 – Why Make It Harder?

cropped-podcast-logo.jpgThis week we talk through the last few cyclocross races of the season. We also take a quick look at all the track racing that’s coming up soon, including the Paracycling Track World Championships. We take some time to kick off the great team kit voting challenge for 2017, so make sure to visit the post to see the pictures, videos and (of course) to vote! We do talk about some of the tougher stories to have come out recently regarding the types of abuse that have been uncovered in the sport. It’s tough reading and listening, but it is good for the sport to bring these problems to light. (58:23 MIN / 53.47 MB)

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Things we talked about this week

Sarah has pulled together the kits for the top 20 women’s teams into one big post, with links to where you can buy them, and most importantly, the 2017 Best Kit poll.  Head over here, check them all out, and VOTE!


Four sobering pieces on bullying, harassment, sexual abuse and other unacceptable practices within women’s cycling:

One of the things that’s being done about these issues is the Dutch Cycling Federation’s project to find out the scope of bullying and harassment in Dutch Cycling – listen to Sarah’s podcast with KNWU’s Anne Loes Kokhuis to find out more.

Recent racing

IJsboerke Ladies Trophy #8, 2017 Krawatencross Lille

Such an exciting way to round of the series – and it finished with Sarah’s absolute number 1 favourite cycling move!  Full race replay, and highlights:

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Podcast 2016 Episode 2 – Sand in the Mic

Podcast logo

We’re back just in time to discuss all the racing and hour record attempts that have happened since last time we spoke. There’s cyclocross world championships (and controversies), there’s track action (tracktion? – bet nobody’s ever made that pun before) and there’s the beautiful windy deserts of Qatar!

This week it sounds a bit like the sands from Qatar were caught in Sarah’s mic, but we blame that squarely on something in the last skype update. Apologies for the sometimes dodgy audio quality, we did our best! (58:20 MIN / 54.32 MB)

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Things we talked about this week

Don’t miss Sarah’s great interview with Bridie O’Donnell about her Hour World Record. Also in text now!

Here’s the complete roundup of all the highlights from the U23 and Elite Women’s World Cyclocross Championships.

Sarah’s got some thoughts about the controversy surrounding Femke van den Dreissche and the doctored bike.

Don’t forget to vote in the poll for your favourite kit in the 2016 peloton!

Catch up on the Ladies Tour of Qatar with Stage 1 highlights; Stage 2 highlights; and Stage 3 highlights here.


Bridie O’Donnell’s post-Hour interview – in writing!

Podcast interview logoLast week, Bridie O’Donnell became the first rider in 2016 to break the UCI’s Hour Record, and the first woman to break the record at sea-level since the rules changed.  I talked to her about it on the Monday, just before she headed back to work, and you can listen to that here – but because I know not all of you listen to podcasts, I’ve also written part of it up.  We talked for over an hour, so this is NOT a word-for-word transcript, and misses out a lot of really interesting things Bridie talked about, including her sauna protocol and a lot more – but if you want that, it’s all in the podcast!


ProWomensCycling:  Congratulations!  Has it sunk in yet?

Bridie O’Donnell:  Yeah, for sure.  I think being on the back page of L’Equipe as the image de jour on Saturday, that was a highlight, and that probably helped make it sink in, that was incredible.

PWC:  When I spoke to you about the Hour, when you announced it in November, I was very anti-Hour, but you converted me.  I was super-impressed with the way they showed it – especially how they balanced it, and not trying to keep the crowd up for the whole time – did you plan that?

BO’D:  No, I think that was a combination of good commentary by Rick Fulcher, who’s very experienced, and obviously Anna Meares, who knows how to get a crowd involved.  It started a bit low key for me, when I got to the track, the sprinters were just about to start. By the time we started, the crowd was excited, but there was a bit of a history of the last time this happened in Australia it was a trainwreck, and even the organisers kept reminding me of that:  “Don’t do what Bobridge did”, no disrespect to him as an athlete, but that didn’t work from their perspective!

But I was feeling so relaxed, I made a joke in the startgate to the crowd “Please don’t judge me on my really bad start, I am not a track cyclist!” and they all laughed, and probably thought “This is alright, she seems quite relaxed, let’s just see what happens.”

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Podcast 2016 Episode 1 – Everything is on Fire!

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G’day team! In our first episode back for 2016 we have so much cycling to discuss it’s staggering. There’s cyclocross, track stuff, road stuff, crit stuff, and also the usual swearing, laughing and carrying on that we do. We talk about the Bay Crits, Road Nationals and Women’s Tour Down Under in Australia. We also cover the Tour de San Luis and a heap of other stuff. It’s only the third week of January and there’s already SO MUCH ON! (56:56 MIN / 52.1 MB)



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Things we talked about included…

January’s racing

Mitchelton Bay Cycling Classic

The Bay Crits!  Videos and media in this collection.


2016 Aussie Road Cycling Championships

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Live cycling! Bridie’s Hour Record & the 2016 Hoogerheide Cyclocross World Cup

Isn’t January amazing?  The racing never stops!  And this week we’ve got some big name events – Bridie O’Donnell taking on the Hour Record on the Adelaide track, and the final round of the 2015/6 Cyclocross World Cup, in Hoogerheide.  And yes, we CAN watch them live!

Bridie O’Donnell’s Hour Record

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Podcast 2015, Episode 33 – Australia!

Podcast logo Dan is busy right now, so I swapped him for another Australian, to explain all about the Aussie Summer of Cycling, and why we should all be meeting up in Melbourne and Adelaide for January 2017.  Monique Hanley is a former bike racer who does a ton of work promoting cycling, especially women’s cycling, and especially through her roles on the Executive Board of Cycling Victoria, and as chair of Cycling Australia’s Women’s Commission, and she’s one of my very favourite people in cycling.

January is an amazing month for Australian road cycling, and it’s fantastic to see the strong UCI mini-season for the women back Down Under.  We talked about how cycling has changed for the country – and given Monique’s roles in Cycling Federations, we also talked about the recent Genèvieve Jeanson podcast and story on Cyclingnews, and what cycling bodies can learn from her experience, and prevent anything similar happening in the future.

Listen to the podcast, or click through to Soundcloud to download.



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Things we talked about this week

The Australian Summer of Cycling:

There’s always great information on the Cycling Australia website, and on their twitter, and there are great videos on their YouTube – we wish all races would use their format, of riders telling the stories of the races.  I’ll put links to watching the races live nearer the time.

UPDATE!  Here’s Cyclingnews’ video preview:

The Kirsten Frattini’s Genèvieve Jeanson podcast and story are on Cyclingnews – and I wrote about it here.  The Australian Sports Commission have a strong Play By The Rules section to support athletes in all sports, and their  member protection policies and documents are here, with all their other Integrity In Sport policies.  If you in Australia and affected by domestic abuse in any way, there are organisations here  that can provide help, advice and support.

Follow Monique on her twitter, and listen to the interview about her cycling story Dan and I did with her pretty much exactly two years ago.  You can find out about all the work Cycling Victoria do on their website, including their pages for women and girls, and their resources for clubs.

Bridie O’Donnell helps Sarah fall in love with The Hour

Podcast interview logoI have to admit, I’ve never really been a fan of The Hour Record, but when I read that Bridie O’Donnell is going to be making her attempt at it on 22nd January 2016, in Adelaide, I had to find out more, as I am a fan of Dr O’Donnell.  So she told me all about it, including why it’s the perfect cycling challenge for a scientist, how much it will cost, and some diversions around other things she’s been up to.  It’s a longer interview, but I could have listened to Bridie talk for hours about this.

Listen to Bridie talk here (1:03:31 mins/61 MB)



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Bridie’s being supported in her Hour Record attempt by a lot of people, but especially Rod and Barbara Dux of Dux Dreams Foundation, Ben Young at Frank Green, Bendigo and Adelaide Bank and Sport Scientists Dr Stephen Lane PhD and Ken Ballhause B.Sc at HPTek.  Check out everything they do!  If you want to cheer her on (in fancy dress!) then it’ll be at Adelaide SuperDrome on 22nd January 2016, and streamed live worldwide too.

Follow Bridie on her website, Instagram and twitter – and if you can think of a better hashtag for her Hour than #BridiesHour, please do let her know.  Her team is Total Rush Hyster, and Cycling Australia will be showing highlights of all the Subaru National Road Series races they’re competing in on their Youtube. And if you know an Irish piper who can play her in in Adelaide on 22nd January, please do let her know as well!

Bridie’s SISU Girls podcasts are available here, and if you’re in Australia, you can catch her as the resident doctor on Channel 10’s The Project tv news show.  You can also listen to my previous podcast interview with Bridie from September 2014, and Part 1 and Part 2 of her appearance on Osher Günberg’s properly pro podcast from December 2014.

I’m funded to do these interviews by my wonderful Patreon supporters – thank you so much!  I’ll keep you all up-to-date with Bridie’s progress here on the site.